Thursday, October 30, 2014

Buffetting: 《你是男的,我也爱》

Calvin probably have came across the movie, but I'm currently really hooked onto the novel.

For those who can understand Chinese, you'd probably would want to take a read.

It's silly, yet it is some how really sweet.

It makes me feel like everything between me and T is, well, really nothing.

And this novel too has really hit me hard; you don't deserve if you don't go all out; and you don't get to talk about relationship when you don't even have your financial background stable.

The epic moments in the novel were countless, making me loving the novel even more. As fairy tale as the novel is and will get, I still do believe someday someone out there will do appear.

Of course, I don't expect the dreaminess as the novel has depicted; but the similar warmth will do.

*Yes Jung, I am a hopeless romantic. You can't blame the Leo to have as much drama in his life as possible.*

As for T, who probably really didn't play much part on the other side really does not worth my time anymore. This time, I get it straight. 

It has been 5 months since we have ended our relationship, and I am now successfully over T.

What now? Get rich.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Buffetting: 把自己先做好




Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Buffetting : DogathonTM 2014

I can't believe I spent 5 minutes trying to log in, only to find out I've actually changed my password to T's full name in Thai before I could log in! It's alright, I can always keep it there, no one knows T's real name anyway.

Back to Dogathon 2014, finally the first year which I'm no longer a part of it, and as a FULL participant. One would wonder how would I not be a full participant in my clinical years; because I DEFINITELY will and want to be part of it as a senior who is helping out in the Physical Examination or Veterinary Consultation booths.

So readers out there who wanna see me for sure, the following 2 years are your chance! But, who would wanna do that anyway, right?

The theme this year was military based- with the tag line: Battlefield, In Dog We Trust.

The succession of the event is probably gauged by the fact that they have managed to break the previous Malaysian Book of Records in the largest dog gathering in Malaysia, of 1216 registered dogs by 1.00pm that faithful Sunday.

The ambassador of the event this year was a local DJ, pretty famous among the Chinese locals : One FM William San

From close proximity he is a pretty down-to-earth person even with his status as a local celebrity, without hesitant in every request for a photo. I personally didn't go ga-ga all over him or have taken any pictures; some how I'm pretty over the stardom thingy these days; but I did manage to steal a greeting smile with him when we were in the VIP booth; as the ex-codirector some how.

Instead of participating in the activities for dogs, I'd rather became a really chillax participant this year. The only thing I was here is to support the juniors for their hardwork; as well as a good ol' buddy line picnic outing to catch up for the time we have missed. Just a few hours, but it meant a lot because we could really connect throughout the whole session. The rest of the day was pretty much spent walking around the booths, pestering juniors as well as some of my original batchmates.

The thing going on which allowed me to become a non-organizing committee of any sorts is due to the fact that I was the co-director last year, but I am not a DVM4 yet to be qualified as a physical examination vet-student yet(which I was told I could because the procedures were extremely simple).

But, being able to steal a year just to walk around and have fun without ANY responsibility is extremely rewarding for myself, holistically. At least zero pressure this year. Maybe just one thing, the juniors borrowed my mom's pick up truck to send stuffs; to my delight both my mum and juniors were totally happy to have their ways.
Congratulations to the co-directors in breaking the record! Extremely proud of my successors!

Conclusion, I enjoyed my Dogathon as a non-dog bringing participant. It's a cool place to even have a picnic, but at the same time feel the love from the other participants.

See you guys next year then!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Buffetting : APVC Bangkok 2014

Finally back from the long hiatus!

Just for the continuity from the previous post on my grades, thank goodness one of them was a barely safe A. Another subject probably wouldn't too nice to me.

I probably wouldn't strangle myself if I hadn't apply for the Asia Pacific Veterinary Conference 2014 in BITEC, Bangkok last October!

The whole batch wanted to go at first, but after all the deliberation and stuffs, it boiled down to only 11 of us going for the conference.

My intentions for the conference originally were to learn more on large animal, make connections as well as get insights of my future career path. Yet, the conference geared more towards small animal practice; something which I don't mind learning at all though it isn't in the top of the list.

Back to the conference, it was held 3 days in BITEC, a very strategically placed trade center about 15 to 20 kilometers away from the city center.

Our stay was in a pretty budgeted hotel around BITEC named Avana Bangkok for a stay of about RM80 for a king size bed for 3 person wasn't that bad.

The promotion we took named Trendy room was located in the new building of the hotel, probably for more economical budgets compared to the old building which is obviously more posh and well furbished. But, our room was pretty comfy for 4 nights stay with minimal hassle. Good bed, TV, pretty decent toilet even a tub, complimentary bottles of water everyday; its a good deal to have 3 person sharing the room.

I spoke Thai throughout the stay in the hotel and to everyone else's delight I'd actually understood almost 90% of the conversation between the staffs in the hotel and transactions were smooth. The staffs in Avana Bangkok were also extremely helpful and nice throughout our stay. The only downside was wifi wasn't complimentary and you need to pay for it. It ought to be better to get broadband services for a cheap RM7 from the nearest 7-11 for 1GB.

