Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buffetting : Influence

I can probably dedicate like over a dozen of posts on this issue, but I think I will stick to the real recent ones, especially on me.

I think most of the frequent readers are well aware that I'm having like this Singaporean family over here in Malaysia which I've mentioned a few times lately. Key word: Family friend.

Digg no?

Anyway, despite the fact that they are my parents' friends from badminton and work, I'm probably the person from my family who spends practically the most time with them.

It's probably some sort of affinity, and the family was really welcoming.

Invitations over to their place for dinner are never-ending, and I feel so paiseh(shy/imposed) when they invited me over with full force.

The constant free body pump classes using David's pass (omg I have no idea when this ends but I'm saving a lot!)

I mean, I have only known them last December and I'm like suddenly a part of their lives!
Ain't they sweet? Owh, there's the cousin too, but I've decided to keep it till the time is right XD

It feels great, and its definitely so much more comfortable being around the friends' family instead of my own, even more when things are getting really annoying and hectic when the maid is gone.

What's worse, I'm much more attached towards this family instead of mine, which makes me wonder if this is a good sign.

I have always been one of the disintegrated one in the family:

Squash over badminton, Japanese over Hokkien, Alone over family time, Sciences over Business.

All these slowly thickens the barrier between me and the family, the IT factor would be me studying medicine in a far place from home, which I have desired since the dawn of P-license.

The family is Christian, and I'm Buddhist, but I never allowed religion to get pass my relationship with another person. They can do anything they want, but I stick to my believes, and enjoying wine probably becomes the bridge between us.

Now I've like this tendency to push myself in studying in Johor or Singapore, just to get closer to the family to know them more. It's like an invisible influence which not much people see, but I know it myself.

Yet, I do not want emotions clouding my judgment and wisdom in deciding my medical degree studies. There are so much more opportunities out there, confining myself around Southeast Asia is just a huge mistake. Why stay in your comfort zone, when you can learn more in the war zone?

Anyway, I know my stand. I just have to clear things out, and make the best out of what I'd wish to be.

Shit, I'm studying Economics now. How crazy is that?

Yes their cousin did impose some bad ones on me, but not as illustrated above, its Economics and Philosophy.*mumbles--euthanasia, to die or not to die, go die only la*

Monday, March 28, 2011

Buffetting :NUMed Malaysia Interview

Attire for the interview~

I am sure I had butterflies in the stomach while driving my way to PJ8 this morning.

The fear of being late, the fear of blurting out stupid words, what's worse, the fear of not being able to perform well in the interview.

I never liked venturing around PJ. The roads pretty much suck and the sign boards sometimes make no sense.

Yet, there are always nice people around to ask for directions, and the uncle in Esso today made my day~


Went there, waited for my turn.

Dr Kevin Khoo and Mr Richard *forgotten his last name, i think it was stones or something* were two decent men.

Interviewing with them wasn't a pressurizing task, more over it was a real fun one.

I got to speak up my opinions and points freely, without any verbal restrictions or blabbles like I had in the HKU interview.

I guess two-to-one interview is more of my thing, instead of group ones. Things get worse if I were to start of the whole interview.

Anyway, questions do not get far from the ethics I will face as a doctor, including the rights of patients, working with other team members of the health care business, inclining obesity in Malaysia, and the dignity of a doctor.

The funny part was when they mentioned I had a 4th language, and Mr Richard came in and asked:

R: what if there was a patient with a Tamil medical history? What would you do?

*stunned for 5 seconds*
B: Good question. My friend asked me to pick up Tamil before, but I wonder how much I can learn till then. Well, I'd probably get a translator. *eyes opening wide*

R: Of course! Well, that's the only thing you can do. *everyone laughed*

And there are questions like do the specialties choose the doctors, or the otherwise?

I answered most questions with the term "circumstantial". as that's what we face everyday.

There is no more definite right and wrong anymore.

It's like asking is being homosexual.

It can be wrong in religion's view, but aesthetically it can be argued.

Yet, stating these points can only mean that I'm not firm enough on my own stand, and everything can be changed due to circumstances.

