Monday, March 30, 2009

KZB on:Go Crashing into bed of STRESS

Why does an 18 years old boy will have stress???

Because he is living a life of a man with Gazillions of business on his hands...

I thought yesterday was the happiest day of my month because I managed to finish and cramp on whole week's worth of College Work in 5 hours' time...

Yet, before i knew it another storm strikes right into my face:

My dog was banged / knocked down by a car!!!!!

OMFGoodness.... I have tried everything to protect her she just seemed to lonely to stay put inside our house's compartment!!!! And every freakin' time I see it chained, I would be so hurt!I wouldn't want myself or my daughter to be chained like that in the future either...

And she got banged, literally by a car so i had to fetch it to the vet..

Another stress, it was 4 o clock, peak hour for the effin' Sri KL bastards and bitches to go back to their rich men houses to lick dung( a bit vulgar, but i was in the "hit-and-kaboom" mode so Don't bother~~~

So, I had to use the LOOOOOONG way out to reach the VET in SS14, which sadly, wasn't opened... OMFG!!!! Then I thought of SS15 instead. Until I reached there, I only realised that ss15 is a Petting Central!!! Not a Vetting Central!!!! P and V's different just kills me....

And I resolved to ace for the SS18 Vet... Thank goodness it was still operating and I was literally crying because I could her my dog's cry in the car... Oh my goodness... Going to cry again!!!!!

And reached there, she was really scared... I mean, literally her body was shaking and her pulses were raging like a whirlpool. The doctor was there but it wasn't really putting its guard down, even when I was there to comfort it.

Giltch: A dog, accurately a bitch will be provoked when she looks into a mirror

That was what happenned inside the vet. But luckily I was able to calm her down by blowing air to her nose constantly,(don't ask, that is how my dog likes our way of approach) and the injection was successful.

Yet, the creaming and iodining was a headached because it set a barrier against any one else who is trying to harm her but me... So after the long struggle of iodining, the doc suggested for me to cream it at home... So, fine.

And the bill.. RM118.00 OMFG!!!! I'm a student for goodness sake and he charged me for that much!!! Lucky my dad handed me some cash for my text books plus some of my left over allowance , or i would need to clean the dog's poop for my dog's bills...

Haiz, maybe i should get another dog for her as a playmate huh?

And she will need lotsa water to regenerate~

Just finished squash again today and boy, I am glad I had joined this sport 3 years ago, because it has already became an important part of life for me to go on. The people and the fun we have there, is nothing compared to what I would had in any other sports. The peeps were fantastic, the coach was cool and the sport itself is stress-friendly... Plus, you can occasionally see leng chai and leng luis in the court too, for me , I had see PLENTY!!! But I'm not counted lar~~~

Running madly in the court and screaming and MOANING( don't ask, people constantly turn on and off in the court due to the moans) and laughing every game, what more can you ask for form a SPORT????And constant feeding of views of leng chai and leng luis~~~

1st day in the college grounds today, and much up to expected because there are people that I know lurking around~ And my cousin was a little intimidated by the little fact that I stays in Subang Jaya, where SS15 would be one of the SJian's central, but WTH~~

I think I can cope with A levels, the fun is about to start!

And honestly, I have no idea why Thinking Skill exist as a subject~

Okay, until next post peeps~

Swithering Away,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KZB on: Operation Theatre Living

Yes, the OT.

Almost all the participants of this attachment programme hate us for being able to experience this virgin presence in the OT, with all the specialist of the specific disciplines.
our Virgin gown~~~
Honestly, the blood and all the gushing stuffs out of the human body ain't as horrible and scary as they look or sound from the mouth or screens on TV. When you are standing literally beside the surgeons, it is like you are the ones who are performing the operation, cancel the work of your hands.

So, what exactly we did there? The first thing would be the basic: GOWNING, or rather in lay men's term, putting on the scrubs. So the guys get naked in front of each other which I was quite intimidated because almost everyone one of them have like the ideal body shape~ More so for those who had went for the National Service programme. And I was one of those which have the flabs, but its ok... i have a life time to build my body right?

Just one thing...

We should had NEVER follow the rules!!! We were suppose to bring out phones with us but we hesitated due to the "we-should-listen" mentality... UGh what a turn off!!!!!

But!!!! There are those who brought them, but with low defination of camera function of his phone, but since we have no wine, milk does well too. So , we do what we do best, CAMWHORE!!!!! Hahaha can you believe these future-docs?
Me, Tan,Foo and Gan~~ The CINA GANG~~~
And we proceeded to put on the mask and the cap or bandana... And one thing we realised is that SPECIALIST gets to have their SPECIAL scrubs instead of out BLUE ones.. What they wear? Some sunset yellow with funky patterns on them.. And their caps? Super cool!! They can wear what ever colour as long as they are sterilised!!!! Gonna be a specialist soon!!!!

So, me and Yun Jian volunteered to the Day Care operation which is in OT7, where there was a ENT operation going on, (ENT meaning Ear, Nose and Throat) where the others went for Orthopedics, O&G, General Surgery,Dental Surgery and Intensive Care Unit.

