Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buffetting : Post S syndrome

It sometimes do feel devastating when you know someone you are gravitated to is already meeting someone else.

Yet, knowing this would probably the best for now, as I need all the concentration to work on my studies instead.

The radar I had on me worked perfectly fine, S was indeed who I thought S was. Yet, S' affections were meant for someone else instead.

The whole situation went really random:

*S typing on the phone furiosly*
B: Who's that? Someone important?
S: Yea. Love of my life.

*went silent*
B: From the States?
S: No, just from the local.

The enthusiasm was probably due to the new face, new environment, and of course new friend around the area. I'm certain these feelings go away pretty fast later on, seeing how many times I have had them in the previous "radar-ing".

Well, guess this is a lesson for me to take things slower, and try not to get yourself in awkward situations that might wreck your mood for the rest of the week.

Bye S,guess its time for Z

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