Well, I got the offer anyway. I can see that Dr Kevin Khoo was eager to have me in NUMed
*nose as long as Pinnochio's after 100 lies*

The constant "pushing" of questions one after another, that's not only interview, that's immediate acceptance XD

Well, it's a good start of interview. Hopefully things do not get freakishly crazy when it comes to NUS, HKU, or Local University interviews.

Owh, and I came across this 2nd hand shop in Amcorp Mall, Joe's Mac, which sells practically anythiing from jazz records to saxophones. But I only managed to get my hands on the Economics and Trudi Canavan's Magician's Guild.

Believe it or not, I only cost me at least 70% less of the original prices. The lady was nice enough to offer me Rm20 for both books, despite the price tag or rm 12 each. Hunters should come to this place to check nostalgic stuffs out.

Thumbs up!

PS: There's this franchise in PJ too.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Buffetting : Lip Moles

no not this one

On behalf myself, medie, alex and fellas out there who wanna know what's about the mole around the lips, I shall lay my recent research founding over here.

I have no guarantee of the accuracy by statistics and explanations provided, but so far they somehow make some senses here and there.

Well here we go:

Courtesy of


A mole on the upper lip represents a person who does good to every one. There will be weakness of ladies and luxurious items. A mole on the lower lip represents a person who loves good food. He will have interest in acting and theatre arts.

A mole on the inner side of the upper lip represents a person skilled in mantras and mystic forces. A mole on the inner side of the lower lip represents a person who becomes a drunkard and losses money on speculation.

Courtesy of Malaysian Babes

A mole on the upper lip of a man indicates that he is social, sexy, fond of the opposite sex and has a sweet speech.*hahahahahahahaahaha*
A mole on the upper lip of a woman denotes that she lives in luxury and wealth. Sexy in nature and sweet in talk and smiles, capturing the attention of others.
A mole on the lower lip of a man is auspicious. Such a person is studious and quite, lives a peaceful life. As he grows older his fortune will improve.
A mole on the lower lip of woman signifies that she is a glutton with unsatisfied sexual desires or is hyper-sensual, fond of luxurious and beautiful things. A good and sweet art of speech
A mole on the inside upper lip of man foretells that he is interested in the occult sciences, spiritualism and religious cults etc.
A mole on the inside upper lip of a woman indicates her interest in occultism, spiritualism, virtuosity and religion.
A mole on the outer lower lip indicates one is fond of lavish food, has average wealth, is pious and respected.
A mole on the inner lower lip means a man keeps company with evil men, is a drunkard, an atheist, disowns relatives, and talks rudely with vulgar language.
A mole on the inside of the lower lip of a woman denotes that she offends everybody with her sarcastic remarks, so quarrelsome, fond of the opposite sex, prone to prostitution, inimical with relatives and addicted to smoking and drinking.
A person having moles on any part of the lip is loveable and liked everyone and is fond of delicate things.
A mole below the lip makes one sexy.

Courtesy of Yahoo

Lip moles on the upper area denotes a go-getter who is envious with others' success-- which drives him/her in accomplishing a particular goal, to bring himself/herself ahead. It may also signify greediness but with the same level of generosity as well. Lower lip mole reveals a quiet, driven, and serious individual who will be successful in later life.

Well, most of these were from the English sites.

But weirdly, all Chinese sites gave the same results:


What does it mean? That means people with moles around the areas above the lips or at least around them has lots and lots of food opportunities and chances. No wonder I can never resist food. Well, guess it made some sense there.

Medie, alex, I can't get the exact positions on left or right side above the lip, so I guess we are all generally FOODIES. *Yay get fat then regret then go on diet again*

PS: I have a mole on the right hand too. Most sites said its a good sign but who knows.

PPS: For those who have moles on your genitals, prepare to have multiple roller coaster rides.

Just a lil something to comfort myself:

Position 12
A mole here foretells a successful but also a very balanced life. You are likely to be not just rich, but famous as well. But although you have every opportunity to live the high life, you will have a satisfying home and family life as well. Women with moles here are particularly lucky and tend to be beautiful and glamourous as well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Project : Smile1

A claypot chicken rice hawker was trying to find the right top for his pot.

