Monday, July 30, 2012

Buffetting : HR Clinic Practical Day 1

In accordance to our practical course under Non-Livestock Extra Murial Practical in year 1, we are obliged to undergo a week length,  no shorter than 6 days practical in a zoo, animal shelter, as well as veterinary clinic. So for the 2nd week of July, me being the kiasu me have decided to get everything done within the 2 weeks so as practical reports can be easily compiled thereafter.

However, familial matters always come in my way. Pretty sad.

So back the clinic practical. As suggested by my buddy who also went there for her practical last year, I've decided to hit the clinic in SS17, named Healing Rooms Veterinary Clinic for a week. First impression- Thank goodness I chose the right course. Of course, I bet the clinic's staffs were the best people among the society, because of the much more nasty people they have dealt with.

Stepping into the clinic a lil later on that day was a lil unnerving, way to go with the first impression.

However, the receptionist cum vet assistant was super nice and told me I'm just on time by clicking on just passed 10am. She got me to the vets in charge, Dr VJ and Dr Prem while they told me what I need to get to for that day. Apart from me, apparently there was also another practical student on board, Cristine. I'll further elaborate, but she's taking a pre-vet course in US. So post-grad DVM program for her then.

The routine work in the clinic for the dogs boarding will be feeding them their medication as well as their food. The only dog I needed to force feed the medication was Max, a Golden Retriever because he wasn't eating much, nor allowed to due to his kidney problems. Well, being angels like all goldies do, Max was a darling. There was Gigi, a mongrel cross with an amputated forelimb, but she was only on antibiotics. Since she's a big eater, all I needed to do was hide the pills in the food. There was another mongrel on board, Grand Pa, but he was under the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better association, and all he needed was decent food and supplements. Last but not least, we had an old Basset Hound with us, Duke and he was prep for surgery because of the tumor he had on his right forelimb. A huge mass too.

Almost forgot, there was also an in-house dog, Mc Coy, who was also the blood donor. He was on STRICT diet. Poor guy, quite hostile though.

The dogs' kennels were situated downstairs, while the cattery was situated upstairs. We had few cats boarding, but the owners came later that day to retrieve them, so I only had to attend to Junior, the in house cat, as well as the blood donor. This guy is probably the funniest and cutest cat I've ever seen before! His meows are just super adorable! They don't sound like meows at all! The sound was just too unique to explain gosh I totally should have recorded it! Very submissive, and just love it when I play with him.

So back to Clinical Husbandry:
1-Small Animal Restraining post-sedation: Intubation serves as a very important part prior to surgeries involving anesthetic agents, in most practice Isofluorene. The prep of intubation will be further explained in the Surgical Husbandry section.
a)In order to allow maximal light exposure towards the traechial canal of the animal, restrainer needs to hold the jaws of the animals by their gum, not teeth to prevent the animals from snapping the handler's fingers. A gauze can be used to allow better grasp of the animals' gum onto the fingers so as the gum wouldn't slip off and risk intubating party to perform the procedure again.
b) While doing that, restrainer needs to support the animal's back/dorsal region to prevent spinal injuries, especially animals who are sedated. Grasp the skin around the dorsal area and hold it up firmly to project the traechial canal, as well as holding the jaws to expose the canal to light.
c) Once intubated, tied the ET tube to the animal's canine jaw, if available, then around the mussel to secure the tube into place. Other wise, tie the know unto the mussel above first, then around the whole mussle.
d) Upon sedation, animals will require positional subjection so as some procedures can take place ie: exposing the side in which the tumor have subsided. While flipping the animal's body, the animals need to be folded while holding the dorsal area of the animal, and then flipped to the desirable sites. This is done to prevent  and reduce the chance of the overlapping of organs, as well as the folding of vessels of the internal organ of the animals.
e) On the event of blood attainment, the best area to retrieve is via the jugular vein (around the neck area) because of the richness of the blood supply in that area. Animals of smaller size such as Miniature Pinchture, ferrets, kittens will require such sites as blood suppliers. Alternatively, larger animals can undergo blood retrieval via the cephalic vein(limbs). However, jugular vein possess higher and better quality of blood for biochemical and pathological tests.

2- Sanitary precautions: Keeping the cages and kennels sterile and free from viruses and bacteria by the previous host is very important in preventing wild spread of transmittable diseases.
a)In this clinic, the practice of Chlorox is being used, in which the ratio is from 1: 30 parts. Due to the costly nature of Chlorox, it is advisable to use them wisely. After application of Chlorox solution on the site, handlers need to wipe the site again with clean water so as to reduce the stench and alkaline concentration of the solution before housing the animals. Excess chlorox solution may burn the residing animal and cause lesions as well as dermatological repercussions. Best gauge, put head into the cage without any eye protection and feel if the air stings. If not, the cage is safe to be housed.
b) Alternatively, another solution named Trionic is also being used of the same manner and nature of that of Chlorox. However, this solution does not harm the handler, nor the animal's body as much as Chlorox do. The prep manner is to put two pumps of solution, and to be mixed with half a pail of water. The cost of this solution, however was not mentioned by the doctors.
c) There are 3 types of iodine being used by the veterinarians, 1-povidone, 2-Lugil's, 3-Tincture. Tincture as the favorite by Dr VJ among all iodine because of its effectiveness in drying the site of application, rendering the bacteria or virus subsided to drought and subsequently death. Very effective sterilizing agent.

Surgical Husbandry:
1-Drip prep: Drips are being administered intra-venously to maintain the fluid balance in the body of the animal prior, during and post surgery in result of failure to take in fluid through the normal way, via the alimentary canal.  In order to secure the catheter and drip tube onto the animal's effectively, there are procedures and essential ways to conduct them.
a) 6 strips of plaster, 4 long and 2 short. In event of smaller animals or juveniles, the strips can be halved to save resources.
b) sterilizing cottons: 1 alcohol swab, 1 chlorohexidane aka HB soap; 1 tincture iodine;1 normal cotton to support the catheter to prevent skin contact onto the animal, as well as reduce irritation which will cause animal to severe the drip system.
c) cotton bandage, to wrap the drip onto the animal's site of administration, normally via forelimb. For animals with thinner forelimbs, a wooden tough depressor is used as a stretcher to support and straighten the forelimbs so as the drip do not get tangled or folded which halts fluid flow.
d) catheter; 3 way stop cock;macro fluid bags which requires 20 drops to make up to 1ml of fluid; and micro fluid bags which requires 60 drops to make up to 1ml of fluid. The difference of the fluid component prevents animals to drown from the high rate of fluid entry. 0.9% Saline(normally 1 litre); 10ml syringe to use as flusher.

