Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buffetting : Transforming in to Lifeless

Even right before I've stepped into the realm of medicine, I've already incorporated my life into lifelessness.

Seriously, why on earth did I sign up for all these?

Just to get to a good medicine school?

Or its just my alter ego in me wants me to be on top somewhere?

I don't know. But since I've already given all out for medicine, better stay passionate about it.

"It's all about the honey, not about the money, bunny,"

That was what my friend told me about being a doc.(future doc)

I think I will be like one of the doc who is just willing to stay in the hospital 24/7 just to work and get away with other stuffs until I hit 30.

I can almost see myself doing that.

Why? I don't go out these days, I barely watch movies, I don't do clubs or what ever.

So, yea, my work life probably is gonna be patients, med reports, and hospital. Maybe hitting the gym when I have an hour or 2 to spare, and that's that.

Partner? Till I hit 30 then.

Speaking of which, the one of the factors getting me into a lifeless robot is this:

I'm a maid, and I need to deal with pineapples now. Do you know that you were supposed to cut them into HALVES first before you dice them up? Sheesh that was new!

Look at the size its FARKING HUGE!!! It's like as long as my arm!
It took me like 5 minutes before I got the right knife to chop of the top part. Stupid juicy basket.

As random as it is, I'm lifeless as of now.

Even my friend from UK who was labeled as the most lifeless girl in A levels told me to stay put and pint off.

seriously, I'm even more lifeless than she is!


  1. Felicity! (not my place to comment, but...can't help.)

    (btw, why would you need IELTS?)

  2. @del:WTHECK? felicity? random sial~ I needed IELTS to fulfill requirement by Monash lo..