Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Buffetting : Right in the Middle

I was in the shower the other day, and I had these thoughts lingering in my mind.

It was about a post my friend posted on FB about my leave of absence in UPM.

I was somehow, blessed or cursed, 2 chances of experiencing, AND being enrolled in 2 different medical programs

And of course every readers know they are Veterinary Medicine, and *human* Medicine.

Recalling one of the memories I shared with my room mate in UPM, in which his first choice was also, Medicine for the local university. Yet, he got this 7th choice, veterinary medicine.

He couldn't pursue medicine due to various reasons, mostly his family background and he had to resolve to what he was being offered.

However, he did say that if he could have pursued medicine, he would have stick to it.

And there came the other friend who posted on FB. It's a she this time, and it was her life time dream to be enrolled in a vet school.

Actually, she was the reason I'd given vet school a try at the first place, because they did mention how hard it was to get into one.

She was upset when she found out I've gotten the admission into the vet program in UPM.

She wasn't offered because her CGPA wasn't suffice, but of course my roommate didn't meet the requirement for medicine program either.

So I was, and still am in the dilemma.

My roommate would have died to be in my shoes, taking the medical program, even more in the so-to-speak "best" private medicine university in the country.

My FB friend, would have died to be in my shoes, taking the vet program, in the best(cause there's UMK offering vet also) vet university in the country.

Sometimes I'd just wish I quit both schools and take up some bizarre course like linguistics or something.

Perhaps law?

Or probably just German or Korean.

Latin or French? Or Spanish?

OR I should probably make up my mind to choose either vet or med.

But one thing is for sure, I'm definitely not enjoying the last bit of my med school experience.

The company, maybe, but I'm definitely keeping a distance. Other than that, everything seemed to be like a chore to me.

I'm like a dead body loathing the corners of my university.

At least that is how I feel for now.


  1. this is an excellent read:

    1. haha I read it before you posted. guess I was one step ahead! After reading that post, it really bedazzles me if medicine is what I am looking for.