2- Drip administration: (Restrainer)
a) Support and restrain the animal's head with a dominant hand, while holding the site of drip administration with the other. Restrainer needs to make sure the animals is properly restrained to prevent administrator from being susceptible to bites. Dogs should be restrained by holding the neck of the dog close to oneself's body, with the dominant below the neck and hand holding to the pectoral girdle of the opposite side. Hold the dog firm and make sure the animals is in minimal distress. Cats should be restrained by scruffing the back of the neck with the head away from oneself, but not close to the drip administrator.
b) The non dominant hand needs to contract the extended the side of the forelimb desired to be withdrawn its blood.
c) Press on the cephalic vein on the forelimb to allow the  vein to be raised, due to the pressure applied by the bloodflow due to restriction. Once the vein is raised, vets will be able to identify and prick in the catheter/needle for subsequent procedure.
*note: Restrainer should not release until the administrator says to.*
Steps a, b and c can be practiced in drip administration as well as blood retrieval.

d) As needle enters, restrainer needs to hold onto the needle in the vein so that the blood pressure doesn't expel the needle, as well as allowing blood to gush out. Administrator will need to flush the saline prepared earlier to confirm the site of dripping. If no abnormal swelling, confirmed. Otherwise, relocate a new administration site immediately.

e) Tape the drip with the cotton supporting the needle of catheter to prevent skin contact and subsequently irritation, wrap with cotton bandage. Insert wooden tongue depressor if necessary.

Operation Theater notes:
1- No shoes
2- Scrubs only, mask and hair net.
3- Be extremely aware of contaminating agents
4- No touching of any sites of animal which have been sterilized other than veterinary surgeon operating.
5-Lift only surgical linen from the bottom surface, as the top is being sterilized.
6- While preparing for gauze, hold the sides of the container without contact with gauze to prevent contamination.
7- Count and REMEMBER the number of gauze taken to prevent remnants inside patients' body.
8- Be wary of patient's breathing rate on the air bag: 8 seconds/breath is the maximal isofluorene allowed
9- Take note of 5 stages of anesthesia.
10- Isofluorene count: 1 for large breed, 1/2 for smaller ones.
11- Check the conscious of patients: a) touching the eyes for blinking b) dental pulse c) movement
12- Animals may hold their breath when foreign substances enter their body. Take note, and do not panic while no breathing takes place. Re-adjust the isofluorene count to revive breathing
13- Check the time in and out of OT to assess the amount of anesthesia used.
14- Do not go over any auto-cad-ed materials to prevent contamination. Go towards instead of backwards of the equipments.
15- Hold everything including sutures, blades, or gauze by their container to prevent contamination
16- As surgery ends, wrap up with cleaning the blood stains with orange enzyme; soak used equipments to rid blood stains; stay with the patient until it regains conscious; or situate the patient in kennels thereafter.
17- Remove ET tube when patient starts coughing.
18- Turn off isofluorene when VSurgeon announces and start performing sutures.Note the time.

Quite hefty ain't it? Sorry no pictures because it was a freaking busy week. I literally worked mah arse off in the clinic.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Buffetting : Getting into the Circle

We all live in circles. All of us.

Well, unless you are a solo backpacker who have no one else but you, yourself and you again in your life.

So it has been close to 3 months that I've confirmed my re-enrolment back in the vet school.

The weird thing is, its like vets out there are starting to add me as friend in the social media, without prior meeting with me in person.

Or did they have me mixed up with someone else?

The catch is, the faculty is downright small. Everyone knows everyone, I think. Of course for freshmen like me barely know all the lecturers, or the seniors yet, let alone those who have graduated before me enrolling.

And so far I have had like, probably 3 to 4 requests from people I know who are in the field?

The decision to add or not makes quite a hard impact because of the field's small circle. I can land myself either into really hot water or opportunity of fortune depending on my judgment and decision.

But as for now, I've decided to just accept them and who knows, I might be granted access to various opportunities and broader spectrum of the field.

Talking about circle, I'm almost done trying fit into another.

I guess I just have to accept the fact that I'm doomed to solo-man-land until I can really pull off what I'm subjected to right now.

It's just too much to handle these unnecessary stresses, with the family trying to make me more neurotic that they did.

Day by day I see myself stepping into a much darker person.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buffetting : Reprising Roles

Not exactly reprising, but somehow it felt like it.

So one of the senior dropped a PM over FB asking if I'm back to the vet school for sure, and I gave him the green light.

And so he dropped a welcome gift for me:

I'm kinda elected as one of the programmers of a new game. for those who've known, I was the Personal Assistant for the Person-In-Charge of the Dog Race program, aka the most important program of the Dogathon 2011. So if I were to continue my 2nd yr without deferring one semester, I would have taken the spot for the subsequent year's Dog Race program.

Blessing in disguise I did deffer, and seriously thank goodness because being the PA last year, I know literally that the dog race prep was one hell of a crazy preparation.

You have pacaks, flags, banners, routes, hurdles lines and all shits to be prepared, plotted, put into slides, whats more you need to have time keepers, color categories, spotters, calls, walkie talkies and what not.

It was a hell job, and the senior in charge last year managed to pull it off single-handedly before I came in, and I merely aided him for the last 2 months to keep things in check. And this year he became the Co-Director of the event. Another hell  oblivion job.

So this year I'm in charge of Dog/Owner lookalike contest. It's a freakin new game, and I'm freakin handling it.

Kinda nervous because of unknown and unforeseen reception of the public. Whatsmore, the input is quite a haul too.
So readers, if you love me *I know you do* come and support the event! Who knows, we might bump into each other and we can exchange phone nos *roll eyes* and hang out a week after. Because I need myself the day after.

Clinical practical updates soon!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Buffetting : SPCA Penang Practical Day 6

So it came to the last day! Phew that was a long week! It would have been a short one if the mattress we had in the rented room was more than 5cm thick. Oh well, its RM50 for a week, so *bite lips*.
not gonna miss this place, much.

Slept in earlier last night to conserve energy, but the body woke up due to the biological alarm.

