Sunday, March 20, 2011

Buffetting : Post X syndrome

I guess most readers who have stayed on with me since the very beginning knew what happened with me and X. Next came Y, but Y was practically just a vision thing.

Gosh, I met S lately, and its all dejavu with the feeling with X.

Not exactly like X, but there's a feeling, or just my body's radar working, that S does have something on me.

It might be me overly self-centered, or rather my radar just gone haywire and all.

Yet, the enthusiasm S around me, even for the first time seemed, gravitating.

Maybe I was gravitated to S, who knows.

S does seemed to be the neighbour-next-door type, and is quite the looker too, though S ain't that photogenic. XD

It has been a while since I had a tinge for affections like these.

I wonder how long does this feeling last this time? S is real close, but I'm really doubtful if we are able to move further.

Well, guess I still have to stick to my vow of celibacy till I hit 30.


  1. Vow of celibacy for so long?? ><

  2. @alex:yea... something i kinda promised myself sub-consciously though XD.. its like, keep myself single and "so-call-clean" till im ready physically and mentally for IT XD

  3. screw celibacy. wanna die virgin by 2012 is it? well everyone's talking about it. though i think it's a load of bull.

    anyways, all the best with that thing with S.

  4. @medie: haha screw 2012 la.. if its really coming, then sex is the last thing I do XD. Well, I'm not really sure though.. S is like still a stranger-to-friend phase. So haha, don't wanna scare both sides XD