Thursday, November 8, 2012

Buffetting : Hyper much?

So we were talking about how we are going to live our lives from now on.

Polar bear is certain that he's not going live my life of extremities in pursuit of my career and ventures.

Preferring a balanced life between fun and work, polar bear said he would die in my shoes.

I can't afford to just live a comfortable life without striving, that's not me.

And it's even not me to just live my life as a normal small animal practitioner, because I have my choice to be proven right. Defying the family, the extended family, the teachers; I need to justify my path and ambitions.

Which brings down to how many credit hours and labs which I will need to go through next semester if I ever wish to catch up with my current batchmates.

Anyhow, the conversation went on to how the seniors look at the juniors, and our interaction.

Apparently, the guys could never understand how I have the energy to go "HI!!! What's up?!! BLa bla bla.." with all Tom, Dick and Harry I see in the faculty in the morning.

Most of them said they just don't have the energy, nor see the need to do that.

I don't know. It just felt natural to talk and catch up with people that I know, senior or junior. Just a few chats, and it makes my day.

Boey even go to the extend of saying he might sound fake to be so hyper in the morning.

Seriously then, do I sound fake in front of the others?

Updates on Dogathon will be made tomorrow at home! So stay put for my journey being a programmer this year!


  1. Socialising is part of life- I think we all put on a show every now and then to mingle even when we don't want to :)

    1. haha I'm not even sure if I'm putting on a show. It's like I just burst out into saying Hi how are you let catchup for 10 seconds and bye~ every day.