We hastened into OT 7, where they have all the equipments and Pre-Operation preparations which including soaking and also anestheting. And boy I was really amazed by how the anesthetician worked out the whole process.

The process was quite simple but long... The patient was inserted with a needle on his right hand, into the veins and was dripped. After that, he was given an oxygen aid for him to slowly go to sleep, after the certain amount of drugs was injected into the patient's body via right hands.
Yet, this patient wasn't calm enough when the process was going on, resulting the inconsistent heart beat rate.. The anesthetician, Miss Nisa was very gentle in her eays and slowly calm the patient down, and finally the patient fell unconscious.

I thought that was it, but there was the next step, which is inserting a tube which provide a constant flow of oxygen and gas(which i have no idea what since the MO didn't tell me the name) for the patient's breathing purposes and also to make sure the patient is in his unconscious state throughout the operation, for him to not suffer and pain or complications.

My groupies!!! Group 12 rocks!!! And I was the oldest around!!! can u believe that?
Then Cik Nisa opened up his jaws with a special clamp, which requires real deal of strength to use. After she had inserted the tube with the oxygen and anesthetic gas flow, the nurse aided her to seal the mouth with the tapes ,including the patient's eyes. And that was the pre-operation.

After that, the ENT head walked into the OT, and wore his scrubs. He was a tall Indian man, with firm and keen senses as a specialist. He stepped in and asked for our purposes and intentions in the OT. We explained and he just coolly stepped into position and started to sterilise the whole face of the patient.

I was very impressed by the professionality, carefulness, and also their dainty attitude in the Ot. There wasn't the slightest stress in the air like how they showed in E.R. or Grey's Anatomy, neither do the TV shows had the anestheting process before.

And he performed the operation~

Stuck in some cotton to prevent blood form flowing into the throat~
Then sliced the extra fleshes~
Suck the excess blood with vacumm~
And stop the blood with pressure~
Burnt the excess flesh with a super hot guu metalic stick~
And we smell human barbecue flesh~(omg... no bbq in half a year~)
And then unstuck the cottons~

And he was done! one hour, looks long but we enjoyed the whole process very thoroughly~

Next was the nose doctor, I think she is a specilist in training, in her Gazzette's training...
And she was well trained~ She inserted the scope into the patient's nose and do all the sucking and cutting~ and Oops~
Tan,Me,Gan and Jolene~~~ Gan is scaring her lar...

Time was up and we had to change ward to OT8, but no worries, OT 8 was in their climax too as the general surgeon was about to take out the gall bladder of the man from his liver... Owh and they were doing their scrobing surgery and it was WAY too COOL!!!! They inserted small tubes in the patient's body, inflated the cavity with CO2 so that they have more space for their operation and did EVERYTHING inside the body, without opening up the body!!!
Sharlini,Dhania,Tan,Me and Gan with Auto-Cam~~~ The girls were real sweet too ya know!

That was to prevent viral infection towards the patient when they are exposed to the air, skinless...

whoa who thought of that idea???

And the gall bladder was out, and boy the MO dint hesitate to squeeze the bile out and they start spurting every where~ but the best part was knowing their stitches are absorbal by our body~

A big Phew over there~

And we saw the BLACK gall stones~~~ Cholesterol level!!! Must start doing medical check ups starting 28 ledi if not die fast~~>.<Gan,Tan,Corine,Xin Rong, Foo and Me in the Bottom~~ They were sooo nice~~~

It was getting boring as the drills goes on, and it really hurts our ears, so we proceed~

And we went to OT1, where I got my nightmare of my life!!!!



I mean, we were suppose to be medical students
We were suppose to be exposed to the gruesome stuffs
But holy, im not tHAT prepared to see a woman's .....

VAGINA!!!! OMG OMG OMG~~~ It was like hairy and a hole there...

Most important person in the programme~ Mr Mahmood!!! He was super nice in the whole week!!! And so patient!!!

Okay i freaked oujt, but it was too over... I din't know it was gonna be THERE that time... but I couldn't go in as it was full, so me and yun jian went to the pantry instead...

After that, the nightmare began AGAIN!!!!

This time was full-frontal!!!!I was the first to step into OT 8, again, with ALL WOMEN!!! No man seirously!!!! And i saw legs wide opened... Not sure if it was a she or her coz ya know... How am i suppose to know and when I stepped another inche, I was like, OMG~~~

Hair again, no cover , no nothing , just naked...... omg... nightmare~~~

I think i will continue next time so adios then~

PS: We ended you session today so pictures for the dearest YOU~
Last Candid~

Now a have to go crash into my piles of A levels homework~~~

Swithering Away,

KZB on: LAN project Taylor's SAM G1

Tribute to my friend's group LAN project, hope that I ca too be as creative as they are in the future when im going for my LAN projects.. Find out more when you hit youtube again~

There is the part one, and they have the bloopers~

hope you like em!

