Sunday, September 30, 2012

Buffetting : Where's me Rum??!!

hand-made necklace~
I'm not supposed to be posting but wthell screw management and the porcine management I need my blogging life~

So our coursenight ended last Sunday with a blast, with all the decors and all splendidly prepared opening ceremonies.
gold bars for the bounty!

However, the seniors still think that the entertainment last year beats this year's. It's a tough call, because the course night this year was freaking early, and the juniors had their college event a day before the course night so everything was a rush.
another handmade pirate ship for the senior pirates!

Yet, most of us 2nd years beg to differ, because most of the year 1s weren't cooperative to those who wanted to bring the whole piece together.
Female Co-captain, big sis!

We had the same problems last yr, but we managed to pull it through and got most if not all of us closer together, except for one, nerdy. Well, its his choice to pull out from the circle anyway,oh well.
Male Co-captain, Wind! And Rockie photobombing for the right -.-"

The prep this year for me wasn't much of a hassle, because I was just mainly supportive and not the main coordinator for the whole event.
gotta leave mah mark somewhere in the tome!

Good for me too, because I was busy running for the SRC earlier, what's worse was that I'd never really took part in their meetings before. So yea.

Prince and Princess vs King and Queen~

The whole idea was to allow juniors to know their seniors, and heck all the seniors admitted that our juniors' batch have more good looking ones T.T. Oh well, looks only get you laid, attitude gets you love~ I had to like jump into 2 different performances in-promt-tu because their are people constantly requesting for my existence on stage.Born a clown much?! Please, they love me, I know that *WEEEE*

the latest addition into the family right in the center! Let's hope our family line gets better down the pedigree!

I made a wish so as we can all graduate together. I wonder if it's possible at all. Yet, its not about worrying but facing the whole situation now. I'm sure with persistence, I might just get through this.

Last pic: Lo and behold the skill of single-handed(mine) camwhoring! haha I managed to get like11 fellas into one shot without any 12th party's help! I totally rock with my cam!

It's the last post on Sep, and the blog posts finally stepped into the 400th post. Wow, I sure have written a lot. I should totally compile the whole lot into like a memoir or something to be published when I famous one day.

The vet senior did ask me out on a food review trip, but the subsequent one stopped. I guess its because of my busy schedule that she've decided I need more time, and also because my less affinity towards the whole food-blogging regime.

I used to be as ambitious to do that, but I've settled down now, and I think I should be focusing on other stuffs like the student welfare or something else. The whole 3 hours of my facial yesterday revolved on fixing the small faculty cafe, making calculations of bus trips vs making an overhead bridge, senior's merit systems and what not.

I remember there was this psychological quiz we had before the day of the campus election, and the question went on like this:

If you had a backpack, a snake, a monkey and a bird, what would you do?

I said I would hold my backpack with me, train the bird to be my means of messaging, the snake around me if possible, and train the monkey to get me food.

Apparently each item resonates to: backpack=responsiblity, snake=money, monkey=love, bird=children.

I guess I should fine someone who love me more than I love em.

And the fact that, I pull responsibility to myself a lot.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Buffetting : Hero

Update before the main topic:

Finally done with my first task as the faculty's Student Rep, by running all over faculty and campus to get the freaking Kad 1 Siswa for the guys. It was a hassle trying to get my OWN batch's name, because they were all busy with pete knows what, but in the end, only a fraction get because the other 3 quarter haven't got their matriculation number registered under the MOHE.

So now its back to what a beauty porcine production can get, and how sexy sows are when they produce piglets.

Another update, apparently C is definitely not the one I'm looking for.

A word I would put it today, bitchy a lil, and quite dominant.

I mean, we were discussing over managerial culture and how environments affect an organization, low and behold where the mighty C drops in telling everyone what to do. It's good to have initiative to lead the group, its totally a good sign. But I think C became a lil over excited and dominant over this assignment.

