Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Buffetting : Christmas

I'd still remember the Christmas in 2011 was a dreadful one.

It was study week while I was dragged to the UniStud Singapore with the family, when I clearly was trying my best to stay as long as possible in the public university.

I succumbed, and went on. USS was so so, the rides were nice, but I wasn't fit for it then for Pete knows reasons.

The past Christmas in Singapore was boring, no presents, the lights around was sucky, going into H&M was just plain pointless, and all I was longing to is getting back to the hotel and sleep.

2012 was different, when the cousin decided to get a party on.

Had food, had present exchange, had gossips.

The exchanging session was fun, with me being the freaking spokesperson again.

But overall it was okay, at least I enjoyed it to some extend.

Except of the part of me being the bbq chef for 4 consecutive hours.


  1. Replies
    1. decorative! haha and ya know what? my brother got my cup hahaha so I totally should have spend LESS time on it XD

      As long as I don't get weird stuffs like toys for 3 months' infant, famous amous bundle or, gosh shampoo set no matter how expensive they are!