Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Buffetting : Transitioning

Side note: It has been quiet these days. Dampening my spirit to post; but I'd figure, this is my space for my disclosure and pleasure. So bite me.

This semester is all about transitioning.

Transitioning from being an overly attached lovey-dovey boyfriend to a much understanding yet knowing when to put in those icing significant half.

Transitioning from being a very busy fella to a completely free person towards the end of the semester to relief every single shit which called volunteer work without materialistic benefits to thyself.

Transitioning from spending more time with the original batch to spending more time with the current batch.

Transitioning from the attention seeking extrovert to a slow hermit-like introvert.

Transitioning from zero exercise for the past few months to slow then intensive periods of exercise.

Quite a number of transitions, but I'm sure there are more to come.

Post exposure of the 4th IVSA Asia conference, I somehow relived my love for another animal; the elephants. I don't mind working with either African or Asian, but since I'm in Malaysia the Asian one would be much more relevant. I should be going for the nearer option of Kuala Gandah, instead I opted for the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai for my brief 1 week practical.

I've always seen myself in the commercial line; the livestock of dairy or the pharmaceutics because of my flair exploitable in these 2 fields.

Yet, somehow I feel like I can go for a wildlife option too.

Provided I have a good siphoning side income to sustain all my needs.

It's definitely going to be different to be making a difference in the field of our country.

But, wasn't veterinary law and jurisprudence in my list to fend for my veterinarian clients?



  1. dairy dairy! i want u to supply me with the quality greater than France's XD

    1. maybe my subsidiary company la, but definitely not main lololol. unless i set up a company in Thialand hahhaha