Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buffetting : Life Goes On

It's weird that when I got elected as the SRC, everyone assumes that I should be different.

But I beg to differ. I still enjoy going to events, collecting merits to stay in the residential college in the subsequent years, and I still do hang out with people.

I do need to devote time for the SRC work, but it doesn't mean I should not have other lives.

I may not be the most outstanding SRC among the board members of 45, but I can still be the one SRC whom people can get close to easily, even more among my faculty members.

The Light Festival in our college was awesome. Great performances, good games( I even won one) and most importantly great people. Everyone was so supportive of each other in the hall when the event proceeded, something which I'm very proud of as a Malaysian.

Had the experience to wear an oversized Jippa and Dothi while taking stunning pictures with my dear sisters donning themselves over glistening trinkets of the Indian heritage.

personally like this the most, cause i look okay in it haha~ and no, Heart and I are really close friends only.

After all, I'm not joining next year anyway. Moving out on the 3rd yr to have more time for myself!

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