After a few attempts, he laid the lid on top of the right pot.

He smiled.

Buffetting : Becoming a slut

No, I'm not prepared to break my celibacy any time soon. Yet, the temptation is always there.

Anyway, how did the subject came about?

I never realized I had a real tiny mole just above my right lip until my mum spotted it when we were talking about stuffs after she barge in while I hit Reader's Digest.

I always thought it was a scar from the constant bursting of pimples on my face, and the never-ending growth of moustache pretty much made that small mole invisible.

Yet, what my mum said about it stroke me a lil.

Around there, but not that huge. XD
M: 哎哟,你这边做默长了一个"hiao po"痣?(aiyo, why over hear got one slutty mole one?)

B: 有meh?

M:以后你一定很风骚的啦,现在都是了。(next time you must be damn coquettish, you are now)

B: Oo Boh(got meh in hokkie)?我有酱厉害?(huh? Am I that good?)

PS: coquettish=>making of teasing sexual or romantic overtures; a flirt.

Are moles really something that can explain so much stuffs? I have a mole on my right hand, but my right hand is giving all the problems including tennis elbow and constant pain.

Can't really imagine myself to be so slutty though. The tukang tilik(fortune-teller) my parents went to before also said that I am going to be the type that goes out all the time for fun and lusty trades.

disclaimer: my physique is nowhere near to that of the model. Don't fantasize you might puke XD.
Sheesh, why am I putting myself into such "free", or "sumbang" position?

Well, any moles on your body which tells your personality, and what will become of you?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buffetting : Body Pump

It was like 2 days ago when I first stepped into a Body Pump session in Fitness First.

Well, just before I stepped into the pump class, of course I got a glance around the area.

First impression:

Fucking Packed.

I mean, 2 lifts filled with people of all ages and sizes was sent up to the 8th floor of Empire's Soho, and they all, I mean ALL stepped into FF.

Of course, since it was my virgin experience in that spot, I had to sign in as guest,as Evon and the other 2 guys weren't there yet.

As I stepped over the glass door, *wide jaws and eyes wide opened*

ALL the treadmills were occupied. I mean ALL.

Seriously, how good can the business in FF get man. The body pump and combat classes packed, I get the picture. But ALL the treadmills? What the LCD screen TVs really do make people run more?

Anyway, just scrounged around the place and did some warm up before entering the studio.

You know what's the most idiotic thing I did? Stretched in front of the stretching machine.

The fellas was like staring at me, and I bet they were whispering to their hearts :

"this jakun never come to FF before. Stretching machine existed for a reason also wanna go all naturAAALLL."

*roll eye balls*

That was just the beginning. The embarrassment was brought into a whole new level in the studio.

Everyone stepped into the place know their stuffs while I frantically ask around to seek for guidance for like, everything.

Lucky for me, the ladies there, or rather aunties, were real nice people and told me what to do. The best thing, she even brought me my plastic-or-whatever-material bar when she fetched hers.


Overall, I LOVED the body pump class. Like Evon said, it can really be one heck of an addictive session. The sore on the chest, biceps, triceps and knees on the next day was just, BEYOND.*in the lack of terms*

Although I had to lock my eyes on the hunky dude in front of me all the time because the lady instructor was too far, I really had loads of fun. The people in there was like screaming and cheering for each other, including "WOOHOO","OWH YEA","IT's MY LIFE", and not to mention occurring reminder from the instructor,"You the big one. The weights, not so close to your chest! That's RIGHT!"
no she didn't do this when she said that, but I heard she went full frontal with her boobs while doing push ups right in front of my friend. Lucky thing she was a girl, a guy probably nose bled to death XD


PS: The tattoo behind your neck was just plain HOT.

Conclusion, signing up with Fitness First in the future is definitely something to think through, especially when a gym bud tags along.
PS: I have no idea how that's right came into this picture.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buffetting : Eco Homeshow

It was real random though, as the family hit the pyramid for Zen as a meet up-lunch with the long-lost god brother(上契弟弟) of my mum in Sabah. The family was nice, and it was a all girls clan. Told you about my lately exposure to girl power.

