Monday, November 13, 2017

Auscultating : Graduation

November became quite an eventful month for me this year.

Well, last year it was eventful thanks to the Fukuoka trip. This year, it became eventful because of my graduation.

Yes, I've finally graduated from vet school! Thanks to all readers who have stuck to thick and thin me with throughout the 6 long years, though I'm sure multiple of them have vanished from the blog-o-sphere.

Anyways, time for pictures!

Basically for vet students, our main event for graduation wasn't the scroll retrieval from the Selangor Sultan (yes, we get our scrolls from His Royal Highness); but the Oath Recital Ceremony in the faculty in front of the registrar of Malaysian Veterinary Council.

Similar but different medical graduates taking their Hippocratic Oath, we take our veterinarian oath with main objectives to alleviate pain of our patients, reduce suffering at all times, provide sufficient safe protein source to the country, and protect the safety and health of the general public.

Most people still thinks MD protects the health of the public, but little do they know, veterinarians are also protecting the health of the public, just in different and indirect ways than MD would.

Apart from the oath taking ceremony, our faculty also boasts as the faculty with the most faculty awards to be won. Most faculties hit about 20 prizes max in UPM, but our faculty hits up to 50 faculty prizes to be won by the students from DVM 2 up to post graduates for their hard work in studies.

I was lucky enough to win only 2 out of 5 prizes in the awards offered, for my Avian Clinical Conference presentation as well as Swine Clinical Rotation.

At least, I left my name on the boards around the faculty foyer. Did I not mention we literally had something like a Hall of Fame in the foyer? Basically award winners each year have their names listed on the boards for each prize won, sponsored by the industry player of the veterinary field in Malaysia.
Well, the path as an undergraduate in UPM has finally ended. I'm glad I made the wise decision in taking the road unwanted by my parents and ended up in my current life. I couldn't be more happier with my life right now, just that relationship is probably not what I can juggle currently. Heck I can't even get in shape, let alone trying to attract a mate. Maybe some light fun along the way, but probably hasn't reach the point to meet the One.

Until the next post, I will be flying to Bali tomorrow for another workshop on ultrasound. Eventful November it is!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Auscultating : Stark Difference

Most people probably would say, "It's because your parents know you are independent enough,".

Well, being a child one would still expect some, attention.

Or my middle syndrome still kicks in all the time.

5 years in my veterinary school, I had little to no help to get to place; except for my poultry practical where my mom knows the boss from high school. The boss owns the company which is on Bursa Malaysia so its probably the biggest deal I had.

Apart from that, I lived the DVM life probably with minimal support from the family.

However, other siblings probably have even more help from the family in their career development.

Going all out to get the best coach, the best shoes, the best racquet and all the contacts in the world to get the sister into the national team; and still going all out.

Sending in name cards, getting companies, fixing appointments in and out of the country to get the brother into a good internship program; all in the family Whatsapp group.

And I basically, update about how busy my working hours are and not expecting anyone to actually appreciate nor understand what I go through. Sometimes I do wonder if I should be bothering to update anyone about anything at work.

Not that I'm complaining about my work because everything is great. 
I'd probably wish someone is there to listen. 

I'm probably asking for a lot, while the family is busy with everything else my new niece, my sister's badminton career and my brother's credit to graduate.

Maybe I'm too independent, to cause the start difference.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Auscultating : Working, now, week 1

I has been 1 week since I started working, and it have been crazy, literally.

The first day of work I started with my first spay in a 1.5 years hiatus from surgery, with the diagnosis from A-Z including blood smears, ultrasound, IV ports, blood works and towards the spay.

The spay was, eventful seeing how things have happened.

Nevertheless, my boss saved my ass, and the patient is now on 4 paws after 5 days of great care thank to the team.

Working have been, interesting.

I began to get used to people calling me a Dr, although I seldom introduce myself as one. I just don't think it's really right to use the title on demand; it should be from an earned title when people see what you can do to help their companions.

Handling the clinic was not easy at all. Despite most warded cases and stable under my boss's care, the outpatients can be quite a handful.

I am just extremely lucky my boss is a very open vet, who is constantly willing to listen and answer to my pleas and confusions as a budding vet. No questions are stupid, and every little bits are actually a chance to learn.

Overtime is still a very normal thing to happen on daily basis, but I should strive to hit the car by the right time soon so both me and my boss wouldn't get a burnout.

As for personal life, I knew that after the beginning of work, I will lack the time and space to handle it; even more when I should be learning all the appropriate ropes as a young vet. Maybe I should just not bother about any stuffs, at least not until I am on my feet and ready to actually commit time for something as delicate and another special person in life.

On the other hand, my boss gave me a challenge to hit my DVM 1 look by the time I leave the clinic in January. I took up the challenge, but I should stop eating like a king for dinner...

Until the next post then!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Auscultating : Work

Finally, I'm employed and I will be starting the job tomorrow.

After a 3 good months of not doing anything.

I'm quite excited, yet nervous. But it will only be wards duties tomorrow so I guess its still okay.

The real deal will start on the day after, when consultations officially start holly molly.

Wish me luck people.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Auscultating : Ending DVM

Hello people, finally I'm back for good after a long hiatus in my clinical years.

Guess what? I'm finally done with vet school.

6 long years, ups and downs, but I have to admit I enjoyed every bits of it.
The great people, the high school drama, and definitely the chance to learn with my fellow animals.

People still think we only see companion animals, like cats and dogs; but really we see so much more including birds, horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, reptiles, and heck even fishes.
At this point I'm pretty much in a limbo, basically because I'm still waiting for a final call.

Nevertheless, I'm sure things will turn out fine. Until then, I should be honing my skills as a private practitioner in a companion animal clinic.
Where will I be? Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out! *if you were to be interested anyways*

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Auscultating : Final Lap

It has been a whole semester since I've last posted, and boy its my final semester in vet school!

Or rather, its actually my final week as a vet student; for I will be taking my professional exam for the next 2 weeks.

I will post about the course taken in my last semester after I'm done with my professional exam, and really, final semester was no joke.

Until then, here's a picture of my last rotation group mates:

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Auscultating : People through social applications

So I have been using social applications now and then to meet people.

To date I've met about 3 people through applications whom I have intimate contact with. Of course, everything did not go pass 1st base.

Up to last Tuesday, I was wondering was I two-timing the people I met because I was responding and meeting two different people.

Yet, we never really came to consensus that we are seeing each other actively, so it's more like dates over you know, official.

But they didn't end up well either. Usually after the intimacy everything else went to, well, nothingness.

And so few days back I met someone again. Sounded like a good catch until the other side expressed the fact that probably we wouldn't go pass being friends and the person actually was meeting another.

At this point it came back to me that, geez, why am I doing this to myself all over again.

What happened to the policy of getting wooed instead?

Hmm. Oh well. Sometimes I do dread relationships. Having cuddling intimacy with my patients spike more oxytocin and dopamines I'm sure.