Walking to SPCA with only the three of us was somewhat lil more quieter and faster without Big Sis and Polar Bear. Well things go a lil more bustling with Big Sis, while I click in so much better with Polar Bear around.

Oh yea I forgot, we sent Big Sis off back to Kulim with her "potential" mate last evening when the He came over all the way from Tanjung Gawai just to get her back home.


We kinda interrogated her on how was their progress and all, asking how it started bla bla bla.

Somehow we are like family now, more than just friends, constantly wishing to have updates on these BnG matters so we wouldn't be left out.

On the verge, but somehow Big Sis wants to have more time to explore than to JUST get into a relationship. As childish as she is in real life, when it comes to relationship somehow Big Sis turns into a much more mature, person.

Anyway, being the last day in SPCA and all, we did the routine work again, and today we too managed to wrap up everything way before 10am, even without Big Sis around. Guess we know who are the efficient ones around the house now don't we? *pointing at thyself*

Since we finished up earlier, after socializing with the dogs we managed to have an extremely short chat session with Mdm Lily and Kogi, as well as getting some RM1 DvDs and SPCA Printed Ts to bring home. The designs were good, so you peeps who managed to drop by SPCA Penang should totally get some back home.

After some last cleaning up of the kennels and cattery, as well as bidding farewell to the pups and dogs we had with us for the week. It wasn't that hard leaving, but knowing some of them might not be able to live for a longer live due to the limited places and unfavorable body conditions, the reluctance to leave was so much magnified. Nevertheless, that's the fact we have to accept as future vets.

After packing up, we've decided to at least pay the areas around Kek Lok Si a visit. Yet, we didn't have the time to venture up to the temple itself due to time constrains. Heck we were there like 3pm, and we were totally off schedule.
Ayer Hitam Asam Laksa!!! Halal or not must TRY!!!

Walked around to snap a few pictures and got ourselves an Alphard full of souvenirs! Although they were all food. Vet's gotta know how to enjoy good food too ya know.
Ayer Hitam Duck Egg CKT!! Halal or Not MUST TRY!

The travel back wasn't much of a problem with Sea around to entertain me. He kept his end to the bargain of making sure I'm accompanied with debates and constant topic discussion. Practically what we do in the late nights back in the hostel in those sleepless nights.
The infamous CL High

Dropping the Sea in TBS(Tasik Bandar Selatan) and then Shanghai Night in the Old Serdang in a Saturday was surprisingly easy, thank goodness cause my eyes were literally crying for some rest after the 6 hours of journey including a pit stop in Ipoh for Salted Baked Chicken. Okay I might get the grammar wrong there but screw it.
Sea with Chicken, Crackers, Tambun Biscuit. The whole Penang food is on/in him.

Shanghai Night's mom insisted for me to dine in at 10pm at night! As nice as she was, I had to decline because I was dying for some good bed and rest, not to mention my laptop!!! The house was very decent and different indeed. The whole house reminds me of my ancestral home, but it was much bigger, with a wide area of garden compound and a chicken coop. A chicken coop! Oh mi gosh its like Harvest Moon all over! Minus the cows and sheeps and hot house and horse. The dogs were still there XD

Hit home around 10.45pm. Gosh, that was 7 hours of driving man. Thank goodness these travels are semester basis. I can't imagine myself traveling like this as a vet in the future up and down the Penisular.

By hook or by crook, I'll make sure I get plane tickets, eco or business whatever, no more eyesore.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buffetting : Seeking

Sometimes, scrolling down the FB newsfeed can be deteriorating at some point.

Managed to slash off a few more people from the account, seeing how we have totally zero common matters.

Took off a few blogs off the rolls, because sometimes there's just nothing left to be read, or perhaps because 2 can play the slash game.

And looking into pictures of the past is somewhat heartsickening, while looking into pictures of the present seemed so empty, even more when you are just not in it.

Walking in and leaving from places, institutions and people's lives were the repetitive maneuvers I've been committing for the past 2 years.

And somehow, I just have no more strength to keep up and stay.

And sometimes, I have no idea what's wrong with me. It's always with this pulling away from the past, and the people from it. Parties do invite me over for outings, but somehow I just don't go.

As for now the university mates are still around, but looking into 5 years ahead when I start to work, will be repeat this act again?

It's as if I'm some hermit-to-be or something. And I can totally see myself doing the same thing, especially when there's something like work to be of an excuse and a matter to submerge myself into.

I thought I've already done enough soul/mind searching over the years, but somehow when I found one I lose another.

Part of me just died off sometime ago, and its really hard for me to recall those feelings for things that matter to me.

What exactly, am I looking for at this point of my life?


Buffetting : SPCA Practical Day 5

It's finally Friday! Gosh time passed really fast when you'd actually enjoy doing things that you love.

Even more when you are accompanied by people you really care for.

Which reminds me of, somehow I connect with my friends better than my family.

Oh well, back to the practical.

 So Polar Bear had to go back to Kuching earlier on in the morning, and we since the flight was on 7 in the morning, we had to like send him there on 5am. He was like some Dato that morning, since the whole lot had to wake up at 4.30 to send him over to the airport in Bayan Lepas, and me as the driver, of course.

Thank goodness we chose to drive over earlier, with zero experience driving around the island, having no cars on the highways towards the airport was a blessing. One thing I've learned about Malaysia, even in Penang, signboards still suck. Surprisingly PapaGo(not MamaCome) has been a good aid for us.

Slept again for another 2 hours after dropping Polar Bear, we headed over to SPCA for the 5th day.

Somehow, we managed complete our work with only 6 person on hand, even faster than normal. We had to stall till 11am before we complete our work before this, but today we managed to settle everything even before 10am.

Probably because we are much earlier today, while the Abang from SPCA helped us a lot with the high pressure sprayer they sent for repair days before.

Anyhow, I guess the main reason is because we are already used to the work around the place, after switching the stations and all. With that, we had more time to socialize with the dogs, as well as picking up names for antihistamines, antibiotics and different drugs.

Time flew by faster that day since lunch was at 12.30pm, and we had Pork Confetti for lunch!

The stall was more like a house compound over a lot by itself, very traditional place for food hospitality. Come to think of it, most of the lots around Penang had the same concept, its just that we need to get the right place.

Kinda forgot the street of the place, but its very close to the CIMB in Jelutong, a wooden house stall opposite the Restaurant Grand Sea.

