Monday, March 28, 2011

Buffetting :NUMed Malaysia Interview

Attire for the interview~

I am sure I had butterflies in the stomach while driving my way to PJ8 this morning.

The fear of being late, the fear of blurting out stupid words, what's worse, the fear of not being able to perform well in the interview.

I never liked venturing around PJ. The roads pretty much suck and the sign boards sometimes make no sense.

Yet, there are always nice people around to ask for directions, and the uncle in Esso today made my day~


Went there, waited for my turn.

Dr Kevin Khoo and Mr Richard *forgotten his last name, i think it was stones or something* were two decent men.

Interviewing with them wasn't a pressurizing task, more over it was a real fun one.

I got to speak up my opinions and points freely, without any verbal restrictions or blabbles like I had in the HKU interview.

I guess two-to-one interview is more of my thing, instead of group ones. Things get worse if I were to start of the whole interview.

Anyway, questions do not get far from the ethics I will face as a doctor, including the rights of patients, working with other team members of the health care business, inclining obesity in Malaysia, and the dignity of a doctor.

The funny part was when they mentioned I had a 4th language, and Mr Richard came in and asked:

R: what if there was a patient with a Tamil medical history? What would you do?

*stunned for 5 seconds*
B: Good question. My friend asked me to pick up Tamil before, but I wonder how much I can learn till then. Well, I'd probably get a translator. *eyes opening wide*

R: Of course! Well, that's the only thing you can do. *everyone laughed*

And there are questions like do the specialties choose the doctors, or the otherwise?

I answered most questions with the term "circumstantial". as that's what we face everyday.

There is no more definite right and wrong anymore.

It's like asking is being homosexual.

It can be wrong in religion's view, but aesthetically it can be argued.

Yet, stating these points can only mean that I'm not firm enough on my own stand, and everything can be changed due to circumstances.

Well, I got the offer anyway. I can see that Dr Kevin Khoo was eager to have me in NUMed
*nose as long as Pinnochio's after 100 lies*

The constant "pushing" of questions one after another, that's not only interview, that's immediate acceptance XD

Well, it's a good start of interview. Hopefully things do not get freakishly crazy when it comes to NUS, HKU, or Local University interviews.

Owh, and I came across this 2nd hand shop in Amcorp Mall, Joe's Mac, which sells practically anythiing from jazz records to saxophones. But I only managed to get my hands on the Economics and Trudi Canavan's Magician's Guild.

Believe it or not, I only cost me at least 70% less of the original prices. The lady was nice enough to offer me Rm20 for both books, despite the price tag or rm 12 each. Hunters should come to this place to check nostalgic stuffs out.

Thumbs up!

PS: There's this franchise in PJ too.


  1. =.=" my long comments earlier cant be posted. =.="""

    was saying the NUS entrance interview would be something like 5 prof against u, and it was basically a heated debate till some of the interviewees cried. but that was... erm... 7 years ago when my sis went for it. lol.

    anyways, congrats on being accepted into NUMed. ;)

  2. @medie: i tried to post long comments on ur place before and they got deleted also T.T

    5 prof against me? owh no double the trouble.. what debate can you put through man??!!!

    Haha thanks.. its gonna cost like 510k including living cost for 5 yrs.. Vomit blood ar

  3. Replies
    1. yea, and its just the tuition fees excluding hostel and living cost, and nusajaya doesn't seemed to be low seeing its rapid development.

  4. Hi! Not sure if you would reply me on this post which dates 5 years back haha, but can i just ask, how did you prepare for the interview? I'll be having an interview with NUMed this coming Tuesday and I'm kinda really nervous. Anything in particular to be prepared for?? Would really appreciate your help!

    1. I would say, just know your purpose in applying for the course and be prudent and wise when you present your ideas and answers. Interviewers like people who knows their domains well. I would say NUMed was easiest among my interviews for medicine, 2nd to IMU with Monash being one of the hard ones. You will do fine with basic consensus and general idea of the profession.