Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buffetting : Sign

Finally had the last Friday to catch up with the girlfriend, Queen.

Somehow we managed to connect really well as fellow Leos, and time seemed to have no effect on us having fun thrashing the Japanese restaurant with our ruthless laughter and more than 3 hours stay.

Can you believe after a 3 somersault collision Queen still managed to survive with her Kelisa's mirrors and  glasses all broken? No scratches on faces, no flying out of the car even though without the seat belt.

All she had was a bruise and some broken glasses in the mouth after the collision.

After 4 incidents of accidents happened in my week, it was as if there's a sign somewhere trying to tell me to slow down in my driving, perhaps my own life before something happened.

Catching up was fun, especially on romance. Queen got involved for a very good period, short, but good. So and so she'd actually fell in love for real after her previous romantic experiences. But, it didn't turn out well either. She fell for him, but he left without a single note after all the promises.

And when Queen got her friends to finally dig this guy out, the answer was, "I was pitying her."

If I'd ever meet him, which Queen bet on he will beg for forgiveness because he's a man, I would splash his face saying that Queen's too good for him.

Then it was my turn, and Queen said I'd better invest time in looking for one soon. Her theory is that I'm too afraid, and still lives in my comfort zone of wanting to get a PS Vita, to be comfortable

At some point, maybe its true. I'm, still too afraid to step out.

What's more, I'm really occupied right now. Stepping out would mean more commitments than I already have, and if I'd ever have problems with the relationship I would go haywire and everything else would crumble.

Which brings me to an attempt yesterday which I shouldn't have make at all. It was a close call, but I couldn't imagine what the repercussions would be if I'd make further ones

I should have totally be in control instead of allowing my body to move by its own.

So many signs these days, and so confusing.

I'd wish I could tell everything, but I'm a hopeless all-in sucker.



  1. LOL guess we all have the same problem : fear of stepping out and just, be yourself. LOL

    1. well... I'm not sure which fear I'm in. Stepping out probably, but be myself, well, I'm prepared when I meet the one.

  2. Replies
    1. ugh no way. I had a false alarm and almost, which I think I did, lost a good friendship.

      Naah, not any time soon. Not after that.

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