Thursday, June 14, 2012

Buffetting : Japalore,again

Wanted to dedicate this post to a few acquaintances out there whom I've met through the internet in which our friendship kinda short-lived, but I think I will just note this down for the subsequent post's reference.

Anyway, so I was so-to-speak "selected" for the cross cultural exchange with a bunch of working Japanese men over a dinner in Marco Polo, KL.

Originally, I've jotted down my name on the list just to take up the chance in embracing my Japanese more, after all its a good thing to do by practicing with native speakers.

The night proceeded with driving down to KL Sentral before I swapped for monorail.

I wanted to hit LRT in Kelana Jaya, but heck the jam is going to kill me before I reached there, so I might as well take the NPE down.

Skip down till I've reached the place, though I was late, it wasn't exactly much of a problem. I mean, people were giving speeches and all. Dang, some fellas can really babble in Jap, so much better than I do. Wonder if they'd actually prepared those in a paper?

Their secret? They'd actually spent quite a number of years over there.

They'd better be good.

Anyway, my table was kinda laid down compared to other tables which went berserk in the middle of the dinner. Because only our table had women.

Oh well, they were actually part of the fun! We had 6 Japanese men with us, Kondo-san, Takayama-san, Ueda-san, Sakamoto-san, Kuramata-san, and one more whom I've forgot of his name. I felt so bad the whole night not being able to recall his name!
"Thanks for your precious time. Whenever possible, please do come to Japan!"

Owh~ I will! Dang, I need your contact so I can get free lodging in Aichi! Ueda-SAAAN!

The topics spanned over normal stuffs, like why did we pick up Japanese, what do we see in Japan, how crazy are Malaysians to actually know THAT many languages stuffs like that.

And one thing I'm sure of Japanese men is, Cigarettes and Beers.

Not a single one of them are not a fan of the items mentioned.

Heck they were discussing some numbers of the type of cig they take, which I finally understood as the percentage of nicotine contained. Omgee.

Oh, the 2 other ladies who were with us were Mandy and Chong. And Mandy was so funny the whole night.

M: Ok, I have to stress on this guys. I'm Man-dy, as in Message-Me; + N, Distance, Di.


The whole table stunned for a while, until I explained the significance of Mandi in BM.

 The night was actually VERY short, like 7 to 9, with half an hour of speech, 15 minutes of Kanpai, and like another 15minutes for picture snapping.

It was fun, meeting these guys.

They weren't the typical reserved Japanese I've heard of, who actually distant themselves.

They weren't exactly filled with smokey smell.

They were in fact really nice and down to earth.

I was thinking of using the formal speech( because we were meeting the first time), but they swapped to casual mode real fast. Guess the crowd was different.

The night ended with a singing session, which I have no idea why. But the song was quite meaningful, in which one of the phrases was:


We don't need to be No.1, We just have to be the Only 1.

Oh, why are you so good with words?

 its 24K golden PLATED! Can imagine how expensive this thing can be? It's a bookmark BTW.

I wasn't expecting those gifts and all, heck I didn't bring anything. We were actually given RM50 allowance, plus free lunch, and a farewell gift!

I was literally sponsored just to be there and CHAT!

Thank you ICLS. And thank you brain for being competent in mastering Japanese.


  1. It's nice of them and you can speak Japanese? Cool Man.

    1. haha yea they were! And I better be able to! 4 years of classes weekly should not go to waste!

  2. you forgot to mention the most important thing!

    Were they hot and sexy? Like the ones you picture in a bathhouse lol hahaha :P

    1. wtheck?! haha I don't actually picture them in bath house!

      Well, the others were kinda old, married and all, so you can imagine they having small lil tummy. But I never expect them to be like 45 close to 50++ old, when all of them were having great black silky hair and look 30+ ish.

      the only youngster who was 35 looked like his late 20s only, and yes he was good looking and quite the eye candy too. Though he was flirting with one of the ladies present that day XD

  3. Lucky ICLS Jap students.. Korean students don't seem as lucky coz we're not mainstream compared to Jap (or maybe even many other languages).. haha but still, I'm glad. :D
    That was a really meaningful and priceless experience by the way! :)

    1. Depends. Maybe. ICLS is a Japanese company anyway, so go figure.

      It was a great experience! Who knows, in the future they might have funds for these if the Korean students increase!