BITEC is about a 3 minutes taxi drive from Avana Bangkok, making the hotel one of the best hotels in terms of distance to BITEC. Taxi services are really fast and safe here, and it really only take about RM4 just to get from the hotel to BITEC. If I were to come to BITEC again, I'd probably still go for this hotel.

The first day in the conference was pretty cool because you get to see people from all over the places. The speakers in the conference were almost, if not all Americans from the North America Veterinary Council. The talks spanned from orthopaedics, nephrology, emergency care, clinical pathology, soft tissue surgery, diagnostic imaging, cardiology, neurology, infectious disease, internal medicine, and feline medicine. The catch of the conference is the topics in a day for one subject links from one lecture to another. To get the most of it, the best thing is to go for all the lectures under the same subject for that day; which was what I did.

I couldn't appreciate the other subjects, hence I went for nephrology, cardiology, emergency medicine as well as a small session on internal medicine. I personally adored all the speakers of the subjects I have attended , and they are probably the reason I could stay in the talk for the whole day 9am to 4pm.

The conference was extremely useful even for veterinary student like us because the lecturers were concise and pretty basic. It is probably like a refresh for all the veterinarians attended, as well as a little bit more on the new approaches in handling cases and discussions. It was fun looking at how the veterinarians discuss their cases and views in the end of each talk with the questions flying across the halls; someday when I'm good enough I would probably do the same as well.

For 3 days, the lectures were conducted in the day. And I have definitely exposed more on the field of small animal; or rather companion animals. It is not a bad field, but I'm not too certain if I'm the type which stays in the hospital one whole day. Maybe a mixed-practice veterinarian will suit me better? Going to the conference is like entering a national scale of a veterinary faculty; and almost everyone knows everyone around there because the veterinary circle is just so small! So small till the point that every little mistake can be noted by everyone in the field too.

The best part of the conference is, we are paying the price at RM300 as veterinary students, while the working veterinarians are paying RM3000! It was a 90% discount for us, with access to all the facilities available under APVC 2014. The 2nd best part of the conference was probably the food! World class standard food for lunch every afternoon, man I gained like 5 kg when I'm back from the conference from the good food.

The good food doesn't end in the lunch because we too had great food at night.

On the first night we've decided not to be too adventurous because we barely had time and we wanted somewhere close. We went for the nearest 7-11 for good ol' Chareon Porkphand on the go food. Not much pictures here, but I definitely love Thailand's 7-11 1000times more than Malaysia's.

The second night we've decided to be a little more adventurous, but time caught us in our back because we were taking too much time resting after walking back from BITEC. We went to a close stop taking taxi, namely Central Bang Na for a food court experience. The food was so so, not very cheap but we had an okay meal. We were baffled when we found out there were street food vendors right beside of the mall when it closed at 10.30pm!

Grilled seafood, padthai, friend insects, som dtam and grilled pork were the main attraction in this area. The seafood was great because of the chilli and spice sauce which goes with it, and the grilled pork was downright juicy and breathtakingly good. We stooped by 7-11 nearby again before we walked back to the hotel, with some little pups feeding along the way.

The 3rd night was probably the best because we've finally decided to try our luck on the BTS from the Bang Na station. We didn't know where to go until the senior we met in the conference suggested that we head to the Victory Monument for the famous Thai boat noodle. We took our chances, and heck we totally loved the experience there. The BTS sky train in Bangkok is extremely efficient, similar to the LRT in Malaysia. It connects the central of Bangkok to a little bit further in the outskirts of Bangkok, far enough to the BITEC station to our glee. The map of the BTS probably will show where you need to board and get off to the places you wish to go.

BTS was a little costly from station to station, and for station hopping the unlimited pass would probably be better; but since we are only there for a week, pay per ride is probably a much wiser thing to do. Although the taxi can be cheaper, BTS skips all the jam and saves you all the time. We probably only waited tops 3 minutes for all our rides on BTS. Thumbs up for the services of BTS.

Victory monument is an area not only for tourist but for the locals as well. The place there is famous for their boat noodles, in while the noodles are only RM1.20 each but you can finish them in like, seconds. The idea is for you to order more and eat more with less portion in a bowl. There are other side dishes like pork curry, fish curry,sliced beed, and fried pork skin to be ordered for about RM4 to be shared among 5 or 2, and they were really good too. They have several different flavors of boat noodles too, some including tomyam, braised pork, braised beef, braised chicken, spiced chicken, and a few others. I adored the braised series because the broth was yummilicious~~

For every 10 bowls of noodles comes with a complimentary bottle of coke too. Something really cute in this business; I meant the cups. The restaurant had like multiple competitions along the streets, but I guess everyone have their own no.1 in their mind when they step in. The local Thais infested the whole place, and we are probably the really odd aliens around with me as the pseudo-thai speaking to the waiters and boss for order.

