Thursday, March 3, 2011

Buffetting : Japalore

Today was quite a fruitful day, especially in collecting fragments of memories and abilities related to Japan.

First thing was :
An Internationally Recognized Cert into my collection!

I passed my JLPT N3 exam! It's a new level this year, a bridge between level 2 and 3 from previous formats, so it was supposed to be somehow intermediately hard.

Anyway, I was shocked because of the scores I managed to get(with so much luck and good karma xD) from the test.

4 more marks to perfect score! Guess it's the way things go just to remind a person that, there's always a room for improvement.

And I finally met Calvin Ong from the blog My Journey(in japan)!!!!!!

It's like meeting a celebrity man. Cause his blog is that popular among our circle of friends in SS17, as most of them are JP fanatic, so YES its like a dream come true!

And the best part was, We FREAKIN didn't take a picture!!!!!

Only realized that when I dropped him off his aunt's place.

First impression, Down to Earth.

Like most Malaysians, Calvin was easy to approach and pretty much sociable. Unlike some weird fellas from some weird places(which I've forgotten, cause its too weird) who just stick to themselves as if the whole world owes them something.

The tea session was fun, and topics ranged from life as a foreign students to long distance relationship. Definitely wish we had more time to share stuffs.

Although Calvin sounded like a real matured elder brother, his childish side do show once in a while as we talked about real funny stuffs. Somehow, I was eager to see his childish side more throughout the session XD Weird I know, but I like to see people go "lil-kid craze".

Remember the trip we shall go together the next time we meet Calvin!

PS: Calvin's weakness, dog's lick. XD

Well, I guess I've finally found something to blog after a long drag. Thanks Calv for me to have a chance to jot something in the blog!


  1. planning to do med school in japan? salutes! ;)

    14 DAYs to the most dreaded exit exams of all medical students in all the medical schools in the entire world. cramping basically everything that came up in mind even when i'm sleeping. if only there's something that could help keep me awake (at this point, you really would think sleeping is a waste of time. seriously!) like, er... anything learnt in the past 5 years to be tested in 2 weeks 5 papers. seriously, i think it's worse than STPM. though a lot of the seniors thought otherwise. still... nightmare! T.T

  2. haha I get what you meant! STPM was the exact phenomenon! Anyway, isn't the papers like assignment and cumulative based? It's like STPM all over again and we need to cramp every crap we learned for the pass 5 years and vomit them out again arh? Die lor... I think I will faint even before the exam X.X

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  4. not sure about other med schools. ours well... the cumulative marks amounts up to a few thousands, and the final papers take up more than 70% I think. cumulative from all the tests in different postings and what nots doesn't really help. so yeah, it's like STPM all over again. worse still, fail one paper, fail the entire exam. horror not?!

    btw, IMU's a good choice. :P are u applying for any local med schools?

  5. Owh i see.. Yeap for now IMU lor..

    I'm applying for local, but quite skeptical about them because of "you-know-what-policy", cause I only managed to get 3.85, while UM requires 4.0 for STPMers to enter med... so pretty much 60% given up, 40% would be miracle if any local uni accept me as a med school.

    but, if foreign uni gives me offer, I'm taking them also , like Uni Newcastle and Hong Kong U

  6. try NUS. though the interview daymn terrorizing last time. my classmate got offered dentistry from HKU too. but she came to erm, where she is now. nyhows, u'll never know. the med school in the east malaysia accepts lower aggregates. not sure if u're keen to go or not.

  7. its still terrorizing up till today man 8S. Huh? why got back to Malaysia for medicine, so funny XD
    I'm applying too for east msia, but im not sure if i should put them in the 1st priority, cause I'm like afraid also.. any ideas?