Anyway, since the other family friend was setting up a booth in Sunway Convention Center, we hit the place after just to look around and set what we might need around there.

Before we even found Evon's booth, we instantly clung our eyes on the new maid in the house:

Boy boy aka Roomba

Ignored the hand there.

Basically its like a robotic vacuum cleaner which detects dust by its own and suck'em up all into its vacuum bin. I was all for this little guy because the constant sweeping duties in the house never ends with the house so close to the road, and the endless hair dropped by the sisters and mom while they use the hair dryer.

So its pretty sleek, almost the size of 2 disks of weights stacked together.

The only problem I had is that Roomba gets stuck with the forgotten-socks, tangling speaker wires and weird looking corners which it can't get loose from as its detection aint as good as the human eyes. Other wise, this boy boy is a die for.

As a token of spending RM200 and above, we were entitled to a free , or 2 photo snapping sessions under the courtesy of Idees Studio.

The workers there were nice, despite the whole family become idiots in front of the camera while we were deciding poses to choose.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

No, don't stalk them okay.

Owh, we were also entitled for a lucky draw, which we never get into because we were supposed to have dinner with Evon's family. But, we got this instead on the 2nd day of the homeshow.

Yes I know its a normal food processor yada yada. But I'm telling you, the juice you make from it is just heavenly. All the fiber is retained in the juice, so you are practically eating one whole fruit by itself, but its in screwed up into a paste form, add water and honey with some ice to turn it into a smoothie.
Look, it comes with a recipe too, but everything related to juices and soup only, so not much solid food. Best part of it, everything vegan~

As for now, I'm eying on these 2 recipes to shed the hanging sebum and subcutaneious tissue around the waist.

Ambarella and Guava. hopefully i don't puke half way through

Oo OO!! I've got to share this video!

Imagine your partner saying these to you. Do you have anything behind their backs?

So far, I have none.

Buffetting : Post S syndrome

It sometimes do feel devastating when you know someone you are gravitated to is already meeting someone else.

Yet, knowing this would probably the best for now, as I need all the concentration to work on my studies instead.

The radar I had on me worked perfectly fine, S was indeed who I thought S was. Yet, S' affections were meant for someone else instead.

The whole situation went really random:

*S typing on the phone furiosly*
B: Who's that? Someone important?
S: Yea. Love of my life.

*went silent*
B: From the States?
S: No, just from the local.

The enthusiasm was probably due to the new face, new environment, and of course new friend around the area. I'm certain these feelings go away pretty fast later on, seeing how many times I have had them in the previous "radar-ing".

Well, guess this is a lesson for me to take things slower, and try not to get yourself in awkward situations that might wreck your mood for the rest of the week.

Bye S,guess its time for Z

Monday, March 21, 2011

Buffetting : Guy Power

Just to make an extra post on the UCLA thing, I found guy power too!

OMgourd he looked heck of a sexy singer in the video man. Seriously, how sexy can we Asian men get?

Buffetting : Girl Power

I have been exposed to several girl power medias lately, and I just have to share them here peeps!

I'm not sure if you were a fan, but I was definitely a fan of Sailor Moon when I was that small. You know the synopsis, the story and the lovey-dovey behind everything. What I loved about this show was its comedy! You can just laugh for like hours while watching all 200 episodes of the series in front of the laptop like some lunatic!

Just a small chunk of it, now lets go to when I was bigger, Totally spies!

Another funny show for people like me! The laughing off the couch never ends when Disney Channel had this cartoon on screen. Unlike stuffs like Ben Ten in Cartoon Network and cheesy Power rangers today, Totally spies definitely is much funnier and better in plot, minus the cliches XD

Never knew they had a movie though, megaupload time!

And last but not least:

Omgourd these girls are just superb man! The loved the *ding ding ding TSUNAMI* part alot and practically laughed like mad! Go asian girl power! Screw the blur blondie Alexandra Wallace with boobs but no brains! These 2 girls really make great actresses! For comedy I guess.

So, any girl power for you lately?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Buffetting : Post X syndrome

I guess most readers who have stayed on with me since the very beginning knew what happened with me and X. Next came Y, but Y was practically just a vision thing.

