Friday, July 26, 2013

Buffetting : Post-Practical Break

That was a long hiatus! Almost 3 weeks from my last post, man I'm pretty sure every netizens out there think I'm already dead.

Well, the practical probably tells me one thing:

Farm might not be at my top priority list.

As eager as I am, being the TYPICAL CITY BOY has took its toll on me and my attachment towards the Klang Valley.

The next point being,until the government decides to change its policy on the dairy industry, the practical has also shown me that without a decent connection with politicians or what not you will probably need like Lim Goh Tong's fortune to begin a successful industry.

And definitely NOT in Klang Valley.

With the past experiences in the school politics, I've made promise to myself so as I wouldn't be part of any politics as possible; for more time I can spend with other stuffs I care more.

Updates tonight; after my week break its FULL THROTTLE work out before I hit Chiang Mai


  1. the's the real life law not written in you success and how much your power will have depends on who you are with

    1. I believe connections are crucial to some extent, but I'm not favoring anything that requires mingling with politicians, or worse me getting involved. I think I'm pretty much done being publicly noticed after all these days.