Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buffetting : Break and Recap

And here's my favorite cup of Milo-O~

Whew, honestly I didn't really come back home because I find the need to, its because the holidays would be really boring without my friends around. What's worse, I have to like drive around just for food and it really takes a lot out of me.

So recap of the life:

The semester started with quite a few bumps with the academic and all. But everything went fine, so as I've still managed to register for the courses I wish to take, with a considerable amount of credit hours too.

Lectures went well, in which I don't feel the urge to skip most classes, unless I'm absolutely exhausted to the point that I just ignore calls, which have yet to happen.

It's so funny that I now appraise most of the matters around me now with the veterinary science perspective.

An example would be discussing over how juicy and good pork would taste with a good animal husbandry. I mean, my family stared at me when I told them I have to learn about parts of food animals which they consume everyday, same goes to the market as well as economics behind them. I find it fascinating, and practical at the same time. Back fat thickness which contributes to the right distribution of fat and meat, shapes and sizes of pigs' rumps to know if they are actually fit, the due date of the sows(female big). It's just amazing that I found veterinary medicine in my life.

Academic wise went well, but I do need to buckle up to get into Dean's or Vice Chancellor's list if possible. I've promised to be good, I better be. Hence, I will need to be smart enough to balance out my other responsibility, as the student representative council's member.

The election went well without riots and door breaks like the previous session. I've got to admit the students were really professional and receptive of the whole process. And since I was the candidate for my own faculty, I had the liberty to campaign in English.So and so I was remarked to be a politician candidate, because of how I am able to manipulate words in public speaking.

Compliment or insult, I wonder. It's not like I have any intention to partake in the country's future politics, however if I am influential enough I wish to make a change in the Malaysian's mindset on our profession, as well as the animals. It was my aim and dream when I first know for sure vet med was for me.

So I've been nominated as the Ex-Committee of Student's Welfare, which the SRC was all about. Let's hope I'm able to use my identity to fight for our faculty's rights.Meetings can go up to 1am night, no thanks to the draggish President. But I like his style, as least he ain't as snobbish or sly looking as 2 of the council members whom I despise absolutely.

Back to Dogathon.

Gosh did I mention I'm only like 30% done with my progress? Heck I haven't even plan or take any pictures of my backdrop with any real dogs as test drive! Goodness I feel like I'm going to pass out right now thinking about it. Hence, my kiasuness rose from the deep and I brought my work back home to proceed. Guess I wouldn't be sleeping early tonight so I can finish my fonts and complete the backdrop by Sunday midnight, or at least by next Monday so I have time for other matters.

I guess being a new program's programmer ain't easy? I'm quite lucky to come across my Personal Assistant who is damn gifted in designing. Heck he even knows how to put color contrast! Thank you intuition for selecting him or I would be doomed right now! He's gifted with brilliant ideas. If the committee decided to keep this program, he should totally be the next programmer. Though the decor team could ALOT of his help.

And now back to relationships. With me being back with the gang, its like I have to re-adjust and know them more now. They've developed friendships a semester more than I do, and I have a lot to catch up. Yet, the thing is that I do not stick with them all the time for every lectures, because I'm restricted to from 2 subjects.

The guys:

The hostel wasn't doing me any good my swapping my spot away from Sea and slotting Boey into my place. It is a good thing for Boey, because he WILL be sticking around with the other guys while I lack behind graduating a year later. So it's all the more reason for him to take my place. So as I'm living with the Year 4 seniors, whom are really nice to my disposal, but I'm still distant from the usual gang. I don't spend 1 hour updating at night anymore, my lunches are spent with the girls instead because I have more common practical groups with them, I don't go to the gym in Putrajaya because I have mine in the Mines, and I was asked if I'm too stressed by the girls because I was noticed to be quite distant from the guys. Well, to some degree I do lays tell myself to keep a distance, because I will really fall apart when the time comes to that I can no longer be with them. It's away to protect my heart.
woohoo~ mah first graffitti! I made the cattle-looking T!
The girls:

Intriguingly, I'm in the same practical groups with the girls for most of my practical. Ruminant production, non-ruminant production, ethology and even the upcoming production practicals in our breaks. Well, I normally stick to the same quadruplets, since they were already digitally destined(Digimon?!) to be my charms for Wealth, Health, Relationships and Luck, and somehow one way or another serendipity have made them my closest sisters now. Heck they know more than my family do, but of course there are still secrets remain in me, like they have with theirs when they claim to be "girl-stuffs". Oh well, I doubt I'm the only guy they tell stuffs to only, or should I just brush this over my shoulder and not be paranoid? Hmm, let time play its part.

Rumors have been spreading among the girls, and it seemingly portrays that I might be romantically involved with one of the girls(lets put as K), whom I really only have thought as a sister. Well, sometimes thoughts do sparks, but ultimately the girls still just can only be as close as my sisters and best friends, not mate. It's even more uneasy when Big Sis told me K felt a lil disheartened when I tagged only Big Sis in the social network to contact them as my phone crashed. I was quite stunned, because I'd never imagined it would be an issue. But Big Sis claimed that girls would be girls, so I guess I should be more careful next time. The thing is, people wouldn't say things if I'd just get to Big Sis directly because a: she is already taken and b: she just pops into my head when I thought of the duo. With rumors flying the air, and K being the ex-target of one of my boys, I can't be too careful. It's like a complex, which I do not wish to blend to a further extend now.

Plus, with all the crushes coming and going within split nights, I told myself to immerse in work instead. I'm too busy for these issues now.

So I guess I should work till 2am for Dogathon now.


  1. Why so complicated one ahh? drama here and there?

    you take good care yo~ haha

    1. I don't know! Maybe I overly drama-fied my life? Or there's just too much drama?

      you also la, there's a limit for working out also.

  2. U need some rest also. Few break here and there will do u good =D

    1. Haha yea I rest one whole day today sleeping my arse off! I feel like a sloth man.

      I guess I should at least get some genetics theory into mah head!

  3. politics! wow make a change bro! we all need some hope planted into this country

    hahaha, but seriously student representative council sound impressive, start small!

    1. SRC's okay. But one have to know how to play the cards to survive and excel in one, especially in public universities'.

      As for politics, might not wanna venture. Making changes yes, but not as a politician. Naah, that's way too far.

    2. hahahaha true i know what u mean, especially in a country where freedom of speech is....perhaps somewhat selective to certain subjects.

      i don't wanna venture in politics also but hahah if there's actually good people out there who wants to actually make a change instead of just sucking the people's money dry, i'll root for them whoever they are! but yeah, making a change, sigh, this world is so imperfect in so many ways...

    3. Exactly. but its a good training ground for us to be train to not pick on sensitive issues XD

      Hannah Yeo seems to be doing okay, in the opposition, but pete knows what's going on behind the curtains right? It's way too dangerous and restricting, I wish to have a freer life. Being bound to an identity once is going enough, i think I would wanna be known as a bad ass veterinary millionaire in the future XD

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