Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buffetting : Eco Homeshow

It was real random though, as the family hit the pyramid for Zen as a meet up-lunch with the long-lost god brother(上契弟弟) of my mum in Sabah. The family was nice, and it was a all girls clan. Told you about my lately exposure to girl power.

Anyway, since the other family friend was setting up a booth in Sunway Convention Center, we hit the place after just to look around and set what we might need around there.

Before we even found Evon's booth, we instantly clung our eyes on the new maid in the house:

Boy boy aka Roomba

Ignored the hand there.

Basically its like a robotic vacuum cleaner which detects dust by its own and suck'em up all into its vacuum bin. I was all for this little guy because the constant sweeping duties in the house never ends with the house so close to the road, and the endless hair dropped by the sisters and mom while they use the hair dryer.

So its pretty sleek, almost the size of 2 disks of weights stacked together.

The only problem I had is that Roomba gets stuck with the forgotten-socks, tangling speaker wires and weird looking corners which it can't get loose from as its detection aint as good as the human eyes. Other wise, this boy boy is a die for.

As a token of spending RM200 and above, we were entitled to a free , or 2 photo snapping sessions under the courtesy of Idees Studio.

The workers there were nice, despite the whole family become idiots in front of the camera while we were deciding poses to choose.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

No, don't stalk them okay.

Owh, we were also entitled for a lucky draw, which we never get into because we were supposed to have dinner with Evon's family. But, we got this instead on the 2nd day of the homeshow.

Yes I know its a normal food processor yada yada. But I'm telling you, the juice you make from it is just heavenly. All the fiber is retained in the juice, so you are practically eating one whole fruit by itself, but its in screwed up into a paste form, add water and honey with some ice to turn it into a smoothie.
Look, it comes with a recipe too, but everything related to juices and soup only, so not much solid food. Best part of it, everything vegan~

As for now, I'm eying on these 2 recipes to shed the hanging sebum and subcutaneious tissue around the waist.

Ambarella and Guava. hopefully i don't puke half way through

Oo OO!! I've got to share this video!

Imagine your partner saying these to you. Do you have anything behind their backs?

So far, I have none.


  1. the robot, does it really work? cuz some friend said it was crap and didnt really clean the house anyways...

  2. @medie: so far so good! At least I don't have to sweep myself all the time~ cleaning wise, the whole living room was free from dust and hair when its moving lo.. but since people keep coming into the house on and off, the floor can never be completely clean though.. make sure the floor is spacious enough without any wear cloth or things to block so that it can move better