The portion was quite hearty! I totally loved the confetti and gosh the yam rice was a die for! 10 times better than the same food I had for in the first day. This stall, was indeed really good.

RM 9 for a 2 person's serving, with 2 bowls of yam rice was quite reasonable, and because it was that good the price of it seemed so trivial!

With the older vet coming over on Friday, we had to get back earlier to avoid, well, the phail punctuality impression. I even had to put on my coveralls because he was known to not liking the improper dress codes of practical students. I love working in shorts and sleeveless you see.

Well, I've gradually explained the experience with the vets in the earlier post, but the older vet, also the father of the previous, is quite the "pattern"-ified.

Being with more chinese in our group, I automatically converse in Mandarin over any other languages during the whole lot of practical. I spoke in English with the staffs, of course, but they were fine with us speaking to each other with the language which we are comfortable.

However, the vet caught me off guard.

Vet: Who spoke in Chinese just now?

Me: Me.

Vet: Why?

Me: Because it just came out.

Vet: Why did it just came out?

Me: Because it was natural.

Vet: From Chinese school is it?

Me: Was, in my primary years.

Vet: You should practice speaking in English more now. When else to practice if you don't start now?

Criminy. I was trying to make it easier for the others to work. I mean, to avoid misunderstanding and all.
Whined a lil to Sea and got him apologizing to me instead. Now to think of it, should have been more matured than to find someone to blame, or to whine to.

*gasp* Max EXPOSURE!

Anyway, later on everything went well and all. Had some vet-to-vet chat, advices and all.

"Be proud and look up high to what you are going to do for the world in the future."

All these vet pep talks are somehow quite awakening. Though I have this senior of mine who keep on telling me now to stay in the current course for the current university. Probably because he got some problem with the university's recognition and working in foreign countries and all. I do have some worries of this, but I think I will still be of upper hand as compared to my friends who are venturing into medicine in 5 years' time.

Dinner for SPCA Penang Practical Day 5: Pasar Malam Jelutong
Known as the longest Pasar Malam street on the island, the whole area was flooded with people and WTHELL CARS by the clock strikes 7pm.

I was anticipating a lot for this night market experience, after hearing about how good it "should" be from Kogi in SPCA.

Well, first off there was no stopping the Penangites from driving through the streets flooded with human and stalls, and heck one even knocked my hand when it drove past from my back. Another reason to hate the Penang drivers.

outta sight, outta mind, but looks are deceiving.

Then its like repeating stalls, with more stalls selling utilities, accessories and clothes over food. Oh such a turn off! I want food! Why give me hanging bras and panties??!!!

The food was so so, I guess. Wasn't really in the mood because I needed more sleep to make sure I don't drive my passengers to hell literally for tomorrow's long hours travel. Heck I've even forgot what I bought that night.

Oh one thing you MUST get from this night market:

The crackers; prawn, fish, yam, sweet potato, all of em. Serious go get them, they are so good I felt to sinful after taking one bag down mahself. A packer for RM8 if I've not gotten the price wrongly, but its still worth every sen you paid for it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SPCA Penang Practical Day 4

It's Thursday and the last day we had 7 of us in our group running the SPCA.

Today was the first day I left the kennel station, and headed into the cattery, and dang cattery is SO MUCH MORE RELAXING, like I've stated in the first practical post.

It is fun working in all stations, but heck working in the kennels, especially the pups' ones seriously took its toll on my knees.

Spent the rest of the day sorting out meds for the dogs and cats, going rounds like a vet in a clinic would to pill them down, and sorting out which dog needs special requirement or extra dosages of meds compared to other healthy dogs.

Spent the day taking pictures too! As Polar bear ain't going to be around for the next 2 days, since family calls.

As for dinner on SPCA Penang Practical day 4, Gurney Drive!

Drove there, obviously. Had to dodge a few nutsy Penangite drivers, but parking around the roundabout was rather easy, and fast.

Being the signature drive for food, of course the whole area was packed with people, be it locals or travelers. As for practical students like us, well, we've got to be smarter in masking our accents so we don't get conned easily, though nothing close to that actually did happen.

Some of the stores were having doubles of themselves, but quality of food however varied. As compared to the food we had for the past few days from various places, somehow the food in Gurney Drive was surprisingly disappointing. There wasn't really much of a breathtaking moment as compared to that of the Fried Oyster in Jalan Rangoon, or the food we had in the subsequent posts.

Nevertheless, let the pictures do the talking.

group picture with the staffs! a great gang to work with!

3 must-cat-ears.

Oh I almost forgot! We actually wondered around some mall which I totally forgot the name, but when we headed out of the entrance there was this 3D art thingy on the front porch which was quite good!

Amazing Neighbor Spidey 3D-fied. It's more convincing if you were there though.

because angles matters.

Good job The One Academy. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Buffetting : SPCA Practical Day 3 to 6??!

Cause I was lazy to jot down.

Naah, cause everything is pretty much covered in the first 2 posts. The later days were really shuffling duties around and getting used to the animal husbandry.

Clinical Husbandry:
Gauging Dog's Age- Dogs, similar to human can be gauged in their earlier years by looking into their teeth. The crucial period to determine is if the pups are more then 6 months of age. The baby teeth of pups start to fall off on the 4th month after birth, and subsequently the emergence of their fore teeth. Byt the 6th month, the canine teeth emerge. The best ways to gauge is to look at canine teeth, as some baby teeth might remain intact even after 6 month of age.
had a abandoned 10 years old Shih Tzu in the house today. Tough guy, lesions all over.

The days were the same, but the nights were different!

Monday and Tuesday were just dining by sight, because we totally have no eye-dear what to eat.

And thanks to Big Sis for "pissing" us off, we kinda cornered her into treating us a steamboat buffet.

"You come all the way to Penang island for STEAMBOAT?!!!"-- Big Sis

Yes we did. SPCA Practical Day 3 Dinner: Macalister Road Steamboat cum Hotplate Buffet

Actually, we wanted to have it on Tuesday itself, when we strolled along Jalan Rangoon for food. But unfortunately the whole place was closed for Pete knows reason, we had to subside to Penang's Hawker Food again. Jalan Rangoon's Fried Oyster was good! No picture sorry, wasn't exactly in cam-cam mood that night. But I do have the ones for this buffet!

This place was a BARGAIN. Seriously. Even the KFC Dinner plate we had in the afternoon seemed to be overpriced when we paid for the bill.