But C mentioned that "it's okay to not take this seriously though." What the heck? Whether if its a core course or not, I wish to take all assignments seriously, as serious as it gets to get me an A or a good grasp of the subject.

So chemistry? Na ah. Greets me here and there and all, but its all going to be over after this sem. Period.

And how did Hero came into the picture? The fact that my management lecturer is an awesome Party Queen explains it all. We were talking about how manages should be able to inspire, and she told us about how she got inspired by her heroes, her dad and her lecturer in Management Research back in uni days. I'm pretty sure, my lecturer herself has became a hero herself for numerous students, including me. Damn she's so cool her retirement plan was to be a party planner, and she's a Muslim. How cool can she get kan?

I flashed my head, thinking of who were my heroes. Sadly my parents haven't managed to inspire me as much when I was young. The thing that I've always learned is to not follow their footsteps in various stuffs, though my family is pretty well established and nurtured.

Living through times when the parents were busy with their work, and being the eldest son assuming various positions in the house or at school, I've learned to not depend on people too much.

"You want to get something done right, you do it yourself." Dr Sumitha Sugneeselan.

Dang this university lecturer of mine for animal agriculture totally changed and opened up my views in life, as well as being a vet. She surely has became one of my heroes. Having practicals with her in my current ruminant production was really fun, because once you are in good terms, and not be defiant in any nature, she's good with you. PS: She totally loved our group in the practical class!

So my parents pretty much didn't inspire me in anyways unlike others whom have claimed how their parents became a concrete role model to follow. They weren't the best speakers because they referred to me for English correction. They weren't the best computer man because they asked me to settle almost ALL computer related faults. They were okay teachers in cooking, prayers' ritual, common folklore and all, but these never seemed to be any part which inspire me to be anything like them.

In fact, I would like to be anything BUT them. Weird, its like I have this weird disconnection with my own parents, when other people clearly have strong ones with theirs.This makes me feel like I'm a bastard or something.
never really liked this show. too complicated

Another hero I had in my life was my Form 6 chemistry teachers, as well as my MUET teacher. Though they may be government servants, but they sure heck enjoy life and luxury with their other half cashing in money. With good royalties, Mercedes-Benz car to school, a semi-D landed property, I'd say they did pretty well. What inspired me was how good they were in their subjects, and how good they were able to deliver it. I find delivering and presenting information to other parties really fascinating and crucial.

One day, my part-time job may even be a lecturer, in a Medical School. My short term dream is to tell the medical students in Malaysia how they wouldn't have survived without the very existence of vets. Medical students out there, nothing personal to you, but to the ones who are making the jump into band-wagons.

So I do have heroes, but sadly they aren't my parents. Who were yours?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buffetting : End and Start

So the election has finally ended, and I won our faculty's seat by 20 votes behind the top winner, and the 3rd was 10 votes away from me.

Close call, though we had only 60% voting rate, I couldn't imagine the votes after 100%.

At any rate, its a whole new chapter to embark again, and a lot more stressful events coming up next.

What's worse, I'd realized one of the hateful people I met got into the seat also, whom I despise due to his lack of competence.

Imagine a person taking a course of Physical Education, can't even take a 15 minutes of hand stretching which a 60 years old man could.

It's going to be a rough ride.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Buffetting : Warzone

It's official a popularity war now, and public speaking in every possible lectures in each year is like a must to make sure the voters know whom they should vote.

The public speaking was easy, because the crowds were people whom I was familiar with, and we share the same problems. So their problems are mine in a way also.

Running around was no fun, the protocols were to be adhered to and apparently this year was much stringent compared to the previous years, probably because of the radical movement a group of student body cast upon the university's administrative board.

So far the remarks were good, I hope. Apparently I speak like a true politician.

Not good. What if I ended up as one? Wait, this can make me proof to my parents vets can make a voice also.

Anyhow, just a thought, not gonna go further.

Next up is Dogathon.

Gosh its the 3rd design and I have yet to come up with a final design.

