Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buffetting : Stereotypical

I guess no one can run away from being stereotypical. Even the person with the most liberal mindset will go stereotyping one day by judging something, someone by the 1st look.

It's not something big I'm discussing today, its just 2 incident I met today after my session in the gym.

Scene A:

A couple walked towards me, and the lady was checking her phone while the man strolled by her side. Guess what? The guy was an Ang Moh aka European.

For normal Malaysian, one would expect the lady to speak astounding English, or some other European language to her mate.

Out of nowhere,

Lady: Eh,那我们现在去哪里?( Eh, where are we going now?)

I was like, holly mama, Mandarin to an Ang Moh? That Ang Moh must be one heck of a globalized man!

Guess the world is FLAT now.

Scene B:

I was driving down the road beside SDMC while a huge orange bus written with "Bas Sekolah"(School Bus) parked by the road side, blocking my lane.

As I cursed and drove down the lane*what the hell is a school bus doing over here man, @#$$%$#* and our of nowhere,

A sea of delocalized ladies in pink and white uniform were scrambling their way into the SCHOOL BUS.

Guess it was a Nursing SCHOOL, and those nurses were still in SCHOOL.


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