Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Buffetting : No more Quickies

I wonder how my first sex is gonna be, seriously.

That aside, the last 5 days has been a roller coaster ride.

I have a killer assignment due thursday and I've done zero for my part despite the fact that I'm the person to compile the whole thing into a pretty darn rigid formatted document.

Sometimes I do wonder if my choices in life is correct.

I'm in a constant dilemma of the choice to become a very sensible or an extremist ignorant person in dealing with matters around my life.

I have always had the choice to leave matters behind my back, and just push them away from my life as people wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyway. Yet, there's always this sentimental side of me in holding on to the "people-relationship". I couldn't just ignore people after I've actually made a bond with them, and more importantly "be-involved" or engaged.

Unless of course they have managed to do something to make me go to the other extreme end to case them away from my life forever, one particular group which have managed to so.

I'm pretty sure its the Leo in me.

I wonder how things are going to set off from now on.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Buffetting : Another Quickie

Too tired to have a long post although the residential college's router finally have shown its affection to my laptop.

Almost done with main campus student rep work. One last lap!

Long way to go with vet fac student rep work. More meetings and paperwork!

One chapter done with chinese student rep work. A leadership camp to plan!

Dogathon finally got back to its track. A meeting to update soon!

Finally done with another core course's test 2. Another 2 more tests!

Really have gain weight. Time to hit the gym more!

Oh, I really need to have my own time~~~

But still manage to have a good outing with the new girlfriends XD

Monday, April 22, 2013

Buffetting : Quickie~

Limited internet access, AGAIN;

Another event this weekedn, AGAIN;

Exams, AGAIN;

Preparing for Dogathon AGAIN;

Deadlines for Student Rep Work AGAIN;

Got myself into another deep shit position in an organization, AGAIN.

Tell me how many agains repeating in my life these days.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Buffetting : Blog On

Was chatting with the Boy on the social media chatting system while we discussed over why to take extra English Accreditation such as Cambridge Advance English(CAE) or IELTS.

As a person who have taken almost all the English tests available under the Malaysian sun for university prospective students:

IETLS- UK/OZ (8.5)
SAT-US(1670-sad case)

I deemed it a lil weird for him to take it when he's already enrolled in an institution. He's on this tuition thing under Cambridge which prepares him for CAE, and he was hoping for an A.

Well, if its similar to that of IELTS, its really breezy because the components are actually much easier compared to the nightmare I had for MUET.

Private students out there really don't take MUET, the Malaysian band for English as seriously as the foreign ones because of its "Malaysian" branding.

Mind you kids, its thrice as hard to get a high band in MUET than in IELTS.

Get an 8.5 in IELTS? Doesn't guarantee you a Band 6 in MUET. Heck, might not even score Band 5 if you were to flung your reading or listening.

The point is, the MUET still upholds the English quality post Independence till today because it is being governed by Malaysia Examination Syndicate(MPM), not the Malaysian Examination Board(LPM). That is why STPM is was still a really prestigious certification when I graduated.

So it struck me that the reason for me to continue scribbling bits of my thoughts and memories in this piece of binary sea, at least one of it, is to preserve my English balance.

As what I've discussed in the previous post, practicing English in my current institution is still not that viable due to the restricted access to the pool of people being able to speak it with advance eloquence.

Well, the majority still stays in a considerable amount, but not the type that I used to deal with the teachers back here in Subang. Naah, I have to tilt my channels here and there to make people understand.

In fact, being too "American" can even cause a lil disparity with others, making you a lil snobbish. So I kinda have to flip switches between individuals to make the whole picture NOT awkward.

So I guess I've re-realized my other reason to continue posting here. To make sure I will still retain my ability to cast thoughts and project speeches across halls with a promising degree of English.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Buffetting : Fruitful Outings

Post Test 1 week was all about having fun, apart from squeezing time for Majlis Silaturahim as well as Dogathon meetings.

