Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buffetting : Rec 2


Total Body Water % : 62.8%( up by 2%)
Muscle mass: 76.5kg( up by 2.7kg)
Physique Rating: 6(same)
Fat %: 14.2%(down up 2.7%)
Bone Mass: 4.1kg( up by0.1kg)
Visceral fat rating : 9(same)
Metabolic age: 16( down by 1 year)


Total Body Water % : 65.0%( up by 2.2%)
Muscle mass: 77.6kg( up by 1.1kg)
Physique Rating: 6(same)
Fat %: 11.2%(down by 3.0%)
Bone Mass: 4.2kg( up by 0.1kg)
Visceral fat rating : 7(down by 2*yay!*)
Metabolic age: 16(forgot to check, assume the same)

Supposed to do this weekly, but june was pretty hectic, though at one point my Fat % went up to 15.4% when I freaked out.

And now its back to this rate, hopefully the visceral can go to like 5 in another month. Don't wanna keep those spare tyres for the rest of my life.

Again my bone mass grew, I think the sensor had some problem, unless my bone sedimentation comes even faster than I thought!



  1. @Aziana: haha there's a in body scanner in my house dowh!

  2. WA! one month 3% fat gone?! @@ teach me wei~

  3. @vin: i don't know how true is that, but memang my waist gone down by 2 inches la. How? Go gym la! Mon, Thurs, Sat badminton 2 hours, Tues,Fri, Sun body pump+jog 11.5 hours. Wednesday rest. That was my regime lol. But you so SKINNY di! You look great as it is! Just go tone up ni!

  4. bone mass is good wat. prevent osteoporosis...

    in arthritis there's destruction jor.

  5. @medie: but i'm not certain lor... cause my knees are really weak. i do squats my leg will shiver.

  6. do more squats lor. ur leg shiver cuz ur quads not strong enough. if it's strong enough, pair up with ur core muscles, squats should be easy peasy.

  7. @medie: okay, i should do more then. my knees hurt after squats