Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buffetting : Influence

I can probably dedicate like over a dozen of posts on this issue, but I think I will stick to the real recent ones, especially on me.

I think most of the frequent readers are well aware that I'm having like this Singaporean family over here in Malaysia which I've mentioned a few times lately. Key word: Family friend.

Digg no?

Anyway, despite the fact that they are my parents' friends from badminton and work, I'm probably the person from my family who spends practically the most time with them.

It's probably some sort of affinity, and the family was really welcoming.

Invitations over to their place for dinner are never-ending, and I feel so paiseh(shy/imposed) when they invited me over with full force.

The constant free body pump classes using David's pass (omg I have no idea when this ends but I'm saving a lot!)

I mean, I have only known them last December and I'm like suddenly a part of their lives!
Ain't they sweet? Owh, there's the cousin too, but I've decided to keep it till the time is right XD

It feels great, and its definitely so much more comfortable being around the friends' family instead of my own, even more when things are getting really annoying and hectic when the maid is gone.

What's worse, I'm much more attached towards this family instead of mine, which makes me wonder if this is a good sign.

I have always been one of the disintegrated one in the family:

Squash over badminton, Japanese over Hokkien, Alone over family time, Sciences over Business.

All these slowly thickens the barrier between me and the family, the IT factor would be me studying medicine in a far place from home, which I have desired since the dawn of P-license.

The family is Christian, and I'm Buddhist, but I never allowed religion to get pass my relationship with another person. They can do anything they want, but I stick to my believes, and enjoying wine probably becomes the bridge between us.

Now I've like this tendency to push myself in studying in Johor or Singapore, just to get closer to the family to know them more. It's like an invisible influence which not much people see, but I know it myself.

Yet, I do not want emotions clouding my judgment and wisdom in deciding my medical degree studies. There are so much more opportunities out there, confining myself around Southeast Asia is just a huge mistake. Why stay in your comfort zone, when you can learn more in the war zone?

Anyway, I know my stand. I just have to clear things out, and make the best out of what I'd wish to be.

Shit, I'm studying Economics now. How crazy is that?

Yes their cousin did impose some bad ones on me, but not as illustrated above, its Economics and Philosophy.*mumbles--euthanasia, to die or not to die, go die only la*


  1. going down south? i might be too. :)

  2. @medie: seriously? for housemanship ar? I was thinking of doing that after graduating

  3. well... it depends where i'm posted. but most likely i'll be over the seas as i used to live on top of a tree. if you get the sarcasm in that :P

  4. @medie: uber SWTNESS... haha so its still around the malay land lar?

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