On regular week day basis, the charge for adults was only RM20.90.
With student card, Rm17.00
KFC Dinner Plate+Cheesy Wedges, RM15.00.

You do the math.

So, cheap stuff no good stuff right?

Apparently we were quite wrong.

Of course, you can't be expecting crabs and abalone and all. For Rm17.00, the range they served was very decent!

Apart from the normal steamboat regulars, the place actually have a Char Kuey Teow free flowing, not to mention drinks, dessert, skewer station, and wait for it, DIM SUM.

HELLO! Dim Sum buffet in Steamboat buffet! Fine the Crystal Prawn Dumplings weren't exactly 5 stars, but it was really a bargain! Especially for mammoth size dieters.

I think they are the leftover from the Dim Sum session they run in the morning, I think; but the flow was endless, which made me think otherwise. I didn't have the time nor space in my tummy to try out ALL the Dim Sum served, but with steamboat and hot plate buffet distracting me, Dim Sum was the last thing I wanna have.

The whole point was to enjoy the fact that we WERE there for the session, whether or not the food was Greek-God rated didn't matter to us. Spending time with people who you can connect best, was really the fun part and bliss.

Verdict: STUFFED.

The hot plate runs on aluminium foils, but you can always ask for more from the counter, and the workers there were super friendly and nice! Had a great time there!

I will update on Day 4 to 6, but prolly just the food entries with minimal SPCA related. Kill me, but I think I've summarized most of them in the 1st and 2nd post. Overdoing things I know.

Pups of the day!

Oreo and Cocoa! Too bad Oreo had to go over the rainbows this week, heavily infected I heard.

May the happiness he brought to us in that short period of time granted him suffice karma to be reborn into a better state next life.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buffetting : Multi-ways

Driving around Klang Valley as the driver of  the family's company has opened up multiple routes for me to reach one destination from my place with plenty of different routes.

 One example would be from Subang Jaya to UPM.

The routes would be:

1- LDP-Silk High Way with 2 tols and all the way to Hospital Serdang
2- LDP-MRR2 with 2 tols, all the way to UPM via Mines.
3- Kesas-MRR2 with 2 tols, all the way to UPM via Tasik Bandar Selatan
4- NPE-MRR2 with 2 tols, all the way to UPM via Jalan Kuchai Lama
this is cool!

Wow, I'm damn good. But of course since I'm only heading to Vet Fac, route one would be the right one out of the bunch to choose.

Unless I'm having a date or whatever in some other places, maybe I'll consider other routes in accordance to the timing and traffic condition.

Alrighty, that's all for now, updates on the last few days of SPCA Penang Practical tomorrow then.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Buffetting : Far out


On that date, we were in the same island, though different place. So close, yet so far. 

From friends, to acquaintance, towards strangers.

I guess I shouldn't care anymore.

Buffetting : Movies and Thoughts

Finally I've actually had the time to catch up with some of the unwatched movies I copied from my mates in university last 2 semesters. Gosh I must have been freakin busy.

That's not it, I'm used to multitasking, but watching series while I multitask is fine, a movie however requires, well more attention.

So I whipped up and hit on The Tooth Fairy(TTF) and Water For Elephant(WFE).

And dang, these movies hit me HARD.

Dwayne in TTF was a bitter man, because he lost his stardom have he got put off the team due to his shoulder trauma. After that incident, he faces reality without the room for dreams to enter his life, or even his fans', his family's.

Somehow, I relate to that a lot.

When people dreamed, and they speak of it to me, I always, like ALWAYS ask them to face the facts and reality. Because it hurts so much, and if one doesn't prepare for it, one fall really hard if one had high expectations. One really needs to do intensive research, preps and analysis before one decides what his future resides. One false move, one false hope and it can bring you down, obliterate you.

I guess my past experiences with my life, or strictly my academics have taught me that.

Nevertheless, I do not exactly have the right to ask people to give up their dreams because life haven't been too nice on me.

Maybe I should seek for my dream. People ask me of my dreams, and I have no answer. So what exactly am I living for now?

Next up WFE, my my, Robert Pattinson did so much better in this movie than in, pfft, Twilight. Seriously, Twilight fans out there, you have some serious problem liking the movie. WFE relates to me very strongly because Jacob the protagonist is a vet student just like me. The whole movie revolved around man's welfare vs animal welfare, a lot, and it took part in the Depression.
I used to hate him in Twilight, but now I've realized he's not bad at all!

Imagine the same crisis hit the world again in a few years' time, and I might face the similar problem, without me being in the circus of course.

But the movie did taught me one important thing, which is animals do understand humans.

We just have to look for the best language to speak to them.

 In the movie this was portrayed literally because Rosie, the elephant in the star attraction comprehended German, while the circus owner had to stab her before he knew this to make her move.

As a vet student, and a vet to be, this movie had a real impact on me at some point. Even throughout the movie I was thinking about the animals involved in the production; were they being abused at any rate, were they being compromised, forced this and that. Geez, I might be attaining the all-work and no-play syndrome soon.

I don't think I shall hit the spoilers here, you guys who wants the movies can comment and I might be able to thumb-drive them to you.

The point is, I really need to find my dream right now. I feel like I'm a 40 years old loser inside me while I'm just only 21 in the outside, soon to be 21 that is.

One becomes older when one stops to dream.

Dang. And I should really start minding my own business.

I need to know that others can be at good terms with the ones they choose to be, even when the ones aren't at good terms with me.

I need to learn how to stop try to get involved into others' life, or trying to fit in, when there's nothing we have in common.

I need to learn how to expand my circles of my current and future horizons, even if its only work related, in this case veterinary related.

And I need to start dreaming again.

Wish me luck. Future postings on practicals coming soon.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Buffetting : SPCA Practical Day 2

So we've came to the second day. The routine work kicks in, though we all stick to our same same station because we wanted to get more used to the work, so as when we swap our jobs, its so much more easier to teach someone else.

The diarrhea by the pups today wasn't as intense as it was, so we had more time for SOCIALIZING!!!!

By socializing we mean bringing the dogs and pups out from their kennels and allow them to run around, play with us, get some good sunshine in the SPCA's compound. However, the lady volunteer who came that day gave us a tip.

You see, normally I play with my bitches at home by letting them hopping on me, and pretty much everyone else who come into the house. And they aren't exactly the large type, probably below 10kg so for them to pound on me or anyone else more than 12 is still fine.

