Thursday, December 27, 2012

Buffetting : Out of the bubble

Looking at some of BestBud's photos do hit me a lil hard on how he've gone far in living out of the previous bubble of his life.

He's been through a lot I would say, being in a foreign place with really troubling circumstances. But he got through anyway, and he enjoyed well to graduation so it's a good thing for him.

As I reflect to myself, I somehow have yet to live out a certain bubble.

Or have I?

Somehow I just feel like I'm still running away, but from what, and to what exactly?

I feel like I'm not being myself, at the same time I feel like I'm pretty much very occupied right now to think about doing stuffs other than work now.

Or I should just let time take its way in making a flow out of my current situation?

I've always thought I've finally got myself on track getting back to vet school, somehow I get into mazes one way or another.

Or this is just the way my life is?



  1. bubble pop

    pop pop pop your bubbles



    1. sounded soooo wrong! mah bubbles no so easy to pop okay!

  2. You've been through a lot yourself, and have toughed it out till now. Don't take that away from yourself buddy :)

    1. I guess so? Sometimes its a few hard blows into your face and you begin to fickle.