Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buffetting : Tie

Do you still remember when was your first time wearing a tie?

Okay, the spring and zipper type you wear in primary school, ain't counted.

Although the tie we were given in secondary school for prefect or students, the meaning behind it was just about school rules, no much significance.

However, the first tie worn for say things like first interview or first annual ball, or first day of work, now that's something worth going "Ah... Tie time."

At least for me.

The first time I wore a tie for formal stuffs, no idea.

But I do know it was my dad's, or my uncle's, or.. what ever. The point is,

It wasn't mine.

And to comply to the interview of JIS I'm having tomorrow, I had to buy my own black tie in order to suit my all-striped shirt.

It was suppose to be some formality or protocol in events that when you wear a striped shirt, plain tie. Plain shirt, striped or patterned tie.

At least, that was what I was informed.

Somehow I feel pathetic. I mean, I'm 20 and I have to get my OWN tie.

Ties are like things that people should buy for you as gifts, and by people I mean really close people, like your mate or other half.

Because its something that you can wear almost everyday, if you are a salary man, or professionals.

And to me its like something personal, close to wallets and watches. The ideal items to give men, to show that you do care, and actually noticed they are in dire need of these items.

But then again, once you have a good number of these items, the gifting should probably change. I mean, there are so many other stuffs like tie clips, or handkerchiefs, or wrist bangles(the ones from guess was really exquisite).

1 for birthday, 1 for valentines, 1 for christmas.

Provided that you are getting serious, the whole thing probably last about 30-40 years? 120 personal items, minus the worn out ones, I think these items are really good gift ideas.

But its so personal, getting it from someone who matters and means most to you makes the item much worth its significance.

Okay, that's all for tie rant. Heading for an interview for the MEXT scholarship tomorrow, wish me luck. If I end up in Japan, I will send in gifts from Japan for you loyal readers.


  1. I got my formal tie from MyTie too! Although it wasn't my first.

    And I totally agree that ties would be great gifts, but I suppose it also comes down to how well you know someone's taste and style? I mean, you wouldn't want to give someone a tie that they'll never wear because it's not something they'll want to wear.

    On a side note, I completely see myself as one of those young professionals who wears suits all the time because of long hours at work, and so is seen wearing them even when hanging out with friends =)

    Good luck for the interview!

  2. walao... where got such thing one! cannot always expect ppl to buy u tie lor! it's so... the safest gift. not creative at all. whoever that give u a tie as a gift. at least that's what i thought. though i always give tie as gift to guys also. ahhahahahaha

    then again, fret not, u'll be buying ur own once u're in med schools. somehow u'll want to have more ties to go with ur formal wear. and before you know it, u have like 40 ties? then again, i think i can give u half of mine and still have enough for the rest of my life. LMAO!

  3. @jerrenn: haha seriously??!! great minds think alike they say. So, we have to be damn freakin close enough to give tie to someone, like best buds or mate. girls like ties these days too.

    haha seriously? but its PR, you get to play dress up almost all the time for different functions! thanks!

    @aziana: I need all the luck!!! suck all luck aura.. sooooooot

  4. @medie: wtf 40 ties? how many shirts you have in your wardrobe??!!! I'm only okay with ties if I received them from people I want to receive from. Others will be like, er, are you sure you know my color tones? XD wtheck, but still, I'd prefer receiving ties instead of buying my own.
    It's like just in the dramas! you know, hey I bought I tie for you dear, put it on to see if its good!

  5. Me love ties~~ i noticed all my ties are in the tone from black to white.....gah! and i dun notice it when im buying them =x

  6. @alex: we never notice, cause its just instant! XD I like ties also, but its hard to get because of my long body.

  7. I love wearing ties! Wore one almost every day during winter last year. A bit overdressed, but oh well. Hahahah. Now I don't get to wear them anymore cuz my workplace doesn't have it in our dresscode.. :(

    Anyhoos, goodluck for your interview! Nail em good! x)

  8. @vin: During winters? haha why so funny? I thought people put on scarves instead XD owh well, dress codes are just guidelines, if its not over showy, put on you ties!

    haha just came back from the interview, will post on it soon!