Thursday, February 7, 2013

Buffetting : Lands of Cats and Polar Bears Day 1

Kuching of course! Though cats and bears are of course, from complete different family in the taxonomy.

Polar bears due to the fact that Polar bear became our tour-guide for the whole week in Kuching!

It was a 7days' trip, so a very lengthy post ahead, but I will let the pictures do the talking more.

The trip was pretty well planned, by Polar bear of course. He did a superb job coordinating the time traveling from one place to another, from one food stop to another, and from one house to another too.

The best thing about being in public university is, you get really close with your coursemates because of the 1st year hostel deal. What more, for us vets we literally spend all our time under the same roof no matter in the residential college or the faculty, making us a far more close-knitted circle. A very large one I might add.

So back to Kuching, a lil extra history: Kuching was named not only because of the number of cats around, but also because of the term-"ko-ching" which was a term of harbor during the olden days when Charles Brooke first came to Sarawak. The term "ko-ching" originated from Tamil, if not mistaken,(do correct if I'm wrong) and because of the frequency it was used previously to name the harbor, Kuching finally got its name.

Accommodation was free for us guys because we squeezed into Polar Bear's brother's abandoned room. 8 guys, with 4 bulldozers. It was fun spending night with the boys, but I had to complain about the heat because I have the most fat in the bunch!

The girls rented Polar bear's direct senior's house from Kuching, so it was RM500 for 7 days. Considered cheap for a place to accommodate 11 girls, which ended up with 19 girls and boys by the end of the week due to a break in attempt, scaring the girls.

The first day started with settling down, of course, and spending the day walking around Attap Street. We had the famous pork satay for tea time before we hit for Polar Bear Momma's home cooked meal. The pork satay tasted like most satays with the marinate, but when served hot it was pretty heavenly. I bet the owners prolly would stand a good chance against Kajang's Haji Samuri satay to serve the Chinese community there.
Dinner started even before we knew it did; while the PBMomma single-handedly prepared food for 19 hungry vetsouls, the party raided PB's room in searching for relics and remnants from what PB have lived.

Lo and behold, the certificate with all state's sultan's signature. PB's elder bro is an avid scout! 

Dinner was awesome, with PBMomma serving us a hefty load of Hakka homemade dishes such as Braised Pork Trotter(ceh wah so culinar); Yellow Wined-Chicken, typical Friend Beehoon, Sarawak Fried Beelin, Sarawak's Super HUGE Loh Bak aka Penta-Fragrant Roll and also Asam Chicken Broth.

The night ended with us walking around the WaterFront and Main Bazaar making a fool our of ourselves being the noisiest bunch in town. It was 11pm, being the Tourist spot itself, the main bazaar had fireworks of laughter thanks to us.

Courtesy of Bimbo!

Let's continue with Day 2 Tomorrow alright? It's time for bed!


  1. cool cert...19 people...the auntie sure is tired

    1. She said CNY was 40, so 19 is small case for her XD

  2. Polar bears in Kuching? Since when?!?!

    1. Since a Polar bear was borned there and came to UPM!