Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Buffetting : 2nd Day

Goodness its already the 2nd day in med school.

Somehow, the enthusiasm is WAY below what I had in UPM.

Although I still do have the initiative inside me while doing and handling matters, geez I was even quoted as "the most responsible looking" dude around during the Transition camp, probably because of how old I look, things are just different now.

I don't know, everything around people when we set foot in Subang is,

If you are cool,
And judgment.

Very bad, I'm still doing the judging thing. Who am I to do that?

I should probably focus on my studies now instead of anything else. Sea of anatomy facts here I come!

What I need now is motivation. Geez I'm doing a course which I'm doing for the sake of it. What motivation will be my source?


  1. Sadly, that is true. *sigh*

    Hopefully you find a source of motivation soon (:

    1. hmm, hopefully. the sources my PBL tutor posted today wasn't that convincing either.

  2. perhaps thinking that in the future it pays off by doing such a rewarding job? :D

    1. you mean experience wise or financial wise? XD but to me, when we have a passion for something, we will shine hot and bright and be rewarded, no matter where we are. I just hope I can do everything I wish to do.