However, we want the dogs here to be adopted. By allowing these dogs to get used to hopping on people would induce their likelihood to do it on their new hosts, and worse on their children. This is when the people complain that the dogs are being "delinquents" and uncontrollable. Hence, our role is to make sure the dogs are already disciplined even before the future owners adopt the dogs, so that the dogs' adopted chances are so much greater because the less problem they will be.

But of course, I personally thinks that disciplining the dogs ourselves are much more of a fun.

After lunch, its Doctor's Visit!!! He's a vet of course. Apparently he took up after his father, who came on the Friday itself,  same goes to his brother. Dang, a house full of vets, and they are all guys. This house gotta have love for the animals! Anyway, he's quite cool.

Though he and his dad  stressed a lot on this:

"Vets are legally allowed to treat humans. Medical doctors however, never will be able to treat animals."

But it wasn't a statement for us to show our arrogance, it was to allow us to have pride on our profession so we do not feel inferior to any other professions out there.

So basically the vet came in to heck on the animals who are on the list of review, or having conditions which we or the staffs of SPCA find out. The common conditions are always skin related, diarrhea, fungal infection or fever. The chances of the animals to attain traumas are minimal, and the animals here are still so young hence abnormal growths are close to 0% possibility. Some antibiotics and assessments were given and done, and the rest of the visit was just conversations between the Dr and us.

Pre-Clinical Skills:(to be mastered before vets enter clinical years)
1- Handling, which includes scruffng of cats,restraining of dogs, communicating with the animals so as they do not feel threatened or be in distress as minimally during consultations. If the animals do not feel comfortable or feel threatened, the chances of them to be aggressive while being hostile is high, hence putting the handlers in danger.

2-Medication, which is to know how to identify the common meds used for the animals. Antibiotics such as clavamox, betamox, amoxylin; antihistamine such as chrolopreharmine; diarrhea treatments such as charcoal. The formula and dosages are to be monitored so as the animals do not suffer repercussions and side effects. Skin problems are to be tackled orally and topically, normally anti-histamines are given, together with Dermaprep, potassium permanganate and sulphuramide to rid the fungal or bacterial infections.

3-Vital Signs, which is to be able to attain the TPRs, Temperature, Pulse rate and Respiration rate from the animals. The best way to attain temperature is by putting the thermometer into the anus and tilt in towards one side so that the stub touches the opposite rectal wall. The stub used for the anal temperature reading is smaller than the ones used in oral temperature reading. Thermometer should be wet or gelled before insertion so that the animals do not feel too uncomfortable as it is. The tails should be kept down, as erected them will cause distress and fear to the animals handled. Pulse rate can be palpated 2 ways, one is via the heart, in which both dogs and cats can be read by putting our finger on the area which the bent left forelimb reaches. Another way would be putting the finger under the tongue and feel the pulse, if the animals actually allow.

"Comforting and making sure animals feel not threatened is key to good animal husbandry."

Dermatitis(skin infection) and Euthanasia:
Dermatitis can be very dangerous, especially in SPCA where the animals are being confined into an enclosed area, due to its infectious nature. Once the dermatitis doesn't cure after 6 weeks of treatment, its considered chronic and the animal infected needs to be put to sleep. The reason being, a) the human in contact will become carriers of the infecting agent, whereas b)allowing the animal to become the host increases the risk of further outbreak of the similar dermatitis to the other residing animals.

Types: A and B
A- Fungal or bacteria. If worsen, mange might grow caused by mites. 
Pathology: Due to the animal's weak immunity against the infection
Signs: Parallel lined fur loss

B- Ring worms
Pathology: Weak immunity against ring worm infection
Signs: Circular fur loss that cause lesions.

Treatment for both:
Antihistamines. antibiotic, medicinal baths using tac tic. 

When chronic dermatitis is confirmed after 6 weeks, euthanasia is performed in SPCA via IntraVenously. Barbiturate is injected via the cephalic vein, kidney, or direct into the heart. 

One of the dogs we had have to be put to sleep due to the dermatitis infection. Barbiturate works in minute, once injected, it was only 2 minutes before the dog just collapsed and stop breathing. Sad as it is, it is a vet's job to decide when and where, if the situation is feasible for euthanasia to be performed.

Not so much of a "saving life" now is it?

Apart from vet day, Tuesday is also a grooming day!

But since its SPCA, grooming practically meant bathing the dogs. Most just do on the normal shampoo, some needs to be on Tac-Tic so as the dermatitis can lay down. And the abang working there gave me a small tip on cleaning the dogs' anal area. Before we proceed, we needs to hold onto the anal region and squeeze own the remains of the glandular area so as the discharge wouldn't store and burst,maggots wouldn't be able to grow and get nasty.

As for cat, I didn't had chance to bath them, but we did de-flea them.

Defleaing cats only take 5 minutes. There are 3 different methods, 3 different products and efficiency.

A-Frontline Spray, where one wold only need to spray on the cat and thoroughly massage the liquid over.

B-Spot on cream, which is pretty much very specific on the cat's body.

C- Advantix tablet, and by feeding the cat and cure the flea internally, though this method is much more expensive compared to the other 2 methods.
Somewhere near where we had our dinner. We wanted to head for steamboat so that Big Sis can give us a treat, but the place was closed down on Tuesday. So I shall make a review about it on the next post!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Buffetting : Put It Into Perspectives

My new vet I met in the clinic I'm having practical is all about perspectives. He doesn't mind it if someone have a different stand, and he is ALL about discussing the differences than to shove it under the carpet. Something which I like.

The thing is,when I start to discuss with people, and the whole thing gets intense, people tends to just shut themselves up when I'm around explaining my stand. I find that a lil, disturbing. As if I'm dominating and being very self-centered. This doc made it so fun and very much critically analyzing in all discussions we have from A to Z, from pornography to children upbringing. Yea I know.

Do you know how important porn is to us vets for us to differentiate between vulva, vagina and what's coming with it?

Guess I have to overcome some traumas.

Anyway, perplexing food for thoughts: oops:

Question: When you are about to leave the planet because its going to consume itself, and you have a spaceship which can only fit a specific amount of people. List down the people from different professions whom you will take with you according to preferences 1 as in most important, and subsequent ones as follow. Remember, you are going to a new planet.