It's like ideas keep pouring in and being rejected, the feasibility of making the whole arch is most important now. Goodness karma please make your way in allowing me to succeed in putting up to this new program!

Classes have been ok, so far not many classes have been into the dull mood, yet.

Ethology on sexual behaviors of animals was fun, its so funny to see the contrast and similarities of the sexual behavior among species.

Now its time to sleep, and try to search for when should I castrate juvenile bulls so the physiology works best.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Buffetting : Social life

I can't believe how socially active I get once I'm away from the house!

For the past 3 months in the house and the parents' company, I barely came in contact with anyone other than the co-workers or company associates, and the social network friend adding accountability is close to zero per week.

In contrast, I've managed to meet at least 50 new personnel whom I am actively engaged with on daily basis upon semester commencement. This is just crazy.

And so it was the buddy revealing night, and dang I was such a good masker my buddy totally had no idea who I am in the letters we commuted with.

In fact, there were 2 other juniors who thought I was their buddy because 1 actually noticed I hit the gym while another related me to "something sweet" because of my name which somehow was patented onto a famous ice cream franchise.

So I ended with a feminine gift, in which the buddy claimed that I should be able to attract more female, because of the scent the perfume propagates.

And apart from the faculty matters, I am also dealing with people from other faculties because of my weird courses taken, which I am not complaining because I get to meet more people.

Apparently C and I became in a same group for our future assignments in the management class.

Heck it was so so so awkward when the lecturer announced my name, signing me as the group's leader and C's name after mine.

It's just weird because of the nature of how our relationship started, and I can actually add C or have C's number via routes officially without the requirement of ice-breaking.

A sign? May be not. It's just the hormones, like what I've learned from ethology later of the day.

The last social circle would be the student body.

Somehow I begin to doubt my choice to participate in the election because of its engine on how it is driven. What's worse is when your coursemates are left in an extremely awkward position when there are 4 candidates of the same year going for 2 places.

A few pulled out from the team I've formed for my campaign because they wish to stay neutral, which is fine by my calling because its unfair to keep them in a siding-position, which really damages the morale and unity of the class we have formed last Vet Camp.

However, I somehow feel as lonely as ever, because I can never have anyone whom I can speak to regardless. I thought I've found a good circle here, but apparently I might have some faults, because the gang have their lives and priorities, and putting stress on them because of my matter after their volunteering in aiding me is just not right.

The ones who pulled out seemed to be pulling themselves apart from me, dodging conversation possibilities.

Maybe I shouldn't have been too ambitious or persistent in this?

Or I should just let it be and work harder?

I'm just so lost right now, because I have everyone yet no one to talk to.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buffetting : Part Time

Being a part time designer isn't easy.

I have like zero drop of creativity blood in me.

How the heck did I manage to get myself into this division anyway?

Today's crayon day. Weee

Monday, September 17, 2012

Buffetting : Lost

The busy schedule due to the fact that I'm a screwed up time-line year 2 , as well as the candidate for the Student Representative Council tolled on my quality sleep in the residential college since the semester have commenced.

It's like I barely have stayed in my own room for more than an hour except for sleeping hours in the day.

The week passed by really swiftly, with drama, work and stress come piling in. My Malaysia Day was spent worrying about various problems I have to face as the SRC candidate.

What bugs me most is the fact that I have a lot more matters to deal with right now.

1- My registered courses. The courses and lecturers I have this semester ain't easy, with me being ambitious and all, I will need to put in crazy effort to attain the grades I wish to have

2- Dogathon. The game I'm in charge of finally went to its final stage, where execution will need to take place soon. But the thing is, I have yet to come out with the ultimate arch and design for my backdrop of the contest. Being a new game and all, its really testing my stress tolerance.

3- SRC prep. The pep talk, the preparing for public speaking, the preparing for the campaign, gosh these were intense. I swear I've spend at least half of my time back here in the university working on this. Heck, even my mentor say I should just kiss my first 2 academic weeks good bye. No way man.

