Thursday, January 14, 2010

Buffetting : Time management

So today we had topic on stress during MUET class, if you readers have no idea on what's that, its "Malaysia University English Test", and only Malaysian and some Singapore university actually accepts it.. See how terrible Malaysian english standard is?

Anyway, so what causes stress?

For me, the primary cause would be really poor time management, seeing that I now procrastinate to even lay some words in this 9/10 dead blog.

And guess what?

A bit old school but a time table really helps a lot in making myself more disciplined in working stuffs out.

Guess what Puan Dorris said really tapped into my own.

Owh, if you are wondering who is Puan Dorris, she is my current MUET teacher, and she really rock our whole Form 6 bottom out.

She is one of the most unbiased teacher, and she never failed to give a great advice for every problem we had ever confined with her. Well, some may disagree with me, but even my ex-buddhist society teacher wasn't as sensible and good as Puan Dorris.

An extra, I finally got my official KOPERASI acknowledgement badge!

woohoo~~~ if any of the international readers have no idea what is koperasi, its like a society which students can join to help the school to sell stuffs like school badges, t-shirts or track-bottoms, but the society do not share any of its profit with the school. As a matter of fact, students who invest on the koperasi society actually are rewarded 10% of the original amount invested.

My current school has a really good koperasi system, where the students get to learn how to earn money and learn some hospitality values, plus they actually sell biscuits and drinks, unlike my previous school.

I got to know quite a few good friends only from koperasi, and they are really great people! Overall I actually had fun working as a member, with all the benefits and experiences obtained by joining this society.

Well, guess this is enough for my school experience for the day. Time to get my brother.

Zany Zephyr

Friday, January 8, 2010

Buffetting : Time

Alrighty first post of 2010, gosh that took me freaking long.. thanks to long hours of studies and also long hours of work as the house cosmic car driver...

Anyway, new year have started, and I guess the school is trying their best to give us our benefits as Pre-U Students.

Honestly speaking, they are trying real hard, but the outcome seemed so vague.

Inefficient to be precise.

They expect us to complete tasks in short time, as if we have nothing else to do, which by fact we have plenty, because we are freaking STPMers...

Well, I'm not putting much hopes in anything the school is doing now.

What I really hope is, I can cope up with my studies without any stupid excuse or extra workload, since I have official dropped physics last month, Chemistry and Biology will rule my path, which I am superbly fine with it.

Out class teacher for 2009 got promoted to be the first Pre-U Administrator in SMKSS17, it a good news for her but I do wonder if the pay even goes up.(I doubt it though)

And our class got the ex-Maths teacher as the mentor.

Talk about new, she is actually quite flexible and supportive of our ideas, other than the outrageous ones(trying get ourselves a clan called "U.V.D")

Imagine you in a secondary classroom, with laptops on, a coffee corner by the window, and free Readers' Digest.

You wouldn't believe you are studying in a secondary school.

Well, its still in the pondering stage, all execution starts after the teacher in charge turn on the green light.

School life is still dull, but I'm looking forward to the knowledge I am able to gain over the 11 coming months, and being able to nail the "HARDEST EXAM" in Malaysia.

Finally, I can resume my Japanese class as an Advance class student in ICLS!!!!

It's weird that oral test is not included, because I score perfectly in every test before this.(yea I don't depend on theory much though)

And geez, I was acknowledged as the "Best, Fastest Speaker" in our class.

Guess talking to myself even during showers had paid off.

Over all, 2010 is one year which is going to be very short, for all the students who is taking STPM with me.

No time for more games, only studies.

I will still blog once in a while so chillax..

So, this is it then. Smellyalater~

Zany Zephyr