The outings totally buffed up my tummy by a far cry, and my craving for food time to time had increased to some extent which even me myself claimed as scary.

The visit to Shabu-Shabu House in Taman Bukit Serdang was totally awesome. We had feast like famished hogs again with heaps and piles of chicken, beef, mutton, pork and venison.

Let's not forget the uberly fattening cheese sauce.

Had decent dinner, talked a bit here and there, discussing how should I disclose the pictures taken for the 2nd-chances, and loads of crapping. The service was good, food was awesome, a great place to hang out after pay RM30.

The 7th week was even crazier with non-stop food hunt.

The day after Silaturhim was all going down to the city center for Jogoya because of the men's RM10 offer.
Well, being there the 3rd time of my life I'd pretty much know what to order and how to go about.

Strutting down the streets of the Golden Triangle with a bunch of nuts and rowdy crowd wasn't easy. Imagine 20 of us trolling down streets and going into that restaurant with all sweaty and "well-dressed" after lecture.

No, don't see us as students from the private institutions. We have no shorts, no heels, no sleeveless policies.

Worse, we are vet students. A lab coat on and we are off to dissect a carcass hunting for muscles and nerves. Imagine eating a buffet after that.

Well, we are still smart enough to change the tops though.

Great outing, better bond among us Chinese Vets + 1 Sri Lankan.

Friday before the holiday started Gummi Bear and Kid got me to the Mines for GI Joe: Retaliation.

Another fast dinner before the movie started. While I would say my dinner was okay, Kid and Gummi Bear had their worst because of the zero meat content yet costing more than RM20 fiasco.
Their side dishes were amazing as proposed by Lady Boss, but I forgot to take my dinner's picture; though I assure you it was awesome. Tofu seafood soup it was. Thick, with decent amount of seafood apart from vege with a bowl of rice. Mmmph, satiety at its best.

Saturday a smaller portion of the gang hit Genting while I wasn't in my best form due to the restricted sleep hours and the sore tiredness from the swimming co-curriculum.

The sleep up to the mountain wasn't pleasant while me never liked the atmosphere there  before totally just crashed into the bed the whole night because my headache.

However, managed to revive after the sleep with Lady Boss because of her crashing down also; and chatted about the issue. Big or small I have no idea, but I'm just glad I talked about it.

The latest outing was with fellow drama queen Bimbo, Gummi Bear the dancing Queen and the Hipster.

Apparently the outing was better than I was expected seeing that I have tuned out of the Klang Valley "banana" channel since Monash and since A levels has ended. 6th Form and University was, and is pretty "Mandarin" and non-English orientated for me because of the local university setting.

It gives me a good touch of the very Mandarin and Malay sides of the culture, background and language development, but I would have fit it even better and liked it more if it were to be more English orientated.

I feel more comfortable, without the need of switching frequencies all the time; and I wouldn't lose my American-o-English touch.

With these 3 I have a better English touch with less other influences seeing our backgrounds are pretty much similar, Subang/Klang Valley development. Ya know, the SJ-SU-DJ-DU-Seafield clusters. Even SMK Batu Lapan was too Cina to be banana like us.

Well, I'm not a banana, but I would love to explore more with English.
Anyhows, the outing was really for My Burger Lab in Seapark, and it was good!

I had the Hulk (yea, I have to. It's me) and loved the fried avocados.

I would go there again, but provided I don't really have to queue for it for a long time.

These outings really made me much closer to these nutsy people, and loving them even more. But me being the neurotic me, I really do think a lot.

What happens when their future academic years come? Where would I be?

Will I be the unbelonged one again?

It sometimes, just doesn't feel right.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buffetting : Something Irking Me

Remember the 2nd chance couple?

Yes, apparently it bugged me.

The weird part is, it really doesn't concern me but I'd actually was bothered by it.

Compared to Money-Kid relationship which I took it really differently, I felt uncomfortable around the 2nd chances. I get goosebumps and I automatically shift to somewhere else and huddle faster away to be alone.