4- Buddy. I've drawn a lot for my buddy in the first yr, whom will ultimately be my coursemate in the end, but still. It's a girl, apparently we connect really well. But I think my masking abilities are that good, her scouting for my identity have yet to reveal any information useful to her.

So I have to go see the lecturers as well as go to the stor room to get stuffs for the Dogathon tomorrow. I guess I should go on with my Dogathon back drop as of now.

Later then.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Buffetting : Kicking into action

It's 2am in the morning, and I have a Dim Sum date with the housemates at 9 tomorrow morning, while I have another meeting at 1pm. That excludes the catchup I have for my 22 credit hours, as well as pre-reading, Dogathon programming planning, and oh emm gee my sister's science notes.

I should totally sleep right now, but I'd figure I should make it a point to jot down whenever I can, since I might be losing the ability and opportunity to do so soon.

The first week has ended real fast, with everyday flashing through in lightspeed.

I can't remember the nights which I wasn't kicking into knockout upon flipping my silk-red blanket over me.

Yes, I'm now that tired.

Not that I'm complaining, but its really academic now. I still have my university car sticker to apply so I wouldn't be halted in gate stations to be interrogated.

I guess the "spark" best bud mentioned wasn't  huge thing. Went for class again today, and it was just plain ol plain ol. Prolly because I was so worried about Polar bear and his upcoming wisdom tooth driving him into insanity of headache.

Swine production with Dr Loh seemed to be really fun, its like I'm directly involved in the food industry in our country now, and economic seemed to drive because of our profession's care towards the industry.

Finally received the letter back from the junior of the buddy system. If anyone ever recall the feud, yea its the junior-senior period now. But this junior seemed to resemble a lot, even when she's a she.

Hitting the hay now, time to dive into sinful sea of Dim Sum tomorrow morning~

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Buffetting : Break, and the world being small

With all the weird course registration glitches as well as the endless trips and meetings for the upcoming activities, I'm surprised I actually have an hour or two after my Management class to blog.

Crap, I've yet to start working on my academics on a full, concrete concentration since Monday, and the first week is flying by right now.

The first week up till now was really transitional because of the new stuffs I'm getting back after the 1 sem deferment from the university.

My housemates are now different and I'm living with my seniors, with one of the bloggers at my side panel being one of them. No more pants stripping at night with screams, no more crazy housemates moments.

Of course the seniors are nice and we talk about stuffs, they are so much more dependable and matured compared to my housemates before, but nothing beats the housemates whom I explored my first semester with.

So the university is indeed SMALL, apparently. Even being the largest university running in Malaysia, I still bump into people I'd never imagined I would in my current class.

I am required to take up a management course in my curriculum structure as an elective, with the faculty strong insistence for Pete's know reasons, and somehow I managed to select the timeslot which was reserved for the Industrial Design students, without me noticing it at all. I'd only figured the timeslot was perfect.

The weird thing is, I somehow bumped into C, a Siamese-Malaysian, someone I've seen whose profile kept popping at the right column of the social network all the time, and whom also the senior who blogs knows.

It was weird because I didn't see it coming, I've only managed to notice C's snipe after a while I've settled in the class, towards my direction.

Heck everyone in the class was sniping at me because they totally have no idea who the hell am I, being from the Vet Fac and all. But C sniped quite a few time, probably because my active postings on the senior's walls.

The feeling was weird because of the overwhelming friendliness the guys from the class, from all races, especially his "snipes". Friendly ones of course. We did, share a few glances over the bare naked air.

But Logic-Tempus says its time to live in the present moment and concentrating on what I have seek, instead of what pops into my life. So Passionate-Tempus, stay back.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Buffetting : Back once more

I literally uttered "I Love You" the day I set foot in the premise.

It was the place I've finally learned what's life.

There were still professors telling me I totally should have stayed in medicine, but my subconscious begged to differ, HARD.

The past week have been nothing but busy, and there's so many to catch up.

