Monday, April 1, 2013

Buffetting : Vet Sport 2013

Considering the fact that I didn't join last year, and the fact that the batch got last place last year, I would say 2013's Vet sport was indeed a success and a miracle.

The drama began even before Vet Dinner ended. Wind was the director for Vet Sport, along with a pretty religious co-director.

The drama caught up from Vet Dinner about its theme, and now the rules and participants for the sports event, ie:

1- Girls shouldn't join basketball. It should be an all guy game.
2- Girls shouldn't do split or shake in cheerleading. OR at least, just let non-muslims to do it.
3- Girls should from now on not join any games with possibilities coming in contact with guys.
Are You FUCKING Serious?!

But, we've decided to ignore since these have been done and we have had our fair share of fun.

The theme last year was Angry Birds where each year takes on one of the multicolored birds; 2013 we had Madagascar! Our year got the penguin, while dvm1 the mouse thingy, dvm3 the giraffe, dvm4 the zebra and dvm5 alex, the lion.

So what events did we have?

It was a 2 weeks' marathon of events comprising indoor and outdoor games. Indoor being table tennis, badminton, CHESS and dart. Outdoor being basketball, netball, footsal, volleyball, tug-o-war and also track events, as well as a closing ceremony.

Every year was trying the best to get the Bashir Cup( Yes we do have one! ) for the overall winner.

Me being me, decide to join the year 2s although I'm technically a year 1. No, year 2 kinda sucked in all sports seeing our size and what not, the year 1 totally trashed us in basketball, table tennis, track events and even badminton.

We pretty much know the outcome don't we?

The drama continued with this rivalry between year 1 and year 2, something like what year 3 and year 4 is having. Year 2 and year 3 is perfectly fine with each other, and apparently we are speculating that year 1 is the direct manifestation of year 4. A huge pain in the ass, and the year 2s apparently have no thoughts of backing out in winning the year 1s, at least just them. Rivalry much?

So the score was really disappointing, and us year 2s being the nice us, we were just thinking of getting the whole event over with because it was really taxing. It's like after Vet Dinner, now Vet Sport?

 Heck organizing this shit is no easy man! We have to cater to seniors' needs, juniors' timing and what not; staying under the hot sun to be linesmen; sitting in the foyer the whole night to be umpire for the table tennis games, its NO JOKE.

We had upper in the early games of volley ball and netball; yet after basketball,badminton and table tennis, things weren't looking hot.

Until the closing ceremony. Apparently year 2 had talents that I never knew.

Oh did I mention we totally owned year 1 for tug-o-war. Well, since we are all overnourished, we ought to have the upper hand in owning this particular event.

Heck, the only male rival we had for this event was the year 3; while the female rival the year 4s. It's okay, next year the year 2s will be back with buffer and stronger pulls, I promise.

Closing ceremony included track events, telematch as well as cheerleading. We had our fair share of no.1s in the track events, but the year 1s had more.

However, our batchmates are much more closer to each other in terms of bond, we owned the telematch event.

Now last but not least cheerleading. The late night practices was not easy while preparing for the paper pom poms was FUN, but a lil tiring and time-consuming.

 We just tried our best and performed, just to finish the whole thing. We weren't expecting what not, until we saw what we did.

And we got the 1st in cheerleading! It's not the typical cheerleading with human bomb and pyramids, because the year 1s did that and gosh it was BORING. Our fac has another taste for this event.

All and all, we got the 1st (CLAPS CONFETTI WEEE~~~~) in the Vet Sport 2013. I must say this has really pulled us EVEN more closer than ever.

2nd year was hectic itself with all the events we took over from the seniors, as well as dealing with naive yet mind-boggling juniors. But, seeing how we've managed to pull over, I just can't believe I wouldn't  be graduating with this gang of awesomeness.

Vet Sport 2013 was a blast, and kudos to the co-directors as well as all committees! Now, time for Silaturahim!


  1. I would not wanna be your opposing team in tug of war O.O

    1. Haha~ you haven't seen the third year's team. They are inflicted with more severe mad cow disease!

  2. your muscle leg wonder you won the tug of warXD

    1. with my heavy upper body, I'd ought to have even larger lower body to support them! While tug-o-war was mostly arm muscles XD

    2. tug-o-war involves lower body parts also actually:D

    3. For stability and extra push yes! But I used mostly upper body that day though, my upper body was screaming after the event XD