Gosh, I met S lately, and its all dejavu with the feeling with X.

Not exactly like X, but there's a feeling, or just my body's radar working, that S does have something on me.

It might be me overly self-centered, or rather my radar just gone haywire and all.

Yet, the enthusiasm S around me, even for the first time seemed, gravitating.

Maybe I was gravitated to S, who knows.

S does seemed to be the neighbour-next-door type, and is quite the looker too, though S ain't that photogenic. XD

It has been a while since I had a tinge for affections like these.

I wonder how long does this feeling last this time? S is real close, but I'm really doubtful if we are able to move further.

Well, guess I still have to stick to my vow of celibacy till I hit 30.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Buffetting : Choices, again

For those loyal readers, I guess you've known about the choices I had to make before this.

For new readers, I guess I should make a brief summary on choice I've made:

1. Choosing sciences over arts.
2.Choosing STPM over A levels,
3.Choosing medicine over everything else.
4.Choosing to lay back instead of joining school activities.(which turn out to be the other way round)

Fill in the blanks~
And now the 5th choice, to choose my country for medicine studies.

I thought I've finally narrowed down to Malaysia, Hong Kong or Singapore only.

Yet, after the education fair in KLCC last saturday, I've realized that there are so many places out there yet to be ventured, and my experience attained out there is so diversified.

Apart from the 3 stated, there are also places like ITALY, omgourd can you imagine yourself studying in ITALY??!!

Fashion! Food! Fabulous! Okay its too bimbo for me, but STILL!!!

The idea of spending 6 years over there in a place like Italy itself sounds promising and astounding!

Yet, there's always a catch. Besides the point that Malaysia do not recognize the program, which can be countered by a good score in the qualifying examination, the total amount of 6 whole years there inclusive of tuition fees and living cost summed up to RM590k.

It doesn't sound that dreamy now does it?

So Italy is only in the picture, if I get the Italian government scholarship, which I guess its quite hard seeing how I have no been studying Italian language for like, my whole life.

Lets look at Russia instead. Why is Russia a great deal?

It's in the European Union, meaning TRAVELING WHENEVER YOU ARE FREE!!! Make lost for the time you are going to lose in your coming years as a medicine practitioner! What's more, the total cost including living cost for 6 years only summed up to, RM180k!!! It's like triple less than what Italy has to offer! And, it is also twice as cheap as compared to studying in private institutions in Malaysia,which normally comes to rm 400k in average! AND, it is recognized by the MQA.

The cons? Well, since most Tom, Dick and Hairy can study in MOST Russian medical institution, the quality of thee education there can be succumbed to questions and doubts. Most party asked me to apply and go further, as my results can bring me further. Not to put Russia in a very bad category, but as compared to India, I guess Russia is much more assured of its quality.

Imagine yourself being treated by a doc from Russia, and a doc from Italy. Which one sounds more promising? I know sometimes skills come over looks, but lets face the facts. A tall, sleek and handsome guy definitely have an advantage over a short, fat and not-so-good-looking guy no matter what they do.

And last but not least, JAPAN~

Why? Its JAPAN man. Sakura! Shinto Beef! Uber Cool Technologies! Hotties! You just can't miss it in your life man. It's like a must go destination, at least once before you kick off. Plus point, endless discoveries.

Cons. I can only get there via scholarship, and what's worse, with tsunami and quakes hitting the country, I am real doubtful if my parents would send me flying there, even if I've got pass the interviews for the scholarship. T.T

Hence, the total countries in the list summed up to 6, with Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Japan and Russia.

Why not UK or Aussie? Over-rated man. Everyone in Malaysia practically did something over there, and seriously those places are for people who are rich or gotten scholarship.

So yea. Well, guess I need to apply first before I do anything else.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Buffetting : Time and Tide Waits for No Tokyo

#pray for people in japan
#pray that everything will be fine in japan
#pray that people in japan will be safe
#pray that @#$@#%$%@#$%

Pray, pray, pray and pray.

Come on, aren't there anything else you can care of in your daily life other than PRAYING for something that is 1/4 way across the globe, and there's NOTHING that you can do?

The news feeds in facebook today has successfully getting me on my last nerves.

