Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buffetting : Random Outing

This was really long time thing, like last Saturday.

Clayden if you are reading this place was where I got bloated with crabs~

It was really random, because we were suppose to have Kim Gary or something after badminton that night, in the end the parents suddenly suggested for a crab session somewhere in Terminal 2, named South Sea Seafood Restaurant.

Starters! Grilled Seasoned Squid.

Definitely a must ordered. I didn't get my hands on the menu that day, but the cook was good enough to preserve the original breezy aroma of the dish by itself.
Next in line! Clams simmered in tinge rice wine.

I'm not sure if they added sugar, but there shouldn't be any because it was all natural sweety seafood essence I tasted.
Fibre in line: Plain ol' kailan with garlic.

Emily could have done better. The bitter sensation wasn't gotten rid off in the stem, big discount on the dish itself.

Next: Fried yam with variant stuffing.

This is a normal dish in weddings, and ooo lala their yam was real soft and supple! Too bad I was busy attacking other food and getting stuffed, didn't got much vivid memory of the dish. The only thing was the yam definitely hit the spot! Thumbs up for yam!

What's the point of ordering good crab dished without Mantao(buns)???? Loved the buns! Soft in with crisp out, with a natural sweetness of the flour. Recommend!

Sour and Spicy Stir Fry! It was good as starters, but if you are trying to finish it when you are full, it gets a lil overwhelming.

Can you see the eggs in the head? Cholesterol cholesterol!

2nd, Salted egg fry. Personal favorite.

But I think they over added the sugar, definitely a bad diet over a long time. IT was really good, but lessening the sugar should do the trick to perfection.

There was a patin fish and kam heong fry for the crab, but I didn't manage to snap any because before I took any action, they were already in sea of digesting hydrochloric acid.

The patin was good, but again, the cook over added the sugar in the soy sauce. Fresh and oozing with natural fish oil, great choice as the fish fitter.

Kam heong, well, I have eaten better ones. Should have gotten butter fry instead.

Pricing wise, well seeing the service was really good, inclusive of the great ambiance, despite the fact that it was a seafood restaurant which was situated near the airport( irony of air to marine) they got the whole place set up like a Fisherman village,if you minus the constant buzz of airplane take offs.

The crabs were RM38 per piece, kinda regretted we didn't choose them ourselves.
Totaled bill inclusive of service and government tax charges was RM500.

Well, we order 6 pieces of crabs, so at least half of bill was for the crabs only.

Spending on food like that once in a while won't harm, much no?

Look at their peeing spot! So cute! But I felt a lil over exposed, even towards the fishes XD Bet they thought my dick was like some food. Oversized one XD
Look this place is so good Siti Nurhaliza visited! * Kasian cannot take the crabs*

Good place to go, definitely going there some time again with someone else. But I have do get enough cash first.

Next outing was planned to be SPIDER CRAB. Wonder when would it be?


  1. @medie: yaya! wanna go there together nexT TIME? XD

  2. oh my holysexymama!! Now's my turn to salivate reading ur post :P!

  3. @alex: haha you are the culinary expert no? XD I'm just merely projecting the thoughts of a fatty, oops, foodie. >.<

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