Saturday, December 1, 2012

Buffetting : Enrichment

Day by day as we live our lives, we repeat our mundane lives.

Wake up, work,eat, sleep, shit and the cycle repeats itself.

Yet, in the midst of these, we indulge ourselves in random enrichment so we don't get too stressed, frustrated or robotacized in the whole process of the cycle.

That includes going for movies, exercising, making out, have a social life and all.

While I sit through the talk of one of my favorite lecturers on the Environmental Enrichment for Zoo animals, I was relieved that I stood strong on my choice.

Or else, I would be spending my weekends in libraries, social life, and what not instead of learning to fix harp traps and brainstorming on how to solve problems for the animals' welfare.

As the animals live their lives captivated in mimicked enclosures, they are not as easily deceived as the public thinks. They investigate, unravel, get bored and end up with bad behaviors causing psycho and physiological impact on their health.

I got into a group which is supposed to come up with an enrichment program for, Flamingos.

Oh great, with budget and time constraint, I guess Youtube and Google should be my best friend for the next whole week.

Worst part of the assignment, not nutritional enrichment. Meaning no enticement using food.

Great, I better get my tools very much noticed by the flamingos.

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