Friday, March 11, 2011

Buffetting : Time and Tide Waits for No Tokyo

#pray for people in japan
#pray that everything will be fine in japan
#pray that people in japan will be safe
#pray that @#$@#%$%@#$%

Pray, pray, pray and pray.

Come on, aren't there anything else you can care of in your daily life other than PRAYING for something that is 1/4 way across the globe, and there's NOTHING that you can do?

The news feeds in facebook today has successfully getting me on my last nerves.

At least someone, or a few actually cared to post extra warnings to people around the coastal areas of Japan who might get affected by the aftermath.

That is what I call, doing something useful.

Praying, putting posts and all, the CARE you can give to the people in Japan is THAT little. It's not like the communities in Japan actually go to Facebook at all. As a matter of fact, they have their own social networks and Facebook is nothing but an overrated system for stalking to them.

So, save your time and go study instead PRAYERS.

Your prayers can't rebuild or bring life back to the dead ones. It's futile and pointless.

Want to do something? Check if there are any legit organizations or bodies which reach out and aid the people in Japan, donate some $$$ or join them in their quest to restore things there.

If not, just continue with your lives and avoid going to seas or volcanoes, be it dead or alive.



  1. hehe... though i am a christian... i agree with you wholeheartedly...

    just like the recent incidents where hundreds of malay bibles were confiscated by the authorities... what do the christians do? pray....

  2. @zewt: OMGOURD~~~~~ Haha I can't be believed you dropped by after all these while! Must have stumbled across google somehow eh?

    I'm not exactly against praying. I'm buddhist. But, praying without putting an effort in moving or taking action is futile.

    Eg: Like those in poverty, in verge of death, or getting raped, don't you think they have prayed extra hard to "someone" as compared to the others? Yet, they still end up living in poverty, dying and getting rape. Unless they choose to make a move to get themselves out of the pinch. That's what I think people today needs to know

  3. Heya Binn, its been quite awhile. Hope life's been good so far. Grats on your STPM and all. Keep in touch lar. =)

  4. @shannon: ARGH!!! Do you know how hard it was to track you down???!! I got your profile once before my stpm exams, but lost it after. Since you've finally came back, STAY THERE AND NEVER GET LOST AGAIN!!!