I was confirmed that I am definitely not following my previous coursemate's time table for our courses.

Well, I have had the prep that I needed 6 years to complete my course.

However, I wasn't expecting a disheartening as painful as this.

Well, I guess all I can do is buckle, and start putting in effort to my current matters.

I'm back, and I'm definitely on a roll.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buffetting : Frienemy

Or not, but I couldn't come up with any other suitable portmanteau for this situation.

Apparently I have a long friend from my drama class didn't support the idea of the very existence of homosexuality, claiming that its definitely not God's agenda, as He made Man and Woman.

I gave him my piece of mind.

He wasn't as radical as I thought he would be, and he stated that we have our differences so it was meaningless to venture into an endless vortex of debate.

So back just half an hour ago, he dropped in a chat by my chat box, to my surprise. We rarely spoke back in the drama class, only for class purposes because he was in the OTHER gang. So him saying hi proactively is different.

He apologized for stating his difference in opinion, which I personally think is not necessary because people have different stands. We sound them, so that the other can comprehend and assimilate, whether if they accept it is a different idea. I guess he took it quite personally.

And we head on catching up and he said he didn't want the discussion to sabotage the friendship we have "wayyyy back", which we did go. He'd actually wanted another discussion over tea next time, which was quite ironic. 

Anyway, then it went to this:

It's weird because I had never been admired before, not after what I've done and who I am. 

But it came purely because I pursued DVM which he wanted to. He ended up in Accounting but he was happy with in. Honestly, I ended up in DVM in a very accidental way, but it's definitely the best thing ever happened to me.

So the whole conversation led down to us sharing our views on animal welfare and also how he should consider a masters in DVM.

It's weird because the whole stand of debaters in opposing team ended us up with a new common interest. I guess that's how the business people out there get things done. 

I should keep in contact, because he's one hell of a good  person, spiritual wise and work wise. Who knows, he might be one of my investors in the future right?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Buffetting : Being Assessed

I personally like it when I listen to comments about myself from the 3rd party rather from the 1st.

It's much more direct, and probably less buttery and sugary additives compared to 1st hand information, especially when it comes to impressions.

So the family was sharing a night out in Rakuzen when we celebrated the Mom's birthday, and we were talking about another business associate named Uncle Boss.

Apparently he was quite fond of me, stating me as Honest, Modest, Polite, Respectful.

Considering, my elder sis was the one he usually deal with in the company compared to me.
 thank goodness there's no more feud.

This was surprisingly delightful, because this associate is pretty well-known among the people in the industry for his eccentric personality, extreme pickiness in his acquaintances as well as stubbornness and intolerable cooperation. Hence, getting a good impression from him is apparently something quite big.

Heck, my dad keeps on saying that he asked for my name whenever they have their teas.

Oh well, guess we are being assessed all the time. I normally deal with people very nicely, until they show their true colors and be a pain in the ass, I'll show them who snipes best.

So have you been told that you are somebody or something lately?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Buffetting : The Contrast

It takes only 2 days for me to feel different around the house.

It was as if I became a different person by leaving the house to do something I'd wish to do without having me worrying a phone call for another familial duty.

Of course, it was all residential duties in the college, but it was something I've volunteered, and was willing to do.

It's something my mind actually works automatically to it.

I can never do something which I have no put myself into, while I go all out, up to 200% to things that I have decided to put myself through.

It's a certain trait I've developed over the years in the 6th Form. I have no one to be responsible over something important except for myself, hence no one to blame if anything goes wrong.

Hence, the 200% output.

I guess I'm the type that as long as I do things which I like, nothing else really matter much anymore. As well as a good period of alone time.

 So almost everything is settled now, the only I need to get used to is staying with seniors now. Apparently there's some changes and systematical glitches, so I have to abide to whatever I'm subjected to.

With a legal car sticker with me, I guess it shouldn't be a problem.

Looking forward to my new semester, and also a 4.0 cgpa if possible.