Friday, February 25, 2011

Buffetting : STPM Post-mortem

From this post, you should probably know how my results went.

Anyway, after I've looked through the pictures posted in Facebook by a junior lately, I've just realized one thing.

I have no one around me when I receive my results.

Yes, the teachers was around me, not to mention the cameramen and juniors who were waiting for my results as well.

Yet, sadly, there wasn't anyone I was hoping to be with me, when I opened up the seal.

Yes, my life can be that pathetic.

After 1.5 years of intense studies and hard work, I think I have also earned myself an adequate amount of hatred and resentment from most people around my life.

Not that I'm not aware of that, but I chose to do things which can reach my goals.

I have this friend of mine, he is ten times smarter than I do.

Trust me, you haven't seen him in action while solving multiple maths puzzles.

Even though he didn't get all the scores that he wanted, I do envy him in a way,such that everyone who cared for him was there, giving him support when he needed most while he tore his results slip.

Most people may see particular personals high and mighty, actually deep down inside, it is something else that they have always wanted.

Well, I have adapted in getting these kind of stuffs by myself.

For all those years I lived as a student, I was always alone getting those results, those acknowledgments, everything.

The parents' schedule were tight, though they had time for the younger siblings. Hence, I have come to terms that I should practice taking things down alone, preparing me for the life I need to lead for the next 5 years.

Well, that's all I can say for my STPM. The results were just side tracks, because I knew I can enter the university even if I were to have my normal monthly scores.

Guess I should never put my hopes high for anything else other than,

pathetically studies.


  1. so how's your result? it reminded me on my day of taking my STPM result too! P.S. which uni for medicine?

  2. @edwin: 2 As, 2A-s, you can read the whole post about it on the link i posted. You must have gotten a 4.0 to enter med school! currently eying on UM,USM,UKM,UMS..

  3. hmm.. i am sure you got good result. congratulations.

  4. @tph:thanks TPH~ May I know how you came across this little jabbling space of mine XD

  5. u should how horrible my life is now if you havent really decided on medicine or not. pathetic. haih

  6. huh? you mean how horrible isit?