Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Buffetting : Course taken on Sem 5

So the semester 5, or rather my 4th semester in the vet fac is going to end in 2 days. Doesn't feel the same like how I did when I first came back. Now, semester ending feels like its something you do everyday.

This semester has been fun, but I would wrap up the activities in another post. This one, is all about the courses I've taken this semester

1- Veterinary Anatomy 2
Continuity from the veterinary anatomy 1, this semester ranged in much deeper structures; going from heart to skeletal-muscular system which almost had me killed. But, I still enjoyed it because it was really fun

2- Veterinary Physiology 2
Continuity from veterinary physiology 1, the whole course ran along parallel with that of anatomy so as we actually understand both the structure and functions of the system we studied. The course was fun because the lecturers are the best ones around as of now. One of them is actually my idol, seeing how he is literally good in every single shit; at least in the field.

3- Small Ruminant Production
An extension from the ruminant production course, but now focusing more on the management of smaller sized ones such as sheep and goat, their economic importance and significance in our market. Fun, the lecturer was okay, everyone liked him anyway. Used to think of this as a course to fill in those elective credits, but somehow the lecturer did enlighten me in several ways.

4- Immunology
Antibodies to cancer immunity, plus dealing with vaccinations. Stepping into this course signs the entering to clinical years as we need to buckle up with our knowledge towards specific requirement and needs of the field. Certainly not the easiest subject out there to conquer, but still the lecturer is too much fun to not enjoy the course

Addition to that, I took an extracurricular subject:
5- Thai language
Learning this beautiful language is certainly a great adventure. I somehow feel like I do have a flair for languages. I wanted to pick up Japanese again, but the time and classes are just too out of sync. Thai wasn't easy, not as Japanese. The letters are definitely more confusing and crazier. But learning it, knowing that I would be one step closer to T and having more opportunities when AEC steps into the picture; beats everything else.Plus, I have a really cool teacher hahaha.

For academics, this semester sure have been, subtle. Next semester would be hardcore, but I have more time than anyone else; so I shouldn't have problems.

Let's hope next semester would be a great one. April is coming soon!!!!!!

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