At least someone, or a few actually cared to post extra warnings to people around the coastal areas of Japan who might get affected by the aftermath.

That is what I call, doing something useful.

Praying, putting posts and all, the CARE you can give to the people in Japan is THAT little. It's not like the communities in Japan actually go to Facebook at all. As a matter of fact, they have their own social networks and Facebook is nothing but an overrated system for stalking to them.

So, save your time and go study instead PRAYERS.

Your prayers can't rebuild or bring life back to the dead ones. It's futile and pointless.

Want to do something? Check if there are any legit organizations or bodies which reach out and aid the people in Japan, donate some $$$ or join them in their quest to restore things there.

If not, just continue with your lives and avoid going to seas or volcanoes, be it dead or alive.


Buffetting : Casanova

There are so many people from the community has been gravitated by the recent news of Gay Casanova in Malaysia.

It's kinda sad though.

The whole gay community has been suffering from prejudice and discrimination since forever, especially in such religion-orientated country in Malaysia.

Casanovas like these, simply puts the whole view of the present society towards the PLU community in a heighten awareness and rejections.

To me, the victims were surely naive to fall easily for this Alvin dude. It's not like I want to do the " I told you" thing, although my tone sounds like it.

In the typical/stereotypical plu community, a meeting out of 2 personals only in private usually ends up in sex. So, seeing the youngest victim in the batch is already 17, the others who possibly be around their 20s should be cautious enough to prevent the dude from screwing them up if they weren't thinking of making out with him at first.

Like I said,naive. There should always be a barrier between people who you first meet, no matter how good they sound and look from the internet or in real life. A few milligrams of drugs and *ding* you are screwed.( for girls you vajayjay, for guys your ass hole)

I have only met people from the virtual world few times, and only one was alone with me which is Calvin,

He is uber straight and he have a girl friend now who is a DOCTOR. Their history was quite virtual too, but since both of them are really nice people, there are always exceptions for virtual meet outs.

Another thing I realized while reading the news was, the Chinese community was surprisingly taking the whole "There Are So Many Young Gays" phenomenon very mildly. In fact, the MCA person in charge only cared about their health, whether or not the victims got infected with HIV only, in stead of putting up a barrier towards the homosexual youths.

Like wise, in the ChineseXMalay community, there was a huge rage, but not towards this issue.

I was flipping to the next page after I read the Casanova news, and there was another issue on "Unnatural Sex", presumably oral/anal sex between a Chinese and Malay grown up man in a car.

They were to sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment or 5 whips in their ARSE, if they were convicted.

And I was thinking, what about these VICTIMS who got themselves on the headlines. If they have had sex, its also anal sex which is UNNATURAL.

Aren't the authorities going to convict these kids too?

If you are trying to tell me its because they are already victims of a HIV sicko-spreader and there's no need to cause extra problems, its utterly unfair to these 2 grown ups.

They might have gone through the same process as the kids before they came to this stage.

But then again, its Msia. Stuffs can get greyish around here, like the post on the Road Block.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buffetting : Stereotypical

I guess no one can run away from being stereotypical. Even the person with the most liberal mindset will go stereotyping one day by judging something, someone by the 1st look.

It's not something big I'm discussing today, its just 2 incident I met today after my session in the gym.

Scene A:

A couple walked towards me, and the lady was checking her phone while the man strolled by her side. Guess what? The guy was an Ang Moh aka European.

For normal Malaysian, one would expect the lady to speak astounding English, or some other European language to her mate.

Out of nowhere,

Lady: Eh,那我们现在去哪里?( Eh, where are we going now?)

I was like, holly mama, Mandarin to an Ang Moh? That Ang Moh must be one heck of a globalized man!

Guess the world is FLAT now.

Scene B:

I was driving down the road beside SDMC while a huge orange bus written with "Bas Sekolah"(School Bus) parked by the road side, blocking my lane.

As I cursed and drove down the lane*what the hell is a school bus doing over here man, @#$$%$#* and our of nowhere,

A sea of delocalized ladies in pink and white uniform were scrambling their way into the SCHOOL BUS.