What's yours? We shall discuss it here after you've posted your answer.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Buffetting : SPCA Practical Day 1

I'll skip the freakishly boring part of 4 hours drive, not to mention Ipoh Chicken Rice and Salted Baked Chicken and also the Macalister Road hawker stall food which was freakishly pricey and of me at the verge of getting sick one day prior to the practical commencement.

Anyway, back to the 1st day.

We were freaking early, like half an hour early. The whole place starts running at about 8.30am, but we got there earlier because our "team-manager" Ms Big Sis didn't get the time right.

So we spent our time sitting outside of the building like a bunch of goons while waiting for the people to arrive.

Once we got it, we had to get on our feet to work our arses off. 7 of us, 5 guys, 2 girls. Technically 1 and a half girl cause the other half was mistaken as a boy by our SPCA staff.

There were 3 groupings,

A- Dog Kennel Cleaning
Gosh this one is like the most hardcore work ever, and I was in charge for the first 3 days, when everyone else were trying to pick up new things from new stations. The hardcore part is to get the faeces stains off the tiles. You see, I'm kinda like VERY peculiar when it comes to toilet cleaning up, though the kennels are pretty much the whole room for the dogs, but still, you get my point. Even with the extra hydro-pressure I get from the pipe which I totally loved, some stains can only be gone with the extra motivation of scrubbing. So I spent my first 3 days in SPCA scrubbing my whole body off the stains by the poo poo of these dogs. Adults are really fine, its just the pups are pain in the arse. They poop, everywhere, anywhere, any shape. Soft stool, diarhea, gosh I've seen them all. The key to success, bring gumboots, aka Wellington's. You don't wanna have your sneakers all soaked up and getting blisters with spasms on your feet after the cleanup session. I sorta volunteered to handle the pup-mixed-adult side, with the MOST number of dogs, like 23 of them out of 33. Sea got the other side, with only 10 adult dogs. gosh I was an idiot.

The kenneling and manure system was direct. In which manure aka poop which were swept into the scoop will need to be dumped into the drain where all the manures were collected previously, and the equipments are being washed using pipes, and of course sending all the remaining manure down the drain.

B- Dog Food Prep and Socializing.
This should be one of the easiest task to handle, with good memos and adequate strength. Heck I handled it myself without anyone else's help in the last day because it was all really simple.The trick is to get the number of adults and pups in the kennels, and sort out what type of food they take. The adults normally take mixed formula, while the pups take the ones of pup. The serving was easy, provided the person who cleans the kennel cleans them up before we proceed to lay down the food. Then we have to take away those dishes, and clean them up with some soap, 3 caps of orange enzyme and a bucket-full of water. Walla, repeat that during lunch for the pups again and we are done with food. As for socializing, its pretty much easy. Dogs need to go out and play, socialize just like human. So we have to make time and space for them to move about and play. Volunteers/Interns like us will have to let the dogs out, and discipline them if possible so that when people comes for adoption, the dogs are adopt-able. And they can use some sun for shiny fur coat too!

C- Cattery and Med Prep
Cattery is SO MUCH MORE EASIER. The lady in charge of the building, Madam Lily told us there's once a bunch of Malay vet practicals students came over and begged to be in the dogs' kennels because the cats are so BORING. Yeah they were, still ARE. It was easy. Opening up cages, just clean up the litter box, wash up a lil, fill up the food for the whole day and a lil dish with water. D-O-N-E. Probably because there's so little cat. 11 cats to 33 dogs. And cats are so much more smaller and easier to groom as compared to dogs. The time to clean up the cattery and kennel is like 1 hour to 3 hours if  a person goes SOLO. I've been there, done that, it was crazy, but fun. Med prep however was a lil tedious. Medications has always been. The thing about SPCA is, they want the dogs to be adopted, and they've got to keep the dogs healthy. For dogs and cats who are sick, of course we dispense tablets as prescribed by the vets, but the thing in SPCA they give supplements like Vitabits, Cod Liver Oil and Vitamins for the cats and dogs to keep their physique on check. The whole formula for the med was :

A X B X C; in which A is for dosage, B is for times taken in a day, C for duration to be taken.

Everything was done via force feeding because even humans don't like to take tablets just like that. Dogs were easy, cause they are socially disciplined. On the other hand, cats are like , as obnoxious as they are, hard to deal with. We had to restrain them and feed them with pill-poppers to prevent chomp time on our pretty little fingers. Ain't so pretty anyway.

 After a good morning of trying to sort out the kennels, cleaning and feeding, AND cleaning, we had our lunch off somewhere and back in the meeting room with Madam Lily for a small intro session of what SPCA is all about, their policies, goals, problems and set up.

She was quite surprised when we told her this was our first SPCA experience, seeing that we have a lot of animal shelter around our area of residence in Selangor, Johor and in Kulim. Thank goodness we had our one sem course on Vet as Profession where we need to know abbreviations, or I would have embarrassed myself as a vet student to not know SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Yea, I know everyone out there doesn't know the long term, neither did I till I get to vet school. How ignorant can we get?

Anyway, the SPCA in Penang, Jalan Jeti Jelutong was the oldest establishment of its kind in Malaysia, spanning over 64 years in 2012. They started off in a van going around picking up strays who are sick and diseased, later on they've gotten a lot with 10 kennels, then moved again to their current spot with 33 dogs kennels, and 15 cat kennels. Pretty good eh? Their monthly expenses sums up to RM20k in a month from A to Z, without aids from any governmental or organizational bodies. Donation from the public was their only source of income.

Every SPCA holds different policies, but they share one common goal, to strive for animal welfare.
Some shelters hold the "No-Kill-Policy", but that means you take in ALL animals regardless of their health status, and feasible of continuing their life. However, most shelters with such policies, actually ALL keeps them as a gimmick to attract the public, instead of practicing it.

If you were to take in ALL types of animals, there are so many factors you need to consider:
A) Resources- Who are going to adopt the animals?
B) Space- Where to keep the animals once the kennels are full?
C) Funds- Where to get money when you run out of it?

The essence for an upkeep of a shelter, are the RSF. Most animals need to go through the considration of these factors, before SPCA decides to keep them or not. Some percentages of the public believe that animals who are sent to SPCA will be euthanized regardless. However, the public needs to know that the SPCA have to put them down with these constrains.