Monday, March 23, 2009

KZB on:Hospital Attachment,Hospital Putrajaya

Today I finally deducted that there are more girls with guts to take on the Doctor/Medicine career compared to the Male population..


The girls in the Auditorium of HPTJ is literally taking over the boys, and I'm telling ya, they are all hungry-looking ones too... Ugh but nevertheless, I still survived.. Guess what?? I am the leader again~ not the whole 90 plus candidates, its of my 8-person groupies~~ and I can't say I didn't want to be the leader(yea my funny nature) but it was a real DEAL!!!


Because leaders get lotsa LIVE experiences!!!Its like the first day and I went to almost ALL the departments we were meant to go in these whole week!!!

What is cooler? We get to go the OFF-LIMITS !!! Why off limits? Because you will never be able to access through those doors without the instructor's card~~ Imagine that!!! Fully computerised Hospital~~~ Ideal working spot for future doctors like us who scribbles like SHYYYT and typing would be like super cool!!!!

What are the off limits?? The Premium Suite~ Its like the pent house of condominiums and its like a 5 start hotel suite!!1 They have Guard Rooms(I have no idea what was the purpose), a hall with a sink and microwave oven(imagine they have smoke and the sprinkles start splashing H20 off) with a fridge, and 2 bed rooms/ward for the patients.

So? That is it? NAAAAH!!!!! The bed room have like the best view you have in Putrajaya!!! You can see the WHOLE beautiful view of Putrajya and the splendid bridges!!! And it is all CARPETED!!!! OMFG~~~ I dont even have carpets in my house!!

Yet, it is OFF-LIMITS, meaning only certain personaes are "qualified" to be admitted into these wards, including the officers with postions, HIGHER than the Deputy Minister of Malaysia and all the big shots from overseas~Talk about POSIST(Top 6 ya know what i meant).

That was one of them, another one was the PIT house, or the O&G department~

Why off limits?

Because new borns and mother-to-be/s need optimum services for the labour process and for HPTJ, they practices HUSBAND-FRIENDLY environment so that the fathers can provide moral support when their wives are screaming their lungs out during labour.. And contractions are freaking painful~~~ The worse pain a human can endure is having to push something as big as a puppet off their pussies.. Oops, i mean vagina~ or the womb...

Their rooms were super cool~ They have the rm2k plus lighting devices to focus the rays on the womb and VACUMMS to suck the foetuses' heads out... And all the equipments ranging from clocks and weighing scale were installed~~ Whoa talk about professional~

Yet, the labour cases are considered as a VICase in Malaysian's government which I have no idea why.. But according to Mr Mahmood, our instructor, once there is a death or problem on O&G, it is a HUGE case, or RED case in hospital terms... Looks like Malaysian Health Department do have some perks, as we have the LOWEST death rate in the labour cases.. Impressive, and even Australians send their patients here for our treatment and other countries do wonder how we do it...

For a person who want to do O&G, I can say I'm VERY impressed!

And this was BEFORE we went to the Forensic Department which I can tell you, it is going to be the bottom of my list, because when the faccilitator , AhBang Fizzi were about to open the freezers, I couldn't stop squinting my feet in my shoes...


It is a dead person for Pete's sake!!! And we are suppose to do something to them? Well, that is what doctors do anyway... luckily we can choose to NOT go, or, shorten the length of working period in the Forensic department.. And we have the Corpes Phobia Test thingy, I can tell you I made it through well because the pictures were fine, it is just that I didn't really go "WOw" on the sliced and diced bodies, but I went "Owh... That is going to hurt.."empathy thingy on those pictures...

And everytime Fizzi were about to open a freezer or autopsy room, I will go:" there is something there.. there is something there..." is is like excitement and fear mixed up together but too bad, due to the new Hospital Serdang, most of the bodies were sent there... Adn Im telling you some of the pictures were horrendous~~ It is like slashes and stabs.. I have no idea how these peolpe got involved and how the people who did these to them get on with their lives!!!! They are worse than beasts!!!

So, we were there for 45 minutes for the pictures and some stories of Fizzi picking up pieces of fleshes and bones in the bomb case recently and proceeded to the store, which by the way we skipped it a little because there are only equipment and nothing else...

Okay, after the O&G, we went to the Specialist Clinic to observe how exactly doctors do their jobs.. From giving advices and asking questions of their patients.. and seriously they do KNOW their stuffs as a doctor... Like Encik Mahmood said earlier, the doctors are extremely careful... The "kakak" here she is a malay around 27 years old,was treating a 6 months' old patient.. We kept silence until the lady went out with ther baby, and I broke the silence.. She was real friendly and told us her experiences and DARN!!!

She only went her Housemanship for 1 and 1/2 Years ONLY!!! WE have to do 3 YEARS!!! ARGH!!!! Unfair~!