Unlike M-Kid, I would just hang around, talk and tease them a little. Just like a brother-sis-in-law relationship. No awkward. No silence. Just plain, normal.

I've analyzed it myself and concluded that its because the relationship is still new and novel, and my conscious and mind just need time to take it away off my "awkward" bubble.

I talked it out between 3 of my girlfriends, excluding Her bestie, and some said it happens while some said I had a crush. The thing is, I'd never seen anyone as anyone for me before; why would I have had a crush.

It's weird because the first thing I thought of everyday I wake up is, finish up the work. Dot.

No one else, nothing else. It's just not right. This is just not right.

But I always tell myself its not worth my time or energy allowing it to irk me.

I think about it, and the next day I don't care anymore. The cycle continues whether I think about it or not. So why think about it right?

Yet, I deal with the Her only daily basis, maybe I should really tell her stuffs to let me get things over with?

However, its just a small irk.

Hey, what's marginal pool and circulating pool? Oh physiology calls~

Monday, April 8, 2013

Buffetting : Majlis Silaturahim 2013

It's the very week of the year again! When almost every DVMs need to take time out of their hectic study lives to invest on making up a performance for the Majlis Silaturahim.

Before proceeding to the post, I'd guess its courteous to explain a lil history about Majlis Silaturahim in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.

random favorite senior picture

The event was founded by one of our physiology professor, namely Professor Dr Mohd Ali Rajion who apart being a passionate physiologist, also a passionate performer himself. He had a rock band, took up the position as Head of Department of Cultural Performances in our university and was even promoted to a Professor because of his passion by an external invigilator.

 middle one in the first row

Prof Ali didn't wish for the vet students to JUST study and cramming notes into their brains, so he started the Majlis Silaturahim in the 1990s, as a platform for vet students to develop their creativity in performing arts.

In 2013, the DVM3s in charge of the event came up with the theme: Under 18

For university students like us, it can be a hassle trying to recollect the lost "uniforms" we had back in high school, but recollecting the memories, very easy.

Seeing everyone back in their high school moments was fun, however reliving mine wasn't particularly sweet. Most of my coursemates agreed that the best time of high school was during 6th Form, seeing how the most influential ones around were from 6th form.

However, Under 18 wasn't just about high school. There were primary school and kindergarten moments to be relived in this event.

So what exactly do we do?
fellow drama queen!!! Should totally see her swishing her pony tails

All DVMs are required to prepare a 15 minutes performance. They are encouraged to use muscials, visual aids and acting to make their performance as interesting as possible.

Make ups, dress ups and character buildings will have extra scores in the performance.

The preparation took us one whole week from story line, casting to video shooting and editing. I would say even if all of us didn't manage to practice as vets we would make a good production team.

I, with my size, is obviously going to be the bully. And with my side kick, Sea, we make a totally perfect Giant-Suneo team to bully Wind.

We practically just became ourselves on stage performing. Well, I had to pull the bad-ass bully look which contradicts my usual goody-two-shoes look, but it turned out to be well-blended
Wind and Sea

Like Vet Sport, Silaturahim also has an Ali Cup, named over the founder of the event:

And this year, we really had high hopes, because even most of the other DVMs thought we should have gotten the cup because of the way we've presented the performance. At least our performance had everyone's eyes on us all the time.

But the DVM3s figured everyone should be a winner, so they've managed to get at least every DVM a winner of a category and the cup went to the DVM5s this year.

Well, I'd enjoy their performance with the very modern and abstract dance performance on putting out flames with water. But I'd figure our batch's was much more, enjoyable.
The event ended with everyone trying to relive their memories snapping pictures over the decor team:

petrified prefect by the gangster

when being a tall person doesn't spell sweet

Next year its gonna be our batch's turn. I guess I'd be somewhat the emcee or somesort. Definitely not the director after dogathon. I need my time for sex. Crap I mean, Sax.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Buffetting : Vet Sport 2013

Considering the fact that I didn't join last year, and the fact that the batch got last place last year, I would say 2013's Vet sport was indeed a success and a miracle.

