Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buffetting : Patriotisme

Are you patriotic enough to said it out loud, "I love my country"?

Let's not go to shout outs, what about the actions you have done to show your love of the country?

Well, so far I don't think I have done anything BIG for Malaysia, nor aware of anything that I have done.

Yet, what matters isn't the Was, but its the Is and Will Be.

Picking up a career which enables one to commit himself fully into aiding the people of the community just reflects this.

Honestly speaking, I am the Fly High type and I'm totally fine in not working in the home country upon graduation.

Sure, Malaysia has been a nice place, great home, great people. Yet, there's just a vibe or rather sting which just remains in the mind that this place has also made me despise it a little. Probably because of what the constitution, or how the politicians governed the system.

Well, of course for youngster like me, education would be the trigger.

If my parents were the ones who pays for my education, why couldn't i choose where and which country I work for?

Because the country provided everything?

Well, the "things" provided are debatable.

Anyway, I do intend 3 years, or maximum 5 years' of service for Malaysia in the future, just to serve the community and fill up the "at least you tried" controversy.

Why can't you work further?

Depends. Like I say, matters are exposed to circumstantial factors.

The chances of me leaving for another place is higher, as I really do look forward in living in another place and culture. for the rest of my lives.

Malaysia was a great place, and it is going to turn out to be a better one. Living here in my retiring days is definitely fun, but not my wild years.


  1. hmmm tsk tsk tsk... the grass is not alwasy greener on the other side ya know.

  2. @medie: exactly. that's why i eventually will come back. just PR for a few decades, then the last few decades back in malaysia is considered luxurious