Friday, June 24, 2011

Buffetting ; Golden Friday Camp 2011

I think I've successfully put a bad image of my parents among my teachers.

Why, in making them to think that my parents made a Cinderella out of me in my house.

It was a short session before I gave a talk to my juniors on skills and important areas to tackle in the wonderful world of Chemistry *yay popping flames and colors!*

Anyway, here was how it went:

Teacher: So what have you been doing?
Me: Nothing. Just stay put at home.
Teacher: Not even working?
Me: Yes.
Teacher: Why not?

Me: Can't. Have to stay put to fetch my siblings.
Teacher: So its butler and maid duty for you la?
Me: Yes. But now got maid di, so butler jobs only.
Teacher: Do your parents pay you?
Me: No la. I don't even dare to take from them.
Teacher: Why not? You are not working also.
Me: But I'm 20. I'm not supposed to be asking for money from them by now.
Teacher: Then how you get your money to spend?
Me: I don't spend also.
Teacher:*with unbelievable eyes* You mean you don't go mamak-ing or movies with your friends?
Me: No, I stay at home the whole day. I only have my life at night.
Teacher: Then, where's your social life? What do you do???
Me: Mon, Thurs, Sat badminton, Tues,Fri, Sun gym. Wednesday Japanese class. All night.
Teacher: Aiyor, I mean real social life, not just these only la. Like go out with friends, meet up with new people and all.
Me: No choice, family matters. I'm not paying for my own living mar.
Teacher: Like cinderella.

Yes, at some points. Anyway, everything shall change after this July.

must have some lecturer look.

So, after I gave my Chemistry talk, I went back to school again for a BBQ session.

Felt so bad because I took their food! They have had extras, but still I didn't pay anything at all.

One thing about SMKSS17 was the affinity the teachers have for their ex-students. It's very touching and comforting to know that we are being appreciated, and we can appreciate the school and teacher body.

Well, from where I see, my batch's GFC was much more successful and livelier.
I even got freebies and RM50 to talk crap for one hours. Imagine I'm being paid like this every single time I talk crap.


  1. easy money easy go compared to mine xD

    I spent 1hour to get rm20 saje and loads n loads of high expectations from me x.x!!

  2. walao eh... i waso wanna talk crap lor.

  3. @alex: eh rm20 per hour daily is good okay! rm50 per hour talk only exist once in a blue moon
    @medie: like what I told alex! until you become lecturer la!

  4. i'm so gonna go out and talk craps after i grad. simple stuff abt hypertension or cough or just plain flu! and imma charge 10Rm jer. XP