The drama began even before Vet Dinner ended. Wind was the director for Vet Sport, along with a pretty religious co-director.

The drama caught up from Vet Dinner about its theme, and now the rules and participants for the sports event, ie:

1- Girls shouldn't join basketball. It should be an all guy game.
2- Girls shouldn't do split or shake in cheerleading. OR at least, just let non-muslims to do it.
3- Girls should from now on not join any games with possibilities coming in contact with guys.
Are You FUCKING Serious?!

But, we've decided to ignore since these have been done and we have had our fair share of fun.

The theme last year was Angry Birds where each year takes on one of the multicolored birds; 2013 we had Madagascar! Our year got the penguin, while dvm1 the mouse thingy, dvm3 the giraffe, dvm4 the zebra and dvm5 alex, the lion.

So what events did we have?

It was a 2 weeks' marathon of events comprising indoor and outdoor games. Indoor being table tennis, badminton, CHESS and dart. Outdoor being basketball, netball, footsal, volleyball, tug-o-war and also track events, as well as a closing ceremony.

Every year was trying the best to get the Bashir Cup( Yes we do have one! ) for the overall winner.

Me being me, decide to join the year 2s although I'm technically a year 1. No, year 2 kinda sucked in all sports seeing our size and what not, the year 1 totally trashed us in basketball, table tennis, track events and even badminton.

We pretty much know the outcome don't we?

The drama continued with this rivalry between year 1 and year 2, something like what year 3 and year 4 is having. Year 2 and year 3 is perfectly fine with each other, and apparently we are speculating that year 1 is the direct manifestation of year 4. A huge pain in the ass, and the year 2s apparently have no thoughts of backing out in winning the year 1s, at least just them. Rivalry much?

So the score was really disappointing, and us year 2s being the nice us, we were just thinking of getting the whole event over with because it was really taxing. It's like after Vet Dinner, now Vet Sport?

 Heck organizing this shit is no easy man! We have to cater to seniors' needs, juniors' timing and what not; staying under the hot sun to be linesmen; sitting in the foyer the whole night to be umpire for the table tennis games, its NO JOKE.

We had upper in the early games of volley ball and netball; yet after basketball,badminton and table tennis, things weren't looking hot.

Until the closing ceremony. Apparently year 2 had talents that I never knew.

Oh did I mention we totally owned year 1 for tug-o-war. Well, since we are all overnourished, we ought to have the upper hand in owning this particular event.

Heck, the only male rival we had for this event was the year 3; while the female rival the year 4s. It's okay, next year the year 2s will be back with buffer and stronger pulls, I promise.

Closing ceremony included track events, telematch as well as cheerleading. We had our fair share of no.1s in the track events, but the year 1s had more.

However, our batchmates are much more closer to each other in terms of bond, we owned the telematch event.

Now last but not least cheerleading. The late night practices was not easy while preparing for the paper pom poms was FUN, but a lil tiring and time-consuming.

 We just tried our best and performed, just to finish the whole thing. We weren't expecting what not, until we saw what we did.

And we got the 1st in cheerleading! It's not the typical cheerleading with human bomb and pyramids, because the year 1s did that and gosh it was BORING. Our fac has another taste for this event.

All and all, we got the 1st (CLAPS CONFETTI WEEE~~~~) in the Vet Sport 2013. I must say this has really pulled us EVEN more closer than ever.

2nd year was hectic itself with all the events we took over from the seniors, as well as dealing with naive yet mind-boggling juniors. But, seeing how we've managed to pull over, I just can't believe I wouldn't  be graduating with this gang of awesomeness.

Vet Sport 2013 was a blast, and kudos to the co-directors as well as all committees! Now, time for Silaturahim!