Guess it was a Nursing SCHOOL, and those nurses were still in SCHOOL.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Buffetting : Road Block

I guess I've finally had my first road block in my life, by PTDRM.(Polis Trafik Di-Raja Malaysia)

The whole process was really short, it took me around 8 minutes to shut the police up.

I was driving down SS15 to buy lunch for the siblings, and out of nowhere I was asked to stop by the side and the whole prosecution begins.

And the asshole came up to, with a BIG SMILE and started questions:

A: Selamat petang, dik. Boleh saya tengok lesen(license)?

*took out license and passed*

A: Owh mana adik kerja sekarang?

*trying to diverge my attention*

B: Masih belajar lah tuan.

A: Owh, masih P lagi ya?

B: Ya. Sudah nak habis P dah. Kenapa tuan?

A: Owh begini. Kita(supposingly kami, asshole with a sucky BM, his own mother tongue. PFFT) tahan adik kerana adik guna telepon.

*outrageously enraged*

B: Tuan, bila kamu tengok saya pakai telepon?

A: Relaks adik. Kita tadi sudah siasat. Adik memang ada guna telepon.

B: Ok. Saya bagi kamu tengok dulu.

*took out phone and show him record*

B: Tuan, last receive call saya pukul 10.32, last dialed number pukul 10.25, missed call saya put pukul 16.06 SEMALAM. Skrang sudah pukul 12.13, takkan saya bercakap dengan telepon semasa bawa kereta selama 1 jam lebih kan? Tolong check satu kali lagi lah...

*was pretty darned upset, but kept my cool because they had the power*

A called his HQ while I called mine, my dad. Sadly, I had to go through the session all by myself.

A came back with a smiling tone and continued.

A: Dik, masih student kan? Ok, skrang Boss saya cakap bagi student warning saja. Nak mereka jaga sikit kan? Tengok muka adik pun tahu adik budak baik. Ok, boleh pergi skrang.

B: Terima kasih*fake smile and all*.

And I went off for lunch bonanza.

Sadly, the police force in Malaysia still lack efficiency and precision.

I mean, with my phone record everything can't go wrong right? Even if this were to brought up to court, I would have definitely won.

Randomly picking people form the street just to fish up some "duit kopi" from a P-licensed kid?

Hello, I'm not even working la. Worst still, I'm still a STUDENT in a government school man.

Quite surprised on how I managed to handle this with my wits. Fast brainstorming into getting my phone record out to defend myself from being raped by those wolves craving for duit kopi.

PS: Duit kopi is also known as the bribe money given to these policemen in Malaysia for people who got caught for no reasons to get loose from the policeman's grasps.

Haha, guess being a student have its perks at some point XD

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buffetting: Post TOEFL Mortem

Another day, another test score results.

Thank goodness, my iBT score is 108/120

As expected, my speaking pulled me down a lot, thanks to the 15 sec prep and 45 sec answer policy of the TOEFL iBT.

Although I thought my speaking is gonna go *kaput* as I felt so screwed up in the testing room, the results came out to be *GOOD*, with an average score of 24.

What surprised me was my WRITING score, which is 1 mark away from perfect score of 30!

I mean, its Writing man, and things get ugly and marks are being deducted here and there. Guess the US examination system looks into the ideas of your presentation instead of your astounding-amazement-of-jargon.

Man I love the States.

Listening was okay, as the questions were just fine and answers were straight to the point. I should have done better in the Reading though, to pull up my total score in order to cover the marks lost in Speaking(darn).

Anyway, I'm pretty much satisfied with the score of my TOEFL iBT.

Up to expectation, actually better than I thought it would be, as I was targeting 100/120 only.

Well, now I'm done with my university entrance examinations, time to prepare mentally for the lifeless me for the next 5 years.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Buffetting : Friendships

I've ran through multiple times on issue like these in my previous posts.

Somehow, friendship is one contradicting topic, where people can get hurt easily even when they dabbled around for a short period.

How would you give away a friendship you've built for the past 4 years, and just move on as if you never knew the person.

Lets put this friend as Is.

I knew him through prefectorial board, and we got close during form 3, when we were constantly performing duties in similar places and classes.

