Monday, March 7, 2011

Buffetting : Road Block

I guess I've finally had my first road block in my life, by PTDRM.(Polis Trafik Di-Raja Malaysia)

The whole process was really short, it took me around 8 minutes to shut the police up.

I was driving down SS15 to buy lunch for the siblings, and out of nowhere I was asked to stop by the side and the whole prosecution begins.

And the asshole came up to, with a BIG SMILE and started questions:

A: Selamat petang, dik. Boleh saya tengok lesen(license)?

*took out license and passed*

A: Owh mana adik kerja sekarang?

*trying to diverge my attention*

B: Masih belajar lah tuan.

A: Owh, masih P lagi ya?

B: Ya. Sudah nak habis P dah. Kenapa tuan?

A: Owh begini. Kita(supposingly kami, asshole with a sucky BM, his own mother tongue. PFFT) tahan adik kerana adik guna telepon.

*outrageously enraged*

B: Tuan, bila kamu tengok saya pakai telepon?

A: Relaks adik. Kita tadi sudah siasat. Adik memang ada guna telepon.

B: Ok. Saya bagi kamu tengok dulu.

*took out phone and show him record*

B: Tuan, last receive call saya pukul 10.32, last dialed number pukul 10.25, missed call saya put pukul 16.06 SEMALAM. Skrang sudah pukul 12.13, takkan saya bercakap dengan telepon semasa bawa kereta selama 1 jam lebih kan? Tolong check satu kali lagi lah...

*was pretty darned upset, but kept my cool because they had the power*

A called his HQ while I called mine, my dad. Sadly, I had to go through the session all by myself.

A came back with a smiling tone and continued.

A: Dik, masih student kan? Ok, skrang Boss saya cakap bagi student warning saja. Nak mereka jaga sikit kan? Tengok muka adik pun tahu adik budak baik. Ok, boleh pergi skrang.

B: Terima kasih*fake smile and all*.

And I went off for lunch bonanza.

Sadly, the police force in Malaysia still lack efficiency and precision.

I mean, with my phone record everything can't go wrong right? Even if this were to brought up to court, I would have definitely won.

Randomly picking people form the street just to fish up some "duit kopi" from a P-licensed kid?

Hello, I'm not even working la. Worst still, I'm still a STUDENT in a government school man.

Quite surprised on how I managed to handle this with my wits. Fast brainstorming into getting my phone record out to defend myself from being raped by those wolves craving for duit kopi.

PS: Duit kopi is also known as the bribe money given to these policemen in Malaysia for people who got caught for no reasons to get loose from the policeman's grasps.

Haha, guess being a student have its perks at some point XD


  1. You should thank God the police officers are that nice heh heh :)

    About medicine? Really all up to you. I think it's still a good opportunity to return to practice. Housemanship has improved lots so don't worry.

  2. Hmm, guess I'm quite lucky for that XD

    Good opportunity eh? but I saw the statistics for docs in malaysia. Booming like E.coli exponentially X.X

  3. haha...i always lose my composure when facing such a situation. But then, most of the time, i m at fault myself.

  4. Lucifer: goodness that means you need to be careful with your F1 driving skills! Haha I speed most of the time, but lucky enough to not have anyone to spot it before

  5. i am surprise.... he stopped you and said he 'siasat' that you used the phone while driving?

    wow... that's really making you eat dead cat... to the maximum!

  6. @zewt: exactly! You can't imagine his face when I actually told him off with my phone record, when he told me that he "sudah siasat".

    Stereotypical "bandar-melayu" man. Its so sad that the bumiputeras living in the urbs are actually so much more inconsiderate compared to those in the rural. At least they have something valuable in them called etiquette in them. XD

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