Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Buffetting : Stay or not?

u better dun be a student representative if u cant even think at students side^^

This was what I've received from a senior SRC when I refuted relentless in the social media group page of a fellow SRC of mine in another faculty. The thing is, he's alone in that faculty with everyone bombarding him, while his fellow SRC ain't doing much.

I was indeed enjoying my bombardment until the whole thing came to a sensitive issue of "image".

Sometimes, maybe I would have been able to go out there by myself without a burden of "image".

With the Dogathon burden coming up next semester, the predecessors suggested I take off from the current SRC position, which I'm considering heavily after the statement up there.

Or should I just stay by the sidelines for now? I hate the "grey" area in life because trying to figure out these areas just sucks.

My guts told me to just watch for now and let the other fac's SRC deal with them before I've promoted him to a even vicious state.

Maybe I should just do that, as focus on my faculty's instead.

Sometimes, being thoughtful can hurt too I guess.

And the thought of, stay or just focus on Dogathon?

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