Monday, October 22, 2012

Buffetting : Cool down before the Sprint

Finally tests are over while I've completed most of the assignments from the vet fac in hand. So now I have 3 more assignments for the university courses to be completed, one which includes management environment, another on the comparison between the education of special need children and "selected bright children", last but not least, China's agriculture.
research on boob inflammation of cows wasn't easy!
At any rate, those ain't my priorities for the time being. My main focus now would be Dogathon.

Seriously, you bitches out there who are within boundaries of Klang Valley, get your arses to my university on 4th of November or I will hunt you down, and send my hounds after you if I need to.

Like seriously! Don't you love dogs?! I mean, like seriously! Seriously.

Ok seriously, I have to stop saying seriously. Like seriously.
 not even finalized yet. Fingers crossed 10 ways.

Anyhow, the design I had before have had to revamped because of the constraints on the film. From a panoramic layout, I've shifted it into a portrait. Let's hope the outcome looks neat.


Classes have been awesome, finally we came to the stage where we need to learn about breast milk! Of cows of course.

More like lactation of a cattle, from its boobs mammary glands, and how to play with the tits stimulate lactation from the teats.

 who knew boob inflammation was genetic?

Learning the physiology of the milk production was uber cool, and who knew about the stringent procedures we have to go through in order to ensure good milk production? Not gonna bore you with the details, but seriously it is fascinating.

me in the eyes of my girls. 

However, the student body's work isn't getting any better. There's a water crisis in our residential college, while the vet students were like hogging after me asking for a solution. Thank goodness they were nice while asking me, because they love me like that *flick head*

We've came up with solutions for the management of the college, but due to the bureaucratic procedures implemented in most Asian country, its definitely going to take days till the solution can proceed.

Goodness its like sub-zero right now, especially for the girls in the block furthest away from the water source. It might be okay for other courses, but for vets, we have coveralls to be washed, ourselves to clean, boots and also lab coats.

Don't blame us when there's a crazy outbreak of brucellosis or zoonoses in the college, because the water crisis persisted due to incompetent management.

The Supreme Student Council of the college is trying their best, but they should have done better.


  1. cool leh r u studying vet ya? which year ya in?

    1. yea vet student here! Year 2, but its more like 1.5, very complicated stuffs XD

  2. Hello! I've read that you were actually offered with MBBS at NUMed previously. Just a question here, may I know is it true that its a must for applicants to have straight As before being considered by the NUMed/UPM? Many thanks in advance! :)

    1. I'm not quite certain of your statement of NUMed/UPM application though.

      As dot NUMed, I was offered based on my oral interview, my application essay as well as my resume. The attainment of considerable good results is of a norm to enter any university in any country, and I got 2As, 2A-s in my STPM. I wouldn't say its a straight A, but the Dr in charge of the interview gave me an immediate yes for my interview.