And time was up and we were busted for talking... But since her patient was off, might as well~ And we were the only pair asked questions~ Owh the pair here saying me and another malay guy from SMSains Seremban and he was from Muar... Talk about "WOW"

After that was lunch.. Yaddaaa~~~

And after that we went to the Traditional Department where they have Massage, Acupuncture and Traditional herbs treatment for Cancer patients... Whoa talk about cool~ And they have the specialist form China and all their herbs are imported from China~ At the back lane they had these Herbal Garden which smells super funny, but wth~

Later on was the Emergency Department, which is next to the On-Call complex... So let me work this whole thing out... The On-call complex get their calls after Telekom filters them through 999 hotline, and then they will get the details and track down the patients via Telekom, and sends ambulance and paramedics after they have confirmed. I am telling you, they have this computers with 3 stations and 3 monitors each, and this huge screen with 2 NEC 30" Screens for the projection purposes... Whoa and their walkie talkies were SO COOL!!!!!!

So we proceeded to the ED, and we get to see how they handle Green Cases, which is minor; Yellow cases, which is still ok; and Red Cases which is like "Pump the Adrenaline Dude!"cases . And as for white cases means, I will see you again in the skies~ And they have 3 bays, Red, Observation and Admitted Bay.. Where they treat the Red cases, and have discussions and admit the patients respectively. And we saw this Indian girl around her 20s got stitched at the forehead when we were there..

Did I mentioned about X-rays? Yeah they X-rays ain't using normal films, they are using Digital X-rays!!! How cool is that? I mean you save time squiting your eyes and paper at the same time!!!! Talk about going GREEEEEEN~

That was pretty much about the whole trip we had today... Well, ya know what? The above trip was only meant for Group Leaders!!! Which means the others won't enjoy this trip like we do!!! Hahaha glad I was chosen and volunteered to go for this!!!!! i love working in HPTJ~~~ I really would love it if I were to work here~

Owh yeah and we talked to this senior in the hospital around his 30s, which is in his mid-specialist.. A malay guy and he really reminds me of Izzie(Izwan: Can we do something new?) because of the way he speaks... He was real cool!!! And he graduated from IMU, though he spent his first 5 years in Manchester under JPA, and darn, his interview went for only 3 minutes and he got it!!! Peeps, wanna know his secret?

Naah, its only for idiots like me who chose to go HPTJ alone and gets to know this super cool guy!!! Hahaha take THAT!!!!

But one thing he said made me really wanted to do the doctor's job is :

"Being a doctor is not about you brains, it is about emphathy for your people, your patients. Without perserverence and harship, you will never be acknowledged by anyone, even yhou had graduated in Edinburg, because there ARE people who did locally and ARE able to beat you flat."

Yes, emphathy... That is a real big deal for me, especially when I am seeing hurted patients...
Well, I can live with it if he could!!! And he enjoyed Univerisity life by going to nigth clubs!!!! Ok that mean I don't have to be All-Mighty Know it All to succeed as a doctor!!! Haha people, life is not about study ya know!!!

Another plus point as a Group leader, all twelve of us gets to see LIVE Operations in the Operation Theatres in HPTJ tomorrow morning 8 o'clock sharp with gowns and all!!! Privileges!!! I love love them!!! Don't mind the hardwork! Mind the rewards!!!!Haha!!! Still happy you went to HKL peeps? I don't think sooo~~ HPTJ Is much more better, higher standard and technologically later than HKL!!!

Honestly, working in a hospital is like meeting the Extremes of life all-in-one

Fear of the death
Happy of the living
Stressed of the problem
Sorrow of the dead

it is in a package. And We as doctors(or future docs) must be able to handle these every single day , even we are in our worst state..

And to live my life live and dangerously, I'd say doctor is the best career ever...

Owh yea, talk abour careers, nothing is better to have COMRADES!!! I met these fabulous dudes in today's meeting who are:

Yun Jian


Gan(he is from Karak,Pahang and he scored 13A1s!!! WTH~~~~)

And we have these kind of people who likes cam-whoring in toilets..WTH~~~

And they were super cool!!! I don't mind going to the same course and same working place with them , they were great!!1 And they are real naughty boys because they practically checked out every houseman (female ones du-uh) and kept saying that they will do this and that.. yaddaa... what else raging hormones do?

As for me, I just tagged along and talked about stuffs, and the girls in the leader's group were cool too!! Except for one girl, I think she is a Chinese-Malay mix and honestly, she was a bit of annoying.. I mean she looks sweet and all but, her "stick to the notes" literally, attitude was a pain in my Arse!!! Doctor need spontaneous thinking and not all about notes dear!!1 All you need is your common sense!!! According EVERY doc I have met in HPTJ!!!Talk about Ms. All-Mighty Know it All.....

Conclusion: I am freaking tired because I just had a 3 hours squash session with my squashers and darn, they are getting way better~~

And today we met a new guy, Tee Kim Siong from Kota Bahru, Kelantan who is doing his Finance and Commerce degree in subang and I'm telling ya, they first thing I thought when I say him was:

Cina kia... He really had the Chinese look but he looks good looking also lar.. Considered leng chai also...(Shit Binn is checking out guys again... wouldn't he be???) haha serious he looked freaking fit i his tights and his crotch were so VISIBLE~~~ Haha being slutty now shit... Hit the STOP button!!!!