The Victory Monument is definitely one of the most bustling areas in town. The density of the people is probably double of that in Kuala Lumpur. In KL, you see more laborers around, and the density is not as packed as it is over here with all the locals. A great area to walk around for cheap stuffs and great food.

The 2nd night didn't end there because the boat noodles didn't exactly quench our hunger. We took another train trip to the Mo Chit station to get down on the mall Terminal 21. Terminal 21 is an extremely chique mall with the idea of an airport; hence the Terminal. Even entry to the mall require the security check and we were required to go through the metal detector.

Every floor has a different theme of destination; spanning from San Francisco to Tokyo, Istanbul to Hollywood; with also a set of security guard uniform and toilet to go with the theme. I wasn't crazy enough to enter all the toilets in every floor to snap pictures, but its definitely a good thing to do with your loved ones if they were to be of same sex; or with a crazy bunch of friends.

My favorite floor is none but the 5th floor- Pier 21. It's remodeled after the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, but it collects all the food in the mall within this floor. There are the usual convention Starbucks, Bubba Gump, Ice Monster and etc; but we were all aiming only for the food court.

The food court collects probably the best and the cheapest food in Bangkok ranging from authentic Thai food and dessert to the typical Mediterranean, Asian and Western mix. We went all bonkers for the Thai food and dessert because they were THAT cheap. RM3.50 for a decent Pad Thai, RM4.9 for a really good Durian Sticky Rice and RM2.00 for a coconut shake about 500ml is definitely cheap in such a posh mall.

Our hunt for food ended in Terminal 21 on the 2nd night, and we headed back to the hotel on BTS and taxi for a good satisfying night sleep.

Our 3rd night was just so so because we had to go to multiple places to get multiple items, especially souvenirs for all the lost souls back in Malaysia. We had time, so we went to Siam Paragon just for a short 30 minutes to see how posh the place is, MBK Center to check out the cheap items; which were not all that cheap after, and the sleazy Patpong Road. 

I enjoyed Patpong road a lot because of the sleazy experience, as well me being so holy to fend my friends from the dealers offering sex shows around the streets. They were all extremely surprised when I spoke Thai and it really stopped them from coming after us. It's even more fun to talk about the people who'd actually pay visits into the bars or the deep rooms upstairs to enjoy those sex shows. It's not like its a crime or what not, but its just something to gossip and laugh over the walk around. 

I will definitely pay a good visit to Siam Paragon again because we really just walked to the Underwater World to see the entrance, and a stroll around the grocery area. That was it. I will want to explore it well, even for window shopping the next time I'm back in Bangkok; which is just really soon. I wouldn't really bother about MBK anymore, because Chatuchak market is much cheaper and better than MBK. It was just an airconditioned Chatuchak with more expensive price.

The last day, just 4 hours before our flight back home we took a short session to Chatuchak Market. Heck I'm definitely coming back here again to get more stuffs. 

This place has everything under THE SUN.

 From souvenirs to everyday domestic use items, from potteries and plants to exotic pets; I've probably seen almost every products to be sold in this market. 

We didn't haggle much in this place because it is already very cheap; what we do was rounding up a better price for the stuffs that we want. Saying so, we have still managed to get what we wanted for much cheaper price compared to the items outside of this market. 

Getting to Chatuchak weekend market is pretty easy. Take the BTS or MRT line to the Mo Chit station, walk along the Chatuchak park and you will see the market around the corner. If you wish to come from the Don Mueang Airport directly, taking the A1 bus for RM2 directly to the BTS Mo Chit station and walk towards the area.

Overall, this trip to Bangkok was extremely fulfilling. It made me loved Thailand so much more, and being an expatriate in this place ain't that bad either. The living condition is probably still fine, but really it has so much to offer. Maybe being a veterinarian here wouldn't earn that much, but I'd probably going for a regional work instead for me to get the best of my vet experience.

APVC Bangkok 2014 was a blast, and heck, I'm dying to go back to Bangkok again to experience the life there better. The next time, for a whopping 28 days!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Buffetting : Time Mismanagement

I'm pretty sure I screwed up 2 tests.

If I would get an A for pathology it would really be a miracle.

I guess I'm not that good after all.

Juggling social life, club life, academic life, family life and conference life; ain't that easy.

to more time for academic life.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Buffetting : 藕断丝连


After 5 months, I still do think so.

The emotional feelings toned down, same goes to attachment.

But constantly being able to reconnect, and personal messages across the social media still spells:


"Anything you draw, I will treasure it"--- T on my scribble of T on the postcard I sent from Sri Lanka.

I wouldn't keep my hopes high. Let's see how far this marathon takes.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Buffetting : Back, maybe later

So I was away for like half of September.

Academics and club committee caught up so I was totally piled with multiple tasks and assignments.

And conference to Bangkok, Thailand.

Plenty to post about, plenty to share, and plenty of pictures.

But at the same time, plenty of fat gained, plenty to lose too.

Back to virology and pathology, just maybe later on the this I will post more.