Think of it this way. Is it fair for an animal shelter to keep the animals, regardless of their health which expose the risk of transferring the disease to other animals; and it actually makes the animal to suffer in a lot of pain? It is not fair, because no one else is doing anything, or neither can they. They have no funds to keep the animals' health up to date, they have no ways to get adoption, and there's so many other strays out there the SPCA needs to keep up with. Putting them to sleep is seemingly the best, and fairest option for the animals. If one wish to defend that the animal should have the right, why not keep the animals themselves? And make sure they'd actually able to support the animal. So, is SPCA JUST killing?

Next up, the SPCA doesn't JUST put animals to sleep without further consideration or further assessments. These animals are given a chance for adoption with a relevant time frame to maximize their survivability. Criterions:
1) Keep till the bitches come on their first heat, which cause massive problems in the shelter
2) When space runs low and overcrowding occurs.
3) Animals who are heavily diseased, especially infectious ones.
4) Notoriously aggressive animals
5) Underage animals( < 2 months) as they are easily diseased when their immunity is compromised.
6) Old Age

These criterion contribute heavily to the low adopt-ability of the dogs to the public. Henceforth, decisions need to be made to make space for dogs who have higher adoption rate.

The public comes in and expect the SPCA to find homes and keep the animals there forever without the need of putting them down. The thing is that they'd never worked in the place before, they do not know of their policies, problems and constraints They do not like the idea of euthanasia because it goes against their beliefs, but beliefs still needs to meet reality, and it bites, REAL HARD. One needs to spend a week in SPCA to actually see how the whole place runs, and what problems they face everyday.

 problem faced: face problem for Big Sis
Current Situation:
1) More male adoption for dogs takes place at pup level because of the negligible spay pay. Where as 80% of the kennels in SPCA is filled with female dogs even at pup level because of the trouble the owner needs to go through to spay, prevent rape and sometimes menstrual discharge. And people, tends to have this thing that female dogs don't make good company as males. I have 2 bitches, and they are darlings. Henceforth I've made a pledge to adopt female dogs in the future from SPCA regardless of their breeds.

2) The SPCA have this litter absences insurance so that the animals they allowed for adoption are confirmed for spaying. By taking a spaying deposit for female dogs, and both male and female cats, they can at least make sure the animals they sent out are spayed, without further possibility of them producing litters. Although the fees looked expensive, but actually those deposits already cover MORE than the spaying cost have. When the owners make the initiative to spay the animals, the vets give the SPCA a call, and the deposit is banked in to the owners, fair and square. 

3) The animal welfare act is pretty loopish, and does not keep the public informed or aware that animals need to be taken care of too. A revamp is required, or people who treats animals like rubbish end up only paying a max fine of RM200 per animal like what Petknode was subjected to. It's truly unfair to the animals to go through hell as such they have been diagnosed. Being starved to death and thirsted to kidney failure is not what an animal deserve when they are sent to boarding houses.
ADOPT! Don't breed when you can have one made without the high cost and time!

Policies SPCA have enforce to upkeep the animals:
1) Fostering
Who? Volunteers
What? is done is animals below 2 months are being kept till 2 months or older.
Why? to make sure their immunity levels are high enough for survival and ready to adopt.

2) Euthanasia
 Who? Vets
What? Putting animals to sleep
Why? Lack of space, old age, disease(untreatable ones), skin problems prolonged over 6 weeks max, bitches on heat, animal boarding of 1 year max.

3) Hygiene
Who? Animals' and humans' 
Why? Safety and prevent biohazards
What? Lysoling kennels upon adoption, death or euthanasia.

Problems faced:

1) Some societies out there claim that SPCA does nothing but putting animals to sleep, and they are doing a better job. Some of the examples would be Penang Animal Sanctuary Society which is Anti-SPCA. They are normally animal right activists who doesn't take animal welfare into consideration, but more of animal RIGHTs.

2) Owners DO return the animals to SPCA with all sorts of reasons such as not being able to discipline the animals, animals littering everywhere and diseases. We can't exactly do much, some even just left them outside. All we can do is educate future pet owners on how the deal with the problems current owners face.

3) Owners today are well educated on the importance of vaccination, but we need to do a better job in educating them on importance of spaying. Spaying is very crucial to control the stray population, and it might be even possible to lower it down. 

SPCA thrive to re-home than to euthanize the animals, but when reality kicks in, it kicks in. Hard. Fast. Ugly.

Now, it was like I'm promoting SPCA wasn't it? So what exactly is my role as a vet student and a future vet?

A) Educating future pet owners on spaying and vaccination. SPCA staffs are doing a bang up job, but vets can reach out for more, especially when they are in the clinic for visits. My resident doc in my current clinic for practical is practicing what we advocate. Spay PLEASE.

B) Understanding the need, occasion and procedures to carry out euthanasia. Putting a living animal is not easy, be it a diseased one, healthy one , close to death one or a young one. However we need to understand the duty as vets to keep the animal welfare in check, to promote the well being of the animals. If its a large animal, barbiturate is injected to IV-ly, if its a pup, chloroform is used. Always remember, the first animal to come is the first animal to go. With reduced RSF, we have to let the animal go when reality bites.

C) Trap-Neuter-Release policy is still not feasible to practice anytime soon because of the license-cy of the local council in Malaysia. Strays treated might be knocked down or shot down easily anytime and the effort and resource spent on the strays might just go to waste just like that. Plus, releasing the stray might allow it to become carriers for other diseases such as De Staple or Brucellosis which is zoonotic and is transferable to humans.

D) We need to make a change on the Animal Welfare Act which is very much expired since 1953. We need to keep the animals healthy and fit for adoption. The Y fork:

                           ----> adoption (best option)

Born-> Upkeep-
                           ----> euthanasia

Whew possibly my longest post in the whole lot! Definitely learnt a lot. I can't imagine how is it going to be if I document my clinic practicals.

Hopefully I've enlightened some people out there reading, and more will come. 3 more posts to go, cause I skipped my Wed and Sat reports XD

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Buffetting : Clinic Practical

AHHH After a 646km of driving thru and fro from the heart of Penisular to the to end, I'm finally back to the heart, again. Gosh I missed my bed! I swear my back was going to crack if I've had 2 weeks of practical sleeping only on 5cm thick mattress on the freakin tiled floor.

Anyway, back today, work again tomorrow. Clinic practical in Healing Rooms SS17 Veterinary Clinic awaits.

Will update the details of the SPCA practical bit by bit, but not today.

Before hand, a sneak preview of the upcoming posts:

Oreo and Cocoa! Dang I loved Oreo!