Monday, March 21, 2011

Buffetting : Girl Power

I have been exposed to several girl power medias lately, and I just have to share them here peeps!

I'm not sure if you were a fan, but I was definitely a fan of Sailor Moon when I was that small. You know the synopsis, the story and the lovey-dovey behind everything. What I loved about this show was its comedy! You can just laugh for like hours while watching all 200 episodes of the series in front of the laptop like some lunatic!

Just a small chunk of it, now lets go to when I was bigger, Totally spies!

Another funny show for people like me! The laughing off the couch never ends when Disney Channel had this cartoon on screen. Unlike stuffs like Ben Ten in Cartoon Network and cheesy Power rangers today, Totally spies definitely is much funnier and better in plot, minus the cliches XD

Never knew they had a movie though, megaupload time!

And last but not least:

Omgourd these girls are just superb man! The loved the *ding ding ding TSUNAMI* part alot and practically laughed like mad! Go asian girl power! Screw the blur blondie Alexandra Wallace with boobs but no brains! These 2 girls really make great actresses! For comedy I guess.

So, any girl power for you lately?


  1. WOW~ Sailor moon~ i like it too~

  2. @polycarp: right one! I can watch 200 eps of them over and over again without any sense of bore! Now its just to collect the 12 volumes of manga~