Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Buffetting : Choices, again

For those loyal readers, I guess you've known about the choices I had to make before this.

For new readers, I guess I should make a brief summary on choice I've made:

1. Choosing sciences over arts.
2.Choosing STPM over A levels,
3.Choosing medicine over everything else.
4.Choosing to lay back instead of joining school activities.(which turn out to be the other way round)

Fill in the blanks~
And now the 5th choice, to choose my country for medicine studies.

I thought I've finally narrowed down to Malaysia, Hong Kong or Singapore only.

Yet, after the education fair in KLCC last saturday, I've realized that there are so many places out there yet to be ventured, and my experience attained out there is so diversified.

Apart from the 3 stated, there are also places like ITALY, omgourd can you imagine yourself studying in ITALY??!!

Fashion! Food! Fabulous! Okay its too bimbo for me, but STILL!!!

The idea of spending 6 years over there in a place like Italy itself sounds promising and astounding!

Yet, there's always a catch. Besides the point that Malaysia do not recognize the program, which can be countered by a good score in the qualifying examination, the total amount of 6 whole years there inclusive of tuition fees and living cost summed up to RM590k.

It doesn't sound that dreamy now does it?

So Italy is only in the picture, if I get the Italian government scholarship, which I guess its quite hard seeing how I have no been studying Italian language for like, my whole life.

Lets look at Russia instead. Why is Russia a great deal?

It's in the European Union, meaning TRAVELING WHENEVER YOU ARE FREE!!! Make lost for the time you are going to lose in your coming years as a medicine practitioner! What's more, the total cost including living cost for 6 years only summed up to, RM180k!!! It's like triple less than what Italy has to offer! And, it is also twice as cheap as compared to studying in private institutions in Malaysia,which normally comes to rm 400k in average! AND, it is recognized by the MQA.

The cons? Well, since most Tom, Dick and Hairy can study in MOST Russian medical institution, the quality of thee education there can be succumbed to questions and doubts. Most party asked me to apply and go further, as my results can bring me further. Not to put Russia in a very bad category, but as compared to India, I guess Russia is much more assured of its quality.

Imagine yourself being treated by a doc from Russia, and a doc from Italy. Which one sounds more promising? I know sometimes skills come over looks, but lets face the facts. A tall, sleek and handsome guy definitely have an advantage over a short, fat and not-so-good-looking guy no matter what they do.

And last but not least, JAPAN~

Why? Its JAPAN man. Sakura! Shinto Beef! Uber Cool Technologies! Hotties! You just can't miss it in your life man. It's like a must go destination, at least once before you kick off. Plus point, endless discoveries.

Cons. I can only get there via scholarship, and what's worse, with tsunami and quakes hitting the country, I am real doubtful if my parents would send me flying there, even if I've got pass the interviews for the scholarship. T.T

Hence, the total countries in the list summed up to 6, with Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Japan and Russia.

Why not UK or Aussie? Over-rated man. Everyone in Malaysia practically did something over there, and seriously those places are for people who are rich or gotten scholarship.

So yea. Well, guess I need to apply first before I do anything else.


  1. Italy man!!! Everybody is going to be Wah-ed by that.

    I never researched on medical studies in Russia. But I am always under THE IMPRESSION that their doctors SHOULD BE as qualified as our local doctors la...

    Sometimes I really wonder why I did not realize what I want to do with my life earlier >.<

    Definitely would not have taken STPM if I had known I wanted to study in the US. Even for medicine, there's always Russia...(don't need STPM/A-levels right?)

    btw, Russia in European Union meh?

  2. Uk not overated la... = = just dun get universities with unknown rankings. =p hey, u need more than money and luck to study in their top medic schools... that's wad matters~

    plus u come got my company. XD

  3. @del: right? but the cost is just wayyyyyyy off the hook!

    Russia should be okay, its just other locations may sound more promising.

    As for US, yea you should have studied for SAT and flew there XD. And YES, Russia is in EU la.. largest European country summore, or largest country in the world.

    @vin: isn't it? their fees are like *pop eyes* haha. of course there are more than money and luck, but before anything else, these 2 come into the picture first, especially for people like ME XD

    aiyar, uk hor, I can only go if I apply this Oct, then go next Sep T.T, or I intercalate via Newcastle University in my 2nd or 4th year XD

  4. Tempus: I believe by EU you mean Europe instead of the European Union la hor?

    My US unis decisions coming out on 30th March >.<

  5. @del: yea i guess so, still you can travel around europe nevertheless XD That's what my senior did when she has long holidays~

    So still considering US or what?