Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buffetting: Responsibilities

When we turn 18, most people will be happy about these:

Driver's license



Making Out (>.<)

Last but not least, FREE.
Too bad in my house, or rather my roof, those above do not apply at all. It would be responsibilities, Responsibilities and RESPONSIBILITIES again. Why would I say so? Cause I'm fucking living that life now. I'm 18. I need to fetch all my family members to all places. I need to stay at home for every single crap is happening. I need to learn to be a freaking router in my house, not to mention how many freaking times I malfunctioned and got banged. I need to cut my trainings just to let others to have their trainings. I need to do this, I need to do that... I need to do EVERYTHING. Owh, did I mentioned that I am the eldest boy in the house? Yes I am. So the problem now is, I'm tired of all these. I was even furious deep in my subconscious when my coach told me I should have done something related with dealing with people, instead of taking sciences. Why? I didn't like doing sciences. Physics was never in my list, and someone have to slot it into my life. I really loved dealing with people. Don't you think it is amazing how people can connect and know each other? I enjoying having friends and throw parties and have fun. PR was the best choice for me. But NO NO NO!!! You think you need to have 10As to take PR? True enough but I'm happy and I know I can shine well in that field! Why even bother to explore a field which you know you can't even do your best? That is what happening right now. Never mind. Get my degree then bail. This would be the best way out for now. Pharmacy, at least it wouldn't be as stressful as medicine.

Fuck blogger... I'm damn lazy to retype them in proper orders....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Buffetting: Distraction V2

Finally the Harvest Moon hiatus had finally cool down, after 1 week of intensive playing.

Now, we are back to Japan Drama Fiesta!!!!

I know i know... what about SAT?

Monbukagakusho is equally important, as well as the coming 20th October.

Nevertheless, I need to download the whole drama anyway, so time is consumed, I'd rather spend the remaining time to do some chemistry and biology.

Funny though, SAT is all in objective, which means more mistakes that I might make.

Cynical I know, but still.

Before proceeding with Last Friends, lets talk a little on Crayon Shinchan.

Its creator, the late 51 years old Usui Yoshito has been announced deceased officially on the 20th September 2009, suspected to has accidentally fell down the cliff in Gunma prefecture on a photography expedition.

"According to FNN news and other various sources, a body was found in Arafune mountain and was later identified by authorities to be 「Crayon Shin-chan」 manga author Usui Yoshito (51). It is believed that he had fallen 120 meters below Tomoiwa cliff. He last told his family on September 11th that he was going hiking in Gunma Prefecture. The family later reported him missing and the Saitama Prefecture Police have been in search for Usui ever since. reports that Manga Town magazine will continue their serialization of the「Crayon Shin-chan」 manga up until the release of their December issue — in stores November. Usui had submitted 2 more chapters just before his untimely death. No word yet on the future of the TV anime series."---Courtesy of

Lets give him a 5 seconds mourn.






Thanks for your never ending laughter comic series.

Thanks for your meaningful messages conveyed through the series.

Thanks for your meaningful plot, creatively developed throughout the series.

Thanks for the times which I have enjoyed, laughed and even cried when I read your comic.





He was truly an amazingly gifted person.

watch... if you don't understand... well i can only say... get a translator...

Back to Last Friends.

Another great drama, which has won several nominations and recognition since 2008.

Though I'm only down to episode 4, this drama has really shown a few issues rising in the current society, narrowing down to:

Love,Liberation,Agony, Solitude and Contradiction.

3 of the main casts were from Nodame's Cantabile, great hit during 2007.

Guess this trio do make a great team for drama succession huh?

Anyway, the rest is up to, I should get some sleep after 4 hours of traveling back from my hometown.

Nailing Chemistry tomorrow.

Zany Zephyr

Friday, September 18, 2009

Buffetting: Waves

It was like wednesday when I had just discussed about waves.

What waves? Definitely not about longitudinal or transverse wave...

About the influenza Ah1n1 which had took about 70 plus person's life here in Malaysia.
I was suppose to talk about the 2nd wave, and how traditional herbs may aid our country in prevent this outbreak.

Come on, if you know the 2nd wave is coming, working on traditional herbs which hasn't have much support since forever in Malaysia wouldn't work out at all... Vaccinations may not work. The only thing we can do is...

I don't know... Wait and die?


Definitely not a good idea... Should the 2nd wave happens, government could just get a grip and work with foreign countries to get these vaccines or serum instead of having problems over their political arguements or conspiracies...

Another way, was on myself, or rather, IS.

My mom has finally concluded that I'm a lost elephant which jumps out of its cluster(离群)literally.

Honestly, I have to admit it, but come one. I don't like badminton i love squash, what can I do about it? Force myself to like it? i don't want everything in my life to be forced!!!

Physics, I tried to like it I really am still! but enough is enough!!!

You can't force me to do whatever the family is doing!

Maybe I am an outsider with no relationship with the current family.

Yes I am cynical but who made it happen ?

You yes its you.

I hated physics. you force me to like it.

I hated taking sciences. you force me to take it.

I hated being the freaking handy man in the house. you make me one.

Please don't make me hate this family, because I;m really starting to.

I am really tired. I took SAT because I want to get away from physics.

I have finally, being forcefully separated from my good friends, my best friends. Thanks to you.

Now you like it.

first you son has no dreams.

then has no life.

later has no aim.

After has no focus.

Now, has no friends.

Be happy about it,

One day, I will just snap and go insane.

Zany Zephyr

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buffetting: Distractions

Latel, one of my friends passed me something old and something new.

The new thing, its the ePSXemulator, and the old one:

Harvest Moon Back To Nature!!!!!

I bet there is a whole loads of people out there who loved this game, and in my school , we can practically form a class out of the fans!