As time passed by, both of us got into the same board, which is some Welfare(Kebajikan) board.

We both chose to enter the board to prove one thing, even when we are from the board where performances are deemed to minimum, we are able to climb all the way to top posts.

Let me show you the whole organization structure of the board:

Pardon the horrendous drawing, TULS draws better ones XD.

So the whole system goes from top to bottom, and the top 6 are like the main directors in the board, consisting of Head Prefect(Ketua Pengawas)-[1], Asst HP(Timbalan KP)-[2,3](normally one for guy, another for girl), Secretary(Setiausaha)-[4], Treasurer(Bendahari)-[5], and Asst Sc(Penolong SU)-[6]

The codes are like the position in the whole board, as the 1st meaning the top person, and the last, well you get the jiff.

And below the top 6, there are 4 different boards, each governing different matters. The hierarchy goes from left to right, and Discipline board as the top, followed by Spotcheck, Public Announcement System, and last but always seemed to be weakest, Welfare.

Back in Form 3, each prefect was asked to choose which board to enter, and the reasons why. Both me and Is took initiative to enter the Welfare board, although we had also stated other choices.

Looking at the organization, you should know where our positions are, seeing that Welfare being the last board, and we were Ahli Jawatan Kuasa(Ex-cos) back then.

Anyway, we managed to prove ourselves along the way, and we had many in common such as Taekwondoe, squash, prefect board, and also similar ideologies.

Close enough, till I was given the chance to be one of the top 6 in shadow, as we need 2 weeks of prep period before our official, so to speak coronation.

And Is, was also given his position he had always wanted the Ketua Disiplin in shadow.

Yet, because of some unknown reasons behind the sinister manipulation of the school's discipline board, Is and another friend Sv were also promoted to be in the top 6, forming a new top 8, and the 2 who didn't manage to enter top 6 will take over positions as Ketua Disiplin and Ketua Spotcheck.

I was naive, and I thought that its because of the comrades in our board was that strong, and things became competitive. Undeniably till today, I have to admit that we were indeed, one tough batch.

Yet, things were never nice for me, other than the mere luck for studies, things were kind of horrid for me.

I was demoted from the shadowing top 6, and became the KD in the end.

Well, I resented for a few hours, finished up 20 pieces of McD nuggets and doing housework on the same time.

Up till today, I still can't let things go, and I still do resent the top 6, at some point.

I guess the period in Form 4 and 5 was pretty tough on me, and things got real cynical around me. I felt betrayed. I felt dumped. And I was alone.

Of course I knew the decision wasn't theirs to make, and I definitely have no problem for Is in taking over my spot. They were good, and I kept my promise in supporting them till the very end.

Yet, the point still remains. Letting go is hard, after all I went through alone.

As we proceed to retirement as prefects, and the SPM exam ended, we had a mini gathering in Is' house.

I still remember vividly how Is' mom said:

"Every year at this time(somewhere near early December), you all must gather again here and have fun like this okay?"

And I thought, that was real nice.

However, as time shifts and things changes, I never made it into the house after that day.

Probably its because everyone else was busy, but we still managed to have mini gatherings and outings, of course most of the time without Is.

We'd figured he prefer not to be acquaintances with us anymore, and he pulls himself out from almost, I mean almost ALL of the high school circles.

Never know the reason. I wonder if I will be able to find it out at all.

And the promise we made to his mom, was indeed a broken one.

After all those times we went through, the chatting of what positions we are aiming for in the board, how he had beat me in squash, all the ridiculous words he utters for pete's know reasons, the stupid camp we went for together, all of it.

It is just, brushed away by him just like that.

I wonder if I'm able to do that.

I do resent the top 6 till today, after what the whole scene has put me through.

As for now, I've also made up a cruel, cruel decision. I might also one day, be like Is, after I've managed to receive Offer Letters of universities from the overseas, or even out of the states.

Friendship is indeed one screwed up crap.

I for one know that, a few close friends is enough. Acquaintances, are indeed much needed. But for those who knows you deep and good enough, as long as they are there anytime you need, they are indeed, you friend.

The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you. ~Elbert Hubbard, The Notebook, 1927