And he didn't even look at me the whole session in the court!!! I was like.. Shit, he hates me... gourd... He hates me... and even when I was looking into the court he was playing he also ignored my vision rays...

But, after we were one he gave these great smile and strong handshake and said bye to me and Yanne.. Thank goodness... I thought I was done for back there...

No worries, when there are leng chai like Siong, there are alson leng luis like Yanne~~~

Yanne will be the typical girl next door with this superbly nice attitude~ She has the typical girl's body and she is tall and big for a girl.. And she is Better than me NOW!!! Guess going for training during SPM do have its perks huh? And she greets everyone in the court and smiles to everyone, unless she was tired or constantly missing her swings because she seldom do that..

Haha, leng lui and leng chai in the court, Can't you feel the HEAT peeps??? Okay.. I need to crash in the bed right now because I need to report in HPTJ by 7.30 tomorrow, and I have a college life to catch up~ So tune in whole week for more of this Hospital Attachment programme organized by JPA Malaysia ok? Touch wood, even I didn't get this JPA scholarship, I am still glad I came for this, it brings a whole lot meaning to my life in setting my foot in the doctor's career...

On call for 2 months in the first 3 years!!!

Swithering Away,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

KZB on:P license means free-less

Look, every 17 in the country jumps up and down and go "yippeeee" with their new P license but in my family, it means you are the full time on-call driver of your family members.

From "tar-pau"(here meaning take out in canto) food in asia cafe to sending family members to where ever they WISH to go such as badminton classes or offices, the one who holds the license will do all the dirty jobs...

Yes I'm ranting, just get over it~

Plus, you will be constantly expected to be free to fetch the others, wash the car, check the stuffs of the car and be careful at all times to make sure you don't scratch the pretty car >.<

Talk about pretty car, I just came back from Carrefoure!!!!! Ya know the huge super hyper markter in SS15? yeah I was suppose to get some groceries for my aunt to chip up some feast..... And I had to PARK~

I had to park TWICE because of my new P license and the L parking aint easy in the underground sewer scented basement, what's worse is when there are people waiting for you and you panic, and *screaming owh shit owh shit* literally scream for help... Once the fellas behind me get through, the adrenaline went down and my 2nd parking was successful~

Thank goodness... and what I hate worse about driving, no shortcuts or Squeezing through cars like you can in your shoes only... I thought the entrance was the exit and I wasted one freaking big turn just to get to the exit on the other side of the parking lot...*criminy* and the cursing rap starts~~~

Owh my eefing gourd~~~*X100~~~ and the lane-ing, it gets harder when you are new, and the drivers around are freaking mean to not let you pass... another OMEffinGourd!!!!!!!!! but still, manage to reach home safely and end up playing with my dog instead~

I have exactly 14 hours and 22 minutes to enjoy because starting from tomorrow, I will die studying A levels in Taylors and facing JPA's hospital attachment and interviews... Criminy again.. my life is getting haywired~~ Owh yeah, and I'm trying to get a new Laptop and Saxophone, which cost me 3.5K each... shit I am such a spendthrift~~~~~

So people, enjoy your study life then your working life, the other way round and you go cooku like ME~~~

Swithering Away,

Friday, March 20, 2009

KZB on: Choices of Life

I'm moving from upset to pissed off of my life right now!!! IT is always choices, options and routes!!! Why can't just make ONE stable route instead of two of more risky ones??? I'm no businessman I'm only a freaking eighteen for Pete's sake!!!!

JPA hospital attachment: 23rd to 27th March , which is equal to one whole week of college studies, including my 1st ORIENTATION in college!!!! OMFG I'm missing one of the biggest events in college life and also the chance to meet the BIG BIG fellas in my programme... argh!!!!!

But still to put them both on the balance, the JPA hospital attachment weighs much more than one week's of college, plus I can try my best to catch up with X by my side, if X is in the same class and same intaker as I do... Although I think I have a clear idea on which intake X is in right now haha~~~

So now its just further discussions with my parents on which to go... and how because I need to go all the way to Hospital PUTRAJAYA to see the spurting blood of doctors in there~~~ How cool is that?

Although I'm not determined to make it for medicine yet, but I think a cetain amount of exposure is essential to build the path towards my dream... It is just WHICH way to go~

Currently rotting at home and watching the latest Super Sentai series~
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger!!!! Apparre!!!

The cute japanese teeens~

Ippitsu Soujo~

Origami Gattai

I'm so going to be double the trouble and business,LITERALLY after how many times I wished I could start studying... Talk about Beware of What you Wished For.....

Last Laugh:
Oden Origami!

Swithering Off,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

KZB on: Dr. Nano Facial Experience

Fine I had issues with my mum almost everyday... but still I know deep down she loved me(though i can't really commune with her but wth~) and she cares a lot. So today was my 1st facial experience with my parents in Dr Nano~~~ Yeah the slimming place but surprisingly, they offer Facial and Massage with, I can only say, the "gentlest" touch, especially when you are in my position...

funny, did any of you peeps actually find out which part of your body is the most sensitive when someone else touches them?(in this case not your sexy organs because those aint "reachable" unless he or she is your close mate) I had only found out today when I tried my best to not shiver or laugh when the lady who tried to massage my chin..

