Saturday, December 28, 2013

Buffetting : End of Seasons

It's 29th already, man 2013 was somewhat a roller coaster ride and a lag train in the same time!

I'll do the wrapping up on 31st after my 1st finals paper(sucks to be me, but its the public university) cause that paper is one massive viral infection to be neutralized! It's the immunology talk by the way.

Christmas was much family orientated this year, not much of shopping or partying around shopping malls or what not, just 2 simple dinner in 2 different houses.

1- Dinner with the maternal family on Christmas eve
As the usual Kajang Satay sponsor, I was early, and finished my portion of food up even before the crowd came in. Studied a little before the others pop in when we started our present exchange. It's a little less bustling this year compared to last, probably because of the rain on that night. Whats more, it seemed to be less people this year too, at least from my generation. The words on the party didn't cross well, while a few of the closer cousins are now working and all. The night to some extend was somewhat boring, to the point that I wished I could have stayed in the hostel to study more. Thankfully, the night ended okay, with a vote for the suckiest present given:

Dropped on my family's lap, I've decided to take it and put it in my car instead. I was struggling between putting in the car or my bed; because it reminds me of T( Line is where we interact most anyway); but I'd figure, Brown would be a much better resemblance for T.

With the Penang trip for the SRC bonding, it made my whole week worst:

No work out, no study, lotsa fat gained.

End of seasons, time for war! 

4 courses only, so it's definitely a 4.0 this semester!!


  1. I know that feeling where u go for a family dinner and you have to try your best not to be awkward, polite but not over the top and likeable, in a good way hahahaha

  2. What I usually does is just be polite and courteous, not more and not less hahaha. Don't have to do the impress-to-kill thing because most of the time the people of my circle is pretty much very nice in nature; same as their parents XD

  3. wtH!!!! Where did u get tat @_@
    i want i want!!!!1
    though yeah i prefer brown hahaha

    1. Haha got it from an exchange of presents during Christmas eve LOL.

      I guess we both have our bears! But I'm the gorilla XD