Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buffetting : Meat Mania-NOT

It was not till lately I have been questioning myself, should I become a vegetarian or not?

As plagiarized as it sounds, I got these thoughts over a friend's obsession towards being a vegan, but from a aesthetic perspective.

There are so many parties claimed that they are Animal Lovers.

Just an abstract from my friend's comment in Fb, no offense Shaunie girl, just wanna compare ideologies.

i love animals in a way that im against eating animals who has not reach their adulthood; im against eating animals that are at the brink of extinction, im against cruelty towards animals(eg, beating them up)

im not against mercy killing. im... not against eating meat.

if you think you know what it really means to be an animal lover, why dont you exercise it yourself? until you can love animals more than i do now, try preaching me on what loving animals mean.

Of course, I'm sure they do really think of it that way. But then again, if you think properly, there are so many contradictory that can be created just like that.

For example, against eating animals before reaching adulthood, do you know that there are plenty of animals, even before reaching adulthood, human is already hurting them through anaestheticless castration, grinding into bits because they are male chicks, or because they are sick? No, because you aren't exposed to these, YEY.

Eating animals at the brink of extinction, so if the animals are not at their brinks, you can very well consume them? I don't see you consuming dogs or cats' meat. There are strays all over the place, just like chickens used to before the demand goes soaring like rocket fuel.

Against beating up animals. Man, there are like gazillions of animals being abused in the farms without your notice before you chupped them down your throat. The very piece of chicken chop you gobbled up might be one of those being abused.

See? These contradictory issues can be just popped out RIGHT there.

I'm the type that wished things could be black and white without a gray region, or it would be Salem all over again. That's one thing about practicing Buddhism.

Fine, lets not blame it on Buddhism as I'm like the only one who seeks weird answers for weird questions. Eccentric I know.

Yet, lets look at another set of questions:

Q:pls understand the food chain system, understand survival of the fittest. back in those days, you hunt animals for food for survival. is that wrong? if a tiger tears apart a deer for food, is it wrong?

A:take note, for human's cranial and ...dental anatomy, we were born to consume nuts,and fruits just like the other primates like monkeys, gorrilas or baboons. so for us, we were suppose to choose to be herbivores. it was a forest fire millions years ago that allowed us human to taste cooked meat by accident. then, the meat mania started.

Q:can you tell me for sure that all volunteers at shelters, vets, animal rights activist are all fake animal lovers because some of them are actually not vegetarian?

A: no I can't, probably because of the narrow species they are dealing with. They are dogs, cats, or some specific species lovers, but by definition they aren't wholesomely animal lovers. The animal right activists are also almost the same. They strive real hard for dogs, cats, or rabbit's right, but hey, they left out the chickens and cows and sheep, simply because they are demanded in the market.You don't see people telling others not to eat chicken with a huge banner and parade right? Plus, vets are trained to deal with animals like dogs and cats which mostly serves as pets, companions and also work like in the police force. They might know most animal's anatomy, but they do not have the NEED to treat them. So they probably have discarded some animals form their list, like chicken. Hence, they are indeed dogs, cats, horses, or cows lovers, but they are not cut to be known as animal lovers. Of course, not all vegetarians love animals too, but some are striving as vegetarians to devote themselves so as to love ANIMALs, not just dogs or cats or horses or snakes.

Q:also, being vegetarian can also be a religious practice. not all vegetarians are animal lovers. think about that.

I've answered that question. But as for religion, I'd reckon most buddhist do that. I have no right to talk about other religions, but I can most certainly say that buddhism is not a religion, its a lifestyle those practitioners choose to. They choose not to harm the animals, thats why they become vegetarians.

Q:if i eat chicken meat, does that make me a chicken hater now?

no it doesn't. but it doesn't make you an animal lover either. you might love insects, dogs and cats and you try your best to cherish them so as they don't get harmed. but do you do that to chickens? NO.

It's just a piece of what I have also been thinking myself. But of course, I would say I'm a vegetarian by choice. If the situation puts me so as I had to take meat to survive, I don't see why not. If I have the choice to take veg, I would most probably will. the situation varies between individuals though.

I was already labeled as an extremist without me noticing. Yes, I am turning to one, without noticing.

However, I'm also still seeking for answers myself. It's the attachment I have for meat that I still can't promise myself to be a vegan, apart from the needs of the family I'm living with right now.(excuses, I know)

Back to why I'm so obsessed. I'm not a yegan yet, but I wished to find a clear answer before I become one.

And those who claims to be animal lovers.

Look, you put up demonstrations, campaigns, fliers and setting up laws to protect Cats, Dogs, Horses, probably animals at their brink of extinction.

It's obvious you are trying to protect them for some reasons.

For dogs and cats, its because they are pets, and people love them. Hence they are dogs and cats lovers.

But I don't see people putting up demonstrations and making up laws to protect Cows, Chickens or Pigs.

So, I don't see how you can love something, if you put them into your stomach.

If you love them as cuisines, like how I love chocolates, fine might as well go ahead.

But if you do love animals, why harm them? Why do you even allow things such as slaughtering be part of the animals' lives if you claimed that you love ANIMAL, the general term?

Because we are humans? If we re human and we were given the ability to think,analyze and making decisions, why are we still doing these?

Cravings? Attachments? Why blame on your wants, over your needs and wisdom?

Why claim that you are being forced, when you have the choice?

I'm one of the human who claims so. Because of my family.

Why not change them? I can barely change myself.

PS: I love chicken chop. I barely think of the state chickens go through when I enjoy them. But I cried when I heard the pigs' scream in the video. Hate me.

The comments are what the world is facing now. So, should I STFU and just do nothing?

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  1. Hello! This is my first time commenting here!

    Well, about all this vegan issue. Firstly, I've did a short stint vegan thing. It was all good and please PLEASE prepare to be left out when you're having meals outside or with your friends. This is because many restaurants or eateries and even foodcourts (i've made a complain with Jusco foodcourt recently) aren't aware of the growing presence of pure vegetarians.

    There are many kinds of vegetarians out there. You can find out more about that thru our trusted friend, Google. However, I can never be a vegan by giving the excuse of being compassionate. Yes. yes. I'm cruel.

    However, you can take it this way. Buddha's teachings taught us not to kill in any way. So, consuming meat is actually a form of animal killing too. We can consume vegetables only to leave a small impact on the food chain. :D just my 2 cents worth.