Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Buffetting : ISAT

I just posted on how many university entrance exams on Facebook, apparently there's one more I've yet to sit, which is ABRSM. Well, I wasn't exactly brought up in a rich musical background family, so you see the point.

Anyway, yes ISAT. What about it?

It was really a last minute decision, though this exam was already in my mind since the dawn of Monash offering medicine. I decided to take the exam on the way back from Wangsa Maju after a cheapskate BBQ steamboat session with the cousins. Well, my family was the one who found the cheapskate restaurant though, but its cheap! Okay, steamboat session another post.

And well, I registered on a freakin day before the exam. 300USD ain't lil money, and seriously I wonder how S actually did just sit for it LIKE THAT.

Worst scenario, insomnia on the night before, leaving me with 4 hours sleep only.

To add more misery to my ISAT attempt, diarrhea for pete knows reasons.

Had to drive all the way to Mid Valley, Boulevard for the exam though.
Don't ask me why, Aussie exams are as weird as Americans, I mean their location.

I was kinda surprised I put up the test for 3 hours, without noticing I was worn out physically and mentally, despite the lack of sleep and constant stomach torments.

The test was set for 3 hours and 15 mins, including a tutorial.

And about the test, like the name itself, International Student Admission Test.

From Acer site:

What is ISAT?

ISAT is a 3 hour computer-based multiple choice test designed to assess a candidate's intellectual skills and abilities that are the foundation of academic success.

The test is independently produced by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER). ACER has an excellent international reputation and track record in the development, management and research of selection tests for undergraduate medical and health related programs.

ISAT is administered as a computer-based test through Prometric Inc. centres around the world

It's all about the way you interpret the stimulus given, and your individual response. I have no idea how the marking scheme goes, seriously, the questions they ask is just not what you see everyday.

Some of them are even like philosophy questions, and some are like, discovery animal.

"The honey bee does a waggle dance when they find a food source, which pattern... yadaa yadaa"

Like S said, "seriously?" "What the Fark" and " HArh???!!!" just pops from your mouth almost every 5 questions

I was lucky that the room was all mine until the last 30 minutes of my test, when 2 more candidates turn out.

That was also when I was just reviewing the questions, no more unnecessary moans or groans kick in.

I would say the whole test is just very random, but it certainly did conclude at least 4 aspects.

1-Logical which is your maths and all
2-Analytical which requires you to freakin read the same passage multiple times to get it right
3-Philosophical which makes to really think deep on the quote those lunatics post and interpret them
4- Instinct. Seriously, some questions were outrageous, its all about instincts. At least to me.

Owh well, now I guess I've sat for all university entrance exam for an undergraduate Medicine student. Owh, I have yet to sit for IELTS, but tentatively, should be sitting for it.

Life as a student is all about exams, and for me, I'm all about exams, whether I ace them or not.

Lets wait for the results for now then.

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