Saturday, February 2, 2013

Buffetting : Zoologico Outing

It was pretty in-promptu when the Bimbo gave me a call before I wanted to hit the gym on that very Friday evening.

Before I continue, lets have a lil intro about Zoologico club. It's a club focusing on wildlife, where as the counterpart club of the faculty,Veternak focuses more on the small, domesticated pet animals.

The committee had an outing for themselves to Asian Water Park in Puchong, just to celebrate the end of the semester; and of course to reward the fantastic job for the activities they have planned throughout the semester. Impressive, far more than Veternak have I would say. But of course, Veternak plans the major annual events while Zoologico focuses on on-going ones.

So the first night was about getting there because the place had really mini-version signboards instead of the obvious ones, so we'd actually got there after 2 hours of departure from the university.

The BBQ session ended up to be quite a good bonding session with me pestering everyone with their really sucky barbeque skills, as well as gossips around the faculty. It really scares me seeing how gossips travel at light speed around the faculty, imagine how is it going to be when I'd actually got involved and committed one day. But, I guess that will not happen in my uni-days.

The night was spent gossiping more about other people, discussing how STPM totall ruled the whole faculty, which dean was the best one, problems in the club and events caused by our own faculty's students, and how Wind might end up being gay after spending tremendously long time with Sea.

Before we got knocked out, the guys have decided not to camp and slept on beach chairs, banana boats and sandy gazebos instead. However, I snicked into the camp with Polar Bear cause the mosquitoes wouldn't quit bugging us literally.

We started the next day with extreme water sports! I totally forgot all the names, but we had 4 water activities spanning over 2 hours as many times as we want. The price was RM90 including food and boarding, but it was fine seeing how we'd actually enjoyed the whole process.

That includes being overturned by the rides into man-made lake, with crazily buffeting torrents. I personally liked the kayaking, but it the other rides like RX6 which requires 3 person to lie flat on a float and speeding behind the motorboat around the lake at high speed was epic.

The whole outing served well for bonding among the members, as well as establishing a better network with seniors and my batchmates alike. Not like I've not established them before, but this was a better platform to strengthen them better.

Whether or not if I would come over to this place again, maybe after a while. The facilities are for like a day only if you are taking the cheap packages, and I think a day is more than enough. Maybe with another bunch of people.

Personal favorite shot.

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