Anyway, it has been a distraction for me, seeing that i'm aiming for a 2325 score in my SAT.

But it should be fine, since my maid is back to Indonesia for her Hari Raya, I have not much excuse to lay my hands on my lappy~ haha sounds a bit gay but WTF~

Just got my SAT books and MPH reader's card like 30 minutes ago~

Quite excited over it, seeing the benefits of a member, I can actually stay in the MPH lounge the WHOLE DAY!!! Imagine such amount of concentration I could achieve!

Biology M and Chemistry, I'm going to nail these subjects. I have to.

A fan made banner, guess I should work on one too~ If I ever had the time.

Today, my friend Nee talked about him again, yes in this blog, I would like to say he is Sai Cheong, no one knows anyway.

Seems like he is quite popular in Taylors today, and the girls are crazed over him.

Obviously, he does have the look and smarts.

The whole reason I was attracted to him, physiquely and mentally.

But lately those feelings are getting to fade off. A good thing to happen, I have to agree.

Guess spending my time on other stuffs including, " study for SAT" has been a good distraction.

And I'm glad I don't go "I miss him" nowadays, like May have said, those feelings fade away when I don't see him everyday.

Yes, I should not think about it anymore, lets concentrate on other stuffs, shall we?

I did a good thing today:

Getting SAT books and MPH card~

Zany Zephyr

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Buffetting: Exploration

The programme I've installed aeons ago has finally been started!

I couldn't help telling myself that I'm such a loser to not have the time nor the smarts to fully utilize this programme, until today. Adobe Phtoshop CS4, it is trule magnificent.

My friend in school, Tua Pek is a pro in using After Effects, yet I think I'm more of a static person, so Photoshop is my way.

I spent quite a long time in discovering the aspects and elements in there, and it is amazing how it works. Creativity is beyond one's imagination literally.

I've worked 2 pieces today, and I shall share it here.

Have been thinking again lately. I'm really such a runner. Figuretively speaking. I run from problems. I run from friends. I run from my family. I run from STPM.

Yes, I bet I can win at least a silver in Olympics if they have an event on "Dream-Run".

I want to get off STPM so much, I literally ignore what ever people tell me about how stressful I'm gonna get, and seeing how lazy I'm capable of, this is such a huge dream.

So, I've got to remind myself all the time. Stay focused.

As promised, my swirling orbs. Hopefully I can learn on animating it soon.

My first banner, for my one and only, Zany Zephyr.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Buffetting: Fucked up

My life, i have no idea why has been really fucked up this whole year, without fail.

Communication problem, I'm sure.

Perhaps its my problem.

But I'm stressed up.

Who is there to show concern for me?

My parents have each other.

My siblings have nothing beyond my stress account.

So, who should I turn to?

No one.

Ending my life might just be the best solution.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Buffetting: Patience

Today was the day which had really tested my patience, and also my maturity of handling peers, especially when they are the same age as me.

It was all about the sketch when I started screaming and yelling at everyone to make sure they listen to me. Guess that was real childish of me, being like I'm the disciplinery officer again. Yet, Rowena on the other hand did a bang up job in getting everyone synchronizing. I think I'm more of the co-ordinator, rather than being the playwriter in the team. Rowena was brilliant. If she'd really walk towards the education way, she will be a great teacher, not to mention a great motivator.

Come to think of this, I can't stop telling myself I'm such a childish person, expecting everyone to listen to me, when I was just yelling without any direction all the way. I should have been more alert of this.

Results were back. Chemistry was better than expected, thanks to my school mate JC's theory which almost scared me to death. Luckily my understanding was much prominent than influence from my peers. Biology was fine, guess these two subjects is the direction I should be heading all this while. Maths is gonna be scary tomorrow, seeing how badly I scummed in my Statistics. General Paper was ok, when it comes to format I breezed well. As for the essay, my Art-Orientated piece was a shit, cause I misinterpreted it. If not, I would have gotten a higher score, as for science, guess I am a science-orientated person after all.

Lately my mum gave me a green light for pursuing my Pharmacy Degree, which I think is a considerable choice, seeing I'm loving chemistry right now. Plus, I hate physics, and a doctor's working hour and life is a muck, I'd rather run around as a pharmaceutical adviser instead. NTU did offer a biomedical degree with chinese medicine, which is a great opportunity, seeing how the market is responding towards the benefits of the techniques and herbs. Nevertheless, I'm still keeping my options open.

Should I step ahead time and acquire my SAT result ASAP, or should I be stable and complete my STPM? My heart is telling me to go for SAT, but my head keeps bugging, after the heartache fiasco back in A levels.

Break the leg. Back to patience. I need to be patient and finish up my Section E for the General Paper.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Buffetting: Tradition

This thursday will be the day where most Chinese will celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival. As for a typical chinese family member, it has been a must for years , where we need to fold the infamous "kim-chua" , so called "gold-papers" in English to be burnt as golds for the ancestors in Hell. Depositing money into their bank account seemed so realistic nowadays, we can even get them Mercedes-Benz and huge mansions.

Anyway, this thursday will be a busy day, with a large proportion of scrumptious food too, as serving food for the ancestors is a must in every prayers. Yet, the main issue now is to get my school teacher's retirement sketch on track, or I'm gonna get the heels from my Co-curicullum assistant head mistress.

As for my studies, I've successfully completed my Chemistry work, at the same rate made a muck our of myself for being unable to resist the temptation of the bed. Now, I have my school work to get over with, along with my painful Matrix and Dynamics tuition work to burden over.

Tradition, is a truly auspicious element for a race, which carries the identity of the race and its people. Making sure it continue is such crucial for the people, yet people today seldom care. Thankfully i have a set of parents who take this seriously, and today im proud to have the strong idealogy of my race's tradition.

Zany Zephyr