Monday, November 26, 2012

Buffetting : Taken

I'm pretty sure most of you have watched the movie, either the first or second, which I have yet to.

However, today I've managed to get myself involved into the drama.

Apparently my dad was blackmailed by some private number saying that I was kidnapped someway or another.

And the weird part was, my dad only realized it was a hoax after he got the call the 3rd time hearing the cries of the boy kidnapped.

I repeat. The boy.

My aunt and sister was so stressed out because I was in the class with my phone on silent while they couldn't contact me.

My dad sped down to Serdang just to make sure I'm fine.

It was till the point one of the presidents of my faculty's club got Polar Bear to get me on the phone to make sure I'm okay.

Even one of my fellow SRC rep in my class got called from the office double checking on me if I'm okay.

Geez, could the kidnappers have picked the wrong target? Me, of all people.

6 Ft tall. Ex TKD black belt. 90Kg. Ex-Policeman Dad.

Doesn't sum up to a good target though.

Dad called and told me it was a hoax after he said that he heard the cry similar to that of mine when I was smaller.

He instantly thought it was me instead of my other two younger siblings which, in my opinion quite weird, and a lil bit offensive in some ways.

Hello I'm  6 Ft tall, DAD. Of all people your first thought was me? Am I that WEAK to you?

Maybe because I'm away from home.

Anyway, a strange vibe telling me I'm going to be asked to become the next Co-director of the Dogathon.

Should I take it?