Yes, my chin. Very funny for a guy huh? Normally it would be the waist or the arm pit or whatever places... but mine was the Chin~~~ owh well lets continue..

So there were the usual routine... cleansing, scrubbing toning.. yadayada... and the climax was the pimpling...

Yes the pimpling was like entering a Warzone... The lady will use some metal stick with a smale hole to force your pimple out of your pores and as for the first timer for facial, my pores were practically "congested" with yellow buds and the lady had to literally squeez the buds heck out of my poor pores to "unblock" those pores.

No wonder the facial sessions take hours to complete!!! The pain is like, literally pricking your face with needles to take something out of them, its just that for my session, I had my whole face to cover... gosh I'm lucky I'd survive that session!

Honestly, I have no idea how the people can survive facial sessions till today... one day was like... all hell broke loose... but still i think i will need another few more sessions to revive my skin... talk about males don't need to bother on facial protection...

well I can't say i didn't enjoy the whole process because the ambience and services were splendid... but its just the freaking squeezing part kills me... so if any of you wanna go for facial, you can always try Dr Nano, they ain't only about Jet Water Slimming..

It's almost one week after the big SPM day, and the solution is A levels after all the debates and arguements... One and a quarter years in Taylors here I come~ No more playing around and its full focus study now~~ Time to find the life and love of my own now~~ Can't believe I cried over these for 3 freaking days.... I am emotional~

Swithering Away,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

KBZ on: Its just the beginning, after SPM

Compliments of HELP College~

Well, thanks for tuning in with me peeps so it have been a hectic day... I can't say i cried actually because I was trembling and ALMOST cried but I hang on.. So wanna know what i got?

7A1s, 3A2s and 1 B4~~~

owhkay subjects announcement:

Bahasa Inggeris: A1 119:A1
Mathematics: A1
Additional Mathematics:A1
Sejarah: A1
Chemistry: A1
Physics : A1
English for Science and Technology: A1

Bahasa Malaysia: A2
Pendidikan Moral: A2
Biology :A2


Bahasa Cina: B4

so? how's that sound? satified? Honestly, I was really hoping for straight A1s, but yet, my chinese language studies ain't really strong, so it pulled me down.

As for the A2, BM was a relief because I was afraid that i might "terpesong" (here meaning out of the idea or the topic in BM) but thank goodness, still an A...

As for Biology, I was really hoping for an A1 because it was really my favourite subject~ and plus, it was the only subject I didn't go for tuition adn studied all by myself~

AS for Moral, I was glad i got an A because I barely passed for the pass 2 years~

But, I got another surprise~ I got an A1 for Physics and Chemistry!!!! OMFG~~~ Sooo relieved~~~~~ Why? Because I hated physics and I NEVER, as in NEVER EVER got an A1 before in my high school life for Chemistry~~

And when Pn Loo came back to school and I asked her, she was like,
"Aiyar, Yong Bin, ni hai qian yi liang ge lar..."
Translation: Aiyar, Yong Bin, you lacked one or two subjects lar...

I was like, shit!!! I got 2 Bs??? OMG OMG OMG OMg OMG~~~~ How was that possible? You mean other than CHINESE I might have another B???? And it was Pn Loo of All teachers so I really though it was going to be Chemistry!!!!!

But but but, hardships are rebated so I got a 10As for SPM~~

Yet yet yet,I cant get much scholarships as I got A2 for BM~~~ sooo I most probably going for A levels in Taylors~~~
Testi---testi---testi--- reminded me of friendster~

Come to think of it, I never got STRAIGHT As before, maybe it is a sign of my sexuality also~~~ kidding lar!!!!!
There goes my scholaship planning~~

Anyway, for the peeps who got great results like the WHOLE class of 5 SETIA SMKSJ SS14, as almost 3/4 of the class got 10As and above including me, congrats and may you strive for more in the future~~~

As for those who thinks that you didn't do well enough or up to expectations, or even very bad, like me here,don't be sad, as it is only the BEGINNING of your life, it is not the end~ Now you know that which and what was your weakness, it is time for you to buckle and shine brighter than ever in your tertiery education~~~

so... thats all for today, I think i should have a good dinner tonight as I missed my dinner for the pass two days~ missing my maid's cooking and rice~~
Finally, I'm officially not a student of SMKSJ anymoooooore~~~

PS: Facial schedule for me tomorrow~~ Willy, I finally got to go for a facial session~~~

Swithering Away,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

KZB on:Destiny awaits after Sudah Pasti Mati results~

Owh peeps, as we are well informed by the Malaysian Government or the M O E of Malaysia, SPM results of 2008 candidates will be announced in 12 March 2009, 10.00 a.m. sharp~ sooooo what else I can say about it?

I can only say...


Woohoo!!!!! Now I can hunt down every Pastry shop there is existed in Subang Jaya and I can start my cook-o-mania !!!!

But still, SPM is also quite a headache to begin... Tuitions, school, duties, and home work, and a little bit of kiaaaasu ness in my classmates, I was glad I survived the year 2008~ *Phew*(kiasu ness meaning scared to lose in Hokkien)

Now that I mentioned it, I was stuck in the KiaSu classes in my schooling life, coz sadly I was in the first class all the time, and I was only an average student~ owh well.. maybe Buddha is really trying to put me into heck loadsa hardship~>.<

Now that Im heading towards the next stigma of my life, I just hope that I wouldn't make decisions that I shall ever regret...

Now, another 11 more hours till I grab on my 2 years hardship...

Swithering Away,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That dirty little Dragonball Evolution Whisper with Nangs

Thanks to NuffNang I get to hit One Utama in Damansara to enjoy the Premiere of Dragon Ball Evolution in GSC.. I went there with Jer Renn earlier for dinner and guess what we had in the outlet labyrinth?

We had western food in Jack's Place which spent us quite a reasonable amount of cash. RM25 each for a 3 course meal for a place with comfortable amount of privacy, ambience and services, Jack's Place in One Utama is considered as one of the core places for lovers and family members to spend their evenings.

As for me and Jer Renn, we are nothing but two lost little boys trying to try something new out of the blues of One Utama, only that we realised that they also have a outlet in Sunway Pyramid, talk about downer~

Anyway, pictures speak for themselves~

Boneless chicken thingy... i love the baked potato~~

The brownies and ice cream is a die for~~~ only rm5!!!

Pussy Foot~~~ Tasted like yogurt drink of orange, mango and mint after some discussions

And we headed to MPH to hit on some books, then to GSC for the movie. Looks like the movie was quite anticipating as plenty of vectors were there too including The Star, Spotlite,Glitters and some other companies. And obviously I fall into the Nuff Nang vector and claimed my tickets for two ~

But one thing had bothered me a little was the rigidness of 20th Century for stopping us from bringing in out phones, cameras and other electronics into the cinema, talk about OverRated as what master Gohan said:
Gohan a.k.a. Granpa--"Being normal is over Rated"

yes they don't relate but wtf~

Honestly, I would have enjoyed it if it was all in Japanese because this movie has successfully make me hate the Amercian-Dubbing spree... They ain't that good in portraying like almost every character of the movie, and fine , maybe it is called Evolution because it is going to be different yet, they failed to amaze me not even one bit. Their sense of humour and plot was there, but the advancement of the story was disappointing and only the character Bulma successfully made my day...

Goku was a sucky character to begin with ignoring all the original traits from the comic.. Including the cockiness and the weird acting skill from the actor... the character is labelled "FAILURE" to me

Master Gohan was ok... but not much comments on him

Chi Chi was cute,perky and all, but she lacks the energy the original one have.. But, she tried and she turned out ok.

Master Roshi in another hand, they had got the wrong chinese actor... cause first he is too well-built as the original one was freaking skinnny and Chow Yun Fatt has really failed to portray the character well with his a bit off Cina-ness in him, not Japanese and plenty of scenes with him in it made me go... omg... so lame...

YamCha... well YamCha was ok lar...

Bulma in another hand was good!!! I love the actress herself and the character was well-constructed and her attitude really reminded me of Prue Halilwel from Charmed...

And Piccolo... well.. i guess it was ok.. but honestly, the whole English accent croosed all the terms into nonsense...

OVerall, I rate this movie to 5.0/10.0... plenty had commented it was a waste of time watching the movie post-stepping out from the cinema... owh well.. I couldn't have agree more!!! As a fan since young, Americans successfully prove my theory right, they can't make Asian's culture theirs in any manner, because they just suck in them...

But, the best part of the day , well rather nightin One U wasn't the movie, but was the marathon of me and best bud to get the heck out of the building to the car park!!! We got lost and we were speeding down the corridors of the mall and the whole place was soooo quite that our pantings and footsteps were like echoeing in the air.... It felt like we were, or at least I was in a thriller movie, where the characters were trapped in some building where there are killers trying to shoot them down.. haha a bit over-dramatic but wth~~~

So we spent total of 30 freaking minutes banging into walls of the mall trying to crack our heads to find our way to the car park, at the same time keep on recalling the routes we took before we reach the cinema... and we were literally stuck in a labyrinth, like a said earlier, until we finally reached the centre of the mall, and honestly, the securities weren't much help... we managed to find JR's car ourselves once we ran into the car park and scrounged around...

But, the fun doesn't end here~ Due to the Proton-Genes in JR's Saga, his car was heating up like the Sahara Desert after 15 minutes travel.. Once we reached Federal Highway, JR's car finally crack up and start emmiting smokes from the engine.

Me: JR, is that smokes from your car?
JR:No it is not...(still driving calmly)
Me: Are you sure?? (stilll a little jumpy)
JR:Owh FUCK!!! Its my car!
*ME instantly got jumpy*
Me: Start parking by the side lane!!!!!
*JR drove towards the side lane and off the engine*

And we were stuck in a traffic jam, because the JPJ fellas was trying to fix some road thingy.... So after 5 short minutes and discussion, we decided to continue driving to my house and JR spending his night in my house, due to his car's problems..

Finally, when we were about to reach my house, JR gave another "OWH!!!" upon reaching the bumper.. Instantly, my hands threw all the stuffs I was holding and panicked, again.

Me: What was that for?
JR: owh it was the bumper..

*JR, next time when I drive, remind me to turn on the radio so you won't scare me*

So, we spend our night watching Charmed and talking about stuffs~~~

See how going to One U by ourselves can cause these much of ADVENTURE??? Getting stucked in a mall is quite and experience for once in a while~>.<

Swithering Away,

Monday, March 9, 2009

KZB on Rumah Rehat Adeline,Gopeng,Perak

Owhkay it was suppose to be a soul-searching trip but holla! The place was a die for, to soothe the mind and not exactly the place to soul-search, but to bond. It was a 2 days 1 night package, which we got i think its the Kampung Hut Package

which cost us rm98++ per person for 1 breakfast, 2 lunch, one dinner and one supper.

and trust me, the whole is worth more than it cost, seriously the owner can charge a lot more with the current state of the place but she is literally enjoying her life, so she need not to raise the cost, haha.

It was Jer Renn who asked me to tag along with his family, and thank goodness, we get to have our OWN room instead of sleeping in a same cubicle with his parents and aunt, imagine THAT but we were still under the same roof though...(being LAME)

it took us around 4 hours to reach the place, with some side tracks along the way. We stopped at Rawang or was it Serendah first to have our breakfast, curry mee again, not as good as we have in Subang though but since it was a treat, i just have to bear with it then.

Next stop was Kampung Orang Asli Lata Kinjang where we explored the Waterfall and it was truly Magnificent. The strong momentum of the current gushing down its geographical latitude is exquisitely the best melody of nature. The jade green lush of plants is spectacularly the scenery to boost you eyesight back to its natural state, sadly i didn't have the time to make those stares back there... so enough with the talk picture time!!!

That very sign~

how's my photography skill? haha it was using my phone's VGA cam though but owh well...

Thank goodness this bridge had been able to support my weight.. if not i will die gushed away by the current~~~>.< Owh... Magnificio~
Jakun enough,(jakun meaning barbaric) i took a picture of a rooster~~~

so what can we do there? we enjoy life!!!(tan sai gai in cantonese) literally!!! There is no telecommunication means once you step through the banner so no one can reach you, call you, message you or 3G you... so if you want a life out of the daily hustle of the urbs, this is one stop you should always come and try.

the ambience, its ok and quite well taken care of, as there aren't MUCH muddy spots, other than the one which i need to open up my legs wide like a woman in labour>.<, to cross after it rains... the environment is actually very refreshing as its covered in vegetations, and the sound of water flushing down the dam was indeed loud, enough to cover up the snores(ZZZZ) of the uncles from the room beside ours(me and jer renn)
that pile of mud~~~~
from where we sit~~

great view~

the facilities, for a place which is situated in a forest, im telling you its like staying in a 5 star hotel!!!(metaphorically) the rooms were cozy and just nice for two, as the rays of dawn piercing through the edges of the wooden hut to wake you up, and the whistling wind of the night seeping through the cracks of the lines in the hut to put you into sleep.

Do not even bother to ask about having bed because they only have thin films of "tilam"(i dont remember the english name of it so screw it~~) for the night. Since you want to approach nature, ditch the half metres-thick feathered cuboid... And its really cold in the morning too!!! And Adeline was nice enough to provide us the blankets which reminds me of my grandmother's sewings.
our shoe rack~

when i was relaxing~

out bed sheets and blankets~

the rumah nangka~
our HUT~~~ nice right?we were staying in the last right corner~
owh the dam which brought me to sleep by covering the SSTM of the room beside, SSTM stands for Super Snoring Tension Meditation according to uncle Wong~ darn funny uncle~
where we hung out stuffs, see jer renn's sexy red bottom? hahaha

one camwhoere picture... wonder why were we in the yellow mood~~~>.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
the activities, not much comment because they COST and its only me and Jer Renn, but you can check them out in here so you will know what i mean.. but we spent our time playing Sirami though~ it was like some maths game which me and Jer Renn did enjoy a lot~~~ we are getting on set of ourselves now~

Owh yeah, we did hit the waterfall, though but i wasn't prepared with equipments.. so i only felt the water instead of playing in it... but the adults enjoyed it well though, by flaunting their sexy thighs and , well sexy , uhm , trunks?

after the waterfall , there was rain~~~
under the rain~~~~ jer renn busy walking when i busy snapping~~

sexay uncle wong~~~
wish i could have went IN there~~

so overall:::::

food: 9.5/10.0

average:8.3/10.0 all to my own preferences though... for a stay, it is real good~~
well if ya ever wanna go, just go to the website to check it out~~~

wrapping up, guess who is doing the sexy stunt~

Swithering away,