Friday, March 11, 2011

Buffetting : Casanova

There are so many people from the community has been gravitated by the recent news of Gay Casanova in Malaysia.

It's kinda sad though.

The whole gay community has been suffering from prejudice and discrimination since forever, especially in such religion-orientated country in Malaysia.

Casanovas like these, simply puts the whole view of the present society towards the PLU community in a heighten awareness and rejections.

To me, the victims were surely naive to fall easily for this Alvin dude. It's not like I want to do the " I told you" thing, although my tone sounds like it.

In the typical/stereotypical plu community, a meeting out of 2 personals only in private usually ends up in sex. So, seeing the youngest victim in the batch is already 17, the others who possibly be around their 20s should be cautious enough to prevent the dude from screwing them up if they weren't thinking of making out with him at first.

Like I said,naive. There should always be a barrier between people who you first meet, no matter how good they sound and look from the internet or in real life. A few milligrams of drugs and *ding* you are screwed.( for girls you vajayjay, for guys your ass hole)

I have only met people from the virtual world few times, and only one was alone with me which is Calvin,

He is uber straight and he have a girl friend now who is a DOCTOR. Their history was quite virtual too, but since both of them are really nice people, there are always exceptions for virtual meet outs.

Another thing I realized while reading the news was, the Chinese community was surprisingly taking the whole "There Are So Many Young Gays" phenomenon very mildly. In fact, the MCA person in charge only cared about their health, whether or not the victims got infected with HIV only, in stead of putting up a barrier towards the homosexual youths.

Like wise, in the ChineseXMalay community, there was a huge rage, but not towards this issue.

I was flipping to the next page after I read the Casanova news, and there was another issue on "Unnatural Sex", presumably oral/anal sex between a Chinese and Malay grown up man in a car.

They were to sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment or 5 whips in their ARSE, if they were convicted.

And I was thinking, what about these VICTIMS who got themselves on the headlines. If they have had sex, its also anal sex which is UNNATURAL.

Aren't the authorities going to convict these kids too?

If you are trying to tell me its because they are already victims of a HIV sicko-spreader and there's no need to cause extra problems, its utterly unfair to these 2 grown ups.

They might have gone through the same process as the kids before they came to this stage.

But then again, its Msia. Stuffs can get greyish around here, like the post on the Road Block.

What do you think?


  1. The MCA guy in DVD also unnatural sex la....

    What happen